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Sunsets are spectacular art created by nature in such a dramatic fashion in which colors of crimson and blue collide projecting a perfect scenery in the sky everyday. They burn into our souls, leaving us feeling melancholic as we bid goodbye to what have been one of those awesome days. Hopes for a more wonderful night fills the air as the sun hides itself in the horizon making way for darkness, the moon and the million stars to take the spotlight.

To some, sunsets are overrated and poignant while others think of it as vigor and fresh new beginnings. While there could be too many things that could be attributed to it, there is no denying that sunset always captivates the heart. It is always extraordinary. And sometimes, a place can only be as memorable as its view of the sunset.

The Philippines is home to some remarkable sunsets and when you are in one of its paradise islands, would it be nice to witness the sunset and experience its warmth one last time before the cold night takes over? In Coron, there are 5 places where it is best to admire one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

5. Along the Harbor

A walk along the bay is always a perfect way to cap off the day and a breathtaking view of the sunset is what make it all the more special. At the westend of the bay in Coron lies the harbor where boats are parked for the night. Early morning this side of town is filled with cheers and giggles while smiles and satisfied faces is evident late in the afternoon from tourists going and coming back from island hopping. The sight of out-trigger boats safely returning ashore as the sun slowly disappear over the range of mountains of some distant islands while the cold wind softly blows against your skin is so relaxing. It’s that calming feeling that makes spending that part of the day at the bay really worth it.

4. While ridden on a boat

Island hopping is one of the awesome things to do while in Coron as its surrounding seas boast of several pristine islands and unrivaled beauty underwater. While exploring the islands is pretty good enough to satiate your thirst for adventure and discovering new and amazing things, still the impeccable view of the sunset while nearing the shores of Coron is a bonus you wouldn’t want to miss.

3. In La Sirenetta Restaurant

Curiosity have always driven people towards this nice little place. Wondering why is that so? Well, if you get the chance to go island hopping, the sight of La Sirenetta with its facade fronting the bay is most notable. While this might be the case to some, La Sirenetta however have long since established itself as one of the must try restaurants in Coron. Their food and service might fall below your expectations but its magnificent view of the sunset is the one thing that has always remained undisputed.

2. In Sunset Island

The seas of surrounding Coron is dredged with several pristine islands but not all of them is blessed with a magical view of the sunset. Sunset Island is one of the few exemptions though. Boasting of turquoise waters as clear as crystals and beaches with long stretch of sugary white sands, it also has breathtaking sunsets to its name.

1. In Mt. Tapyas

Going inland tour in Coron? I’d say is not very enticing unless you are to venture into the outskirts. There may be not much to see within the town, Mt. Tapyas however is there to save the day. Overlooking the town, Mt. Tapyas is marked with a cross and the hollywood-like sign of Coron. A 360 degree view of town can be witnessed atop but what made it even more endearing is its picturesque view of the sunset. I gotta warn you about the 700+ steps stair going up though. It maybe arduous to some but I promise, it is all worth the pain.

There you go folks. I hope we share the same fondness for the sunset. I’ll keep chasing them until my days are over. I promise to keep you posted. Thank you for sticking around. Please do share this post. See ya 🙂


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