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I haven’t been far. Neither have I been to many places. In fact, I just started on this journey not so long ago, but since then my thirst for adventure has not wavered. It grows even stronger each passing day. Daring to get out of my comfort zone has done me well and has let me see things differently. It empowered and gave me an even better perspective. To top it all off, TRAVELLING has given me a brand new purpose.

Allow me to share 10 REASONS WHY I TRAVEL.



Braving untamed ocean. Climbing treacherous mountains. Doing unruly things for the first time. Who would have thought a girl like me whose company has always been my books and my good ole couch could do such unimaginable things. I didn’t know I could do it all until I managed to have the courage to get out of my comfort zone and started venturing into the unknown. Travelling has let me conquer my fears one after the other. The feeling is so rewarding that it got me wanting to see what else is out there that might put me and my new found courage to the test.



It’s always unnerving to be mistaken about the things you grew up believing with. You can’t help but feel stupid, naive even after finding out that you know nothing about the thing you thought you have so much knowledge of. Discovering new places, people and culture while travelling definitely has let me see the world in a brand new light. It opened my eyes into reality and I’ve never been so happy to realize that there are sides of the story different from what I have been taught in school.



There is no better way of learning than immersing yourself with those things you wanna learn about. Reading them from books would only leave you wondering what is really there to it. Traveling has let me learn things I wouldn’t have known just by sitting and browsing through the pages of a book or by relying on Google. It made me become a better person in judgement after every mistake. My mind was enriched by the culture and tradition of the people I met during my travel. Learning is a never ending process. Hence, I would probably be always on the road trying to look for new things to learn from.



Travel is the newest form of indulgence. You don’t get to see everyday that beautiful sunset while laying flat on a sandy beach or that mesmerizing morning sunshine while waking up on a mountain summit. Plus, think of the FOOD. Your favorite “Bicol express” or “Pinakbet” which you order all the time in a nearby local eatery might taste 100 times better when it’s cooked in the province where the original recipe came from. And it doesn’t happen everyday that you get to engage yourself with things that are very unusual to your everyday routine. So let’s go out there…. and INDULGE…



All of us can attest to how boring and tiring our everyday routine is but we have no better choice than to do it everyday to provide roof over our heads and food in the table. In my case, I use traveling as a motivation. I developed this thinking, “that after all the hard days work, I have my Saturdays and Sundays to spend on the road and I will see again that colorful and fun that is LIFE”. Traveling has motivated me not just to go to work everyday but to achieve  200%  of my goal. Who doesn’t want an extra buck  to spend for souvenirs?!



So, you are the top employee in the office this month. What are you gonna do to celebrate? Perhaps, have a karaoke and beer session with your closest colleagues till the break of dawn and wake up the following day with a heavy head and sick stomach? Or spend a hefty amount dining in a fancy restaurant for a sumptuous meal which will only fill you for couple of hours and end up broke until your next paycheck comes in? If I were you, I would spend a weekend in Boracay. If I wanna get wasted, wouldn’t it be better be in paradise? 😀 All I’m saying is that it is so much better to reward yourself with the things you wouldn’t get to do often because not only it is fulfilling but somewhere along the way, it will mold you to become the better version of yourself.



When people see how accomplished you seem in whatever it is that you do, they tend to copy or be motivated by your example. It’s not being a copycat but it is starting your own journey towards something similar to what others do but leaving a different legacy that is unique to you for other people to see and be inspired from. I want to encourage every soul or sole to start seeing the world that not only will it enrich them in both mind and body but would make them better as individuals who are full of hope and brand new endeavors to make the society a better place. (Wow! BIG Word) 🙂



In this world full of fallacy, wouldn’t I be best to be one of those who spread the truth? Some people would only rely on what they see on television and would always be quick to judge about an issue. These people would soon use the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter to spread their opinions which are merely based on heresy that lacks research and probable facts. I don’t want to be like them. I want to go out there and see it for myself to gather information and from there construct my opinion that I can share with my closest circles. That way, we will not be like those mindless individuals who talks about topics they barely know about.



I am an amateur of traveling. Inexperienced and naive, I need further guidance. But I aim for a bigger GOAL – that I may be an advocate to the preservation of our beloved EARTH. We all know that the environment is in great danger and there will come a time that it might get totally ruined. I want to prevent from happening. I love seeing new places and I want future generations to be able to behold the beauty I once have witnessed. For now I can’t think of a better way than to spread awareness using my blog. It is very little compared to what needs to be done but I rather start small than do nothing at all.


10. To HELP

I aim to write not just about the beaches and the mountains and how spectacular they are but I want to write about their people too on what their needs are and what we can do to help. Sometimes, writing only about the place and encouraging tourists to flock the area is not the best help we can give. There are times that this might even pose danger to them. I remember once when I had a conversation with this smart old man in Calatagan, Batangas who stated that his town doesn’t need to be rich commercially but they need their agricultural system improved. Adding they don’t need businesses like SM malls and Jollibee food chains to make them happy so long as their crops are sufficiently watered for them to have a better harvest.


I am excited to know your reasons why you love to travel. Feel free to leave your comments below. Chow! <3


Watashi no namae wa Kezudesu! "A wanna be. Wanna do everything kind of badass" Chos! I am just an ordinary girl with nothing special other than my blabbermouth. I love to travel and share my story. I take not so great photos of the places I've been to. I'd be lucky if I will have a couple of photos to display on this blog. Basically, I am just another blogger who dreams to someday become a freeloader. (Laughs)

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