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VIGAN, the city known for the best tasting longanisa, is not your typical Philippine destination of sands, sun and sea but it sure is one where you can immerse into one of the richest cultures of our land and where you can witness history unfolding with your very eyes. Be dazzled as you are taken into the colonial era when you visit these beautiful places in the city.

1. Calle Crisologo

Along its cobblestone streets line hundreds of beautiful colonial houses which were built centuries ago. A visit to this place is like a magical journey back in time especially during the night.

VIGAN: Travel Guide, Tips, Cheap Hotels and More

2. St. Paul Cathedral

One of the significant religious landmarks in the country and probably one of the oldest ever built.

Vigan ilocos sur

3. Palacio De Arzobispado

It is said to be the only archbishop’s palace built during the spanish colonization to endure up until the present day.

Places To Visit In Vigan
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4. Burgos Mansion

It was the birthplace of Father Jose Burgos, one of the three Martyr Priests where you can find some memorabilia of the late priest and of his family as well as pieces of interesting craftmanship and antics retrieved from the mountains of Ilocos.

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5. Paburnayan

Witness one of the oldest crafts practiced in the city of Vigan, the making of earthen jars which have been one of the cities livelihood for many years now.

Tourist spots in Pagudpud

6. Hidden Garden

A man-made landscape garden with a restaurant that serves great food.

Tourist spots in Pagudpud

7. Baluarte

Some several hectare  of land owned by former Governor Chavit Singson which houses a mini zoo consists of several rare and exotic animals, a butterfly garden, a shooting range and a picnic area.

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8. Crisologo Museum

It was the ancestral house of Floro Crisologo, one of the important political figures in the past decades which houses the luxury their family once had.

Tourist spots in Pagudpud

9. Syquia Mansion

The luxurious mansion where former President Elpidio Quirino used to live.

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10. Vigan Bell Tower

This gives a perfect view of the Cordillera mountains and South China Sea and was once an instrument used by hiding Filipino revolutionaries to warn threat of Spanish soldiers.

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11. Nuestra Senora Dela Caridad Church

It is also known as the Bantay church which houses the miraculous image of Virgin Mary as the Lady of Charity.

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12. Plaza Salcedo

Located at the heart of Vigan, just sitting across the province capitol is this sweet little place where the grandiose Dancing Fountain can be witnessed every night.

Photo credit to Makulaynadoodoolero

There are many ways which you can explore the city of Vigan. One of the most famous is through a kalesa which is good for 2-3 people and priced at P150/hr but there are other ways available as well. You may choose whether to:

  • Walk – Best done in the early morning or during the night. Burns calories, saves cost and you can tour at your own pace. This is ideal for places located within the town proper.
  • Tricycle – Less pricey way of touring the city which is normally priced at P10/person per destination.
  • River cruise – The less popular way of exploring Vigan City but is equally enriching. You may need to arrange this tour with the local tourism office.

There you have it lovelies. Vigan is such an endearing little paradise for those who love history, classic architecture and anything and everything old. There’s just about the city that is inexplicably magical that merely marveling at the place will instantly make you feel nostalgic as you flip pages of moments in the past.

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Until next time. Ciao. 😘

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