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Mountaineering has undoubtedly captured the hearts of this generation when not too long ago, this sport was even considered bizarre, in The Philippines at least. These days, I would often hear people say that when you’re lost and broken, the mountains are there to heal you. That simply hiking atop a mountain would help enlighten you and take your troubles away. Wow! I wish I knew about it then in 2011 when I first had my heart broken but sadly, mountaineering groups before where really hard to come by especially in Metro Manila. And honestly, I never really thought about hiking mountains having some sort of those emotional therapeutic qualities! I had hiked mountains before when I was younger but I guess those things didn’t really come knocking on my doorstep cause I didn’t have any worries back then.. And that wasn’t the way I was made to believe.

I could still vividly recall a memory when I was twelve. I was asking my Dad’s permission to go along with a friend and a group of mountaineers to hike Mt. Apo to which he strongly resented saying that people who hike mountains are either dumb or just in it to smoke weed. Haha. Don’t hate him. He’s a changed man now. But yeah! This only proves how mountaineering isn’t really the most usual thing until social media came into play. Now, it’s totally an easy peasy to get started with your first hiking adventure. You really need not scour the internet for information too. On an average weekend the number of organized hikes would round up from ten to over a hundred and they are all on Facebook. This would be the easiest way for all the beginners out there who would love to try this sport. But. If you wanna know what real adventure is, try doing it yourself.

You know. When you travel, it isn’t really the destination that matters but the journey. When I say journey, it isn’t just the time you’ve spent in going there but it also includes the planning, the research and the preparations that you made prior to your travel. A lot of people these days skip the journey and go straight to the destination. I really don’t have anything against the way they travel but I think they are missing out on something really important. So, you there with a head full of dreams who is thinking about your first hike right this minute while reading this blog, skip the easy way and begin with your journey now. Here are 10 of the best hikes near Metro Manila for under P1000 budget.


MT. BATULAO CLIMB GUIDEMt. Batulao I would say is a little bit of everything. It is a long and winding hike along bare trails which during the hot summer months would really give you the hardest times. It has some technical and difficult parts which require certain navigational skills but would definitely prepare newbies to take on more difficult hikes moving forward.

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MT. MACULOT ROCKIES SUMMIT GROTTOMt. Maculot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountains in Batangas. It also offers one of the most coveted views of Taal Lake. While it is widely known for unsolved mysteries and was frowned upon in the recent years due to a mountaineer’s death, it remained as one of the all-time favorites among hikers.

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MT. MARAMI GUIDEMany of you might know Mt. Palay-Palay or more commonly known as Mt. Pico De Loro. But few of you might know about Mt. Marami. It is considered as the lesser known sister of the shining star Pico De Loro but that doesn’t mean she is less stunning. Beyond the shadows that conceal her beauty in total darkness are more exciting things to discover.

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GULUGOD BABOY ANILAO, BATANGASTalk about a chill and relaxing time at the beach after one fun hike would always bring up Mt. Gulugod Baboy in the picture. It is a relatively short and easy hike but is one you shouldn’t really underestimate. It offers one the impeccable views of the coastlines of Batangas particularly the pebble stone beaches of Anilao.

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MT. MANABU: Travel Guide + ItineraryMt. Manabu is definitely one of the easiest mountains to hike in Batangas. It has the right combination of trails from muddy slopes to rocky assaults. This certainly tops the list of the all-time favorites of seasoned hikers. Not only that it offers one of the most beautiful trails but it is also known for its delicious alamid coffee.

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Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak RiverMt. Daraitan is classified as a minor hike but it definitely isn’t for the fainthearted. Its straightforward trail consist of rocky terrains will certainly make you drop to your knees. Making it through to the summit might prove to be a real challenge but the rewarding view at its peak is definitely worth the trouble.

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MT. PAMITINAN, RODRIGUEZ RIZAL GUIDEThe mountains of Rizal is known for its jagged limestone formations and this quality are best displayed by the famous trio of Rodriguez. Among this trio is Mt. Pamitinan which is considered to be the 2nd toughest hike among the three. This mountain might give you scratch and bruises but it will surely take your breath away.

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MT. BINACAYAN - Montalban, Rizal
MT. BINACAYAN, Rodriguez Rizal | 426+ MASL |

Mt. Binacayan is one of the famous trio of Rodriguez along with Mts. Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi. Some say it is the easiest among the three but this mountain would certainly beg to differ on than. Just like the other two, its trail is consist of rocky slopes and a difficult ascent along jagged karst.

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MT. MABILOG, San Pablo Laguna | 428 MASL | 2/9 Difficulty

When we speak about mountains in Laguna, the enchanting Mt. Makiling is what most people would remember. Not very often would someone mention the little mountains in this beautiful province. Among these small but wonderfully amazing mountains in Laguna is Mt. Mabilog. It truly is little when compared to formidable mountains you would see towering gloriously from afar while you are at its summit but the views are never short of remarkable especially when you’re looking at 7 stunning lakes.

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TAAL VOLCANO, Talisay BatangasTaal Volcano can be seen from almost anywhere in Batangas or Tagaytay and the view of a stunning lake with that small island of a volcano in the middle is always one to captivate. But have you once imagined what it’s like up close? Taal Volcano is actually one of the funnest and easiest hikes there is near Manila but the views that it offers are certainly of a higher caliber.

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There you have it folks. I would certainly love for you to add some to this list. Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, questions and violent reactions below. Be super awesome too and share this post. I’ll see you next time. Ciao!


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