A WANDERFUL SOLE tackles about the nomadic life its shameless and crazy creator, Keza M is hoping to achieve. It is an avenue where she could share her frustrations and misadventures. Frustrations whenever she goes over her budget and returns home empty handed after her trips or whenever her planned itinerary is put to waste as she is easily smitten by a place or people causing her to linger more than she should and completely disregard her initial plans. Misadventures as there wasn't an instance that she returned home unscathed. She has tons of battle scars as evidence of her recklessness and lack of better judgement but she definitely had learned a thing or two from it but the problem is - she isn't the type to learn easy that it has taken several different bug bites for her to practice caution before climbing up that tree or a few burnt tongue before she got used to letting that Ramen cool a little bit before sipping its delicious soup. She has several not so memorable and unpleasant encounters in her travels as well but those definitely have spanked her the hardest in the face that she will let none of them happen again.

This weblog is also about her dreams of living a life of endless travel and her quest of being able to do it in a sustainable manner without compromising her comfort and security when she turns 60 and grey. At this moment she is a weekend warrior and a full time loser working a 9 by 5 job which pays the bills and occasionally her travels. This is also where she channels her emotions so to you who is reading this right this minute, I feel sorry that you have to come across this non-sense when all you came here for was that up-to-date budget travel guide to a certain destination or an itinerary for your upcoming hiking trip. You don't really have to finish reading this. Really. You can simply click that button up there. See it? Okay. Off you go buddy.

Alright. Where was I again? Oh yeah. About this website. Hmmm. It pretty much is just about me. I'm 28 and confused as to whether I would settle down, get married and have a bunch of pesky kids when I turn 30 or just give up all that and travel. The closer I get to that stage of my life, the more obvious I seem to choose the latter. Perhaps that horrible prophecy was true. Oops. Let me tell you about Brian my too brilliant gay friend who claims he is an expert palm reader. I once let him read both of my palms out of whim. At first he didn't want to tell me about what he saw quipping it was too EVIL but after several hours of constantly bugging him about it, he finally revealed that my palm indicates I am growing old alone with no husband and kids if I don't get married by the time I turn 30! Nuts.. But I am too superstitious to let it pass.

Okay enough. This is getting long, way off topic and so full of senseless blabbing when it should only have indicated this:

A WANDERFUL SOLE is about shoestring travel by a Filipina wannabe nomad. This site provides BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDES and USEFUL INFORMATION to coveted destinations in the Philippines and beyond, Vietnam being the beginning of more international travels. It also narrates some of her hiking adventures with helpful tips, hiking itineraries and essentials to some mountains in the provinces of Batangas, Cavite, Rizal, Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya to name a few.

Photos, videos and other form of media found in this weblog is copyright protected. Unauthorized use of any content in this blog may be subjected to copyright infringement and is punishable by law.... Kidding! You may use my content for whatever purpose it may serve you provided that you give me or this website the appropriate credit.

Disclaimer: I do not own 100% of the photos I use to illustrate in some of my posts but I gave their owners their due credit and I hope that you do the same. Thank you. 

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  • geraldine0225

    hi thanks for posting and it inspire me to travel too. Its my first time to try traveling outside Philippines, planning to tour in Vietnam. I just have a question, i already booked my ticket for 4 days travel. Then I am trying to book hotel, but my card is not able to do online transaction. Sabi nung friend ko taga vietnam siya, mdami nman daw hotel dun at kht wlang booking hnd mauubusan ng rooms. My question is, will the immigration ask for hotel reservation to present? kasi i read from your article that they only ask the tickets and some finance to sustain my tour. Iyon lang worry ko.. maraming salamat sa sagot 🙂

    • Keza M Post author

      Hi. Yeah it’s true na marami ngang hostels but if you are going on peak season, nagkakaubusan din. And it’s one of the things na tinatanong sa immigration but you can just reason out kung wala ka tlga way to book online. 🙂

      • Emma

        Hi. I’ve gone to your itinerary and I wanted to know more about it in detail. It was like Sumilon day tour is Php 1500 but your budget says it is Php 600 per pax? How’d you do that?

        • Keza M Post author

          Hi Emma,

          Since we were just after seeing the beach and the sandbar, we didn’t bother to book our day tour with Sumilon Bluewater Resort. Instead, we hired a boat in Brumini Resort to take care of our transfer from Oslob to Sumilon Island. Boat was priced at 1500 but you can share it with other tourist so there’s a big chance of only paying 300 or 400 for a 2way transfer. 😊