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Before you scroll down any further, I gotta warn you that what you are about to read are thoughts coming from an overconfident blabbermouth. Better brace yourselves as she lay her life bare for all the world to see. Yes. She is worse than an open book. She has no secrets. Her mouth is completely detached from her brain. What comes out of it are most of the time mindless blabbing about just anything. She tolerates the worst of things or might I say she just doesn't care at all. She is not capable of shame nor self-loathing. She is proud and she loves herself too much that she came up with this stupid idea of writing herself a biography.

So that's just 1/8 of the entire article. Plenty of them are still on the way. Let's begin, shall we?

Note: A biography is supposedly an account of one's life written by someone else. But since she's egoistic, she's gonna write her own. 🙂

Her Roots

She was named Keza by her mother and Marie was eventually added to it upon her gradmother's request. Her father came from the family of Enriquez who hailed from Batangas and moved to Mindanao in late 1950's. Her mother came from the native tribe of Davao called Mandaya. Her parents separated even before she was born. She is their only child. She spent her first 5 years doing what kids her age normally do. Play. Eat. Sleep. Be oblivious to the world. Be sweet and innocent.

She didn't know what was it like to have siblings until she was five when she was moved to her father's custody who at that time already had a family of his own. He had 3 boys and a pregnant wife. That's when things started to get really difficult and at an early age, she knew how cruel the world could become to such a tiny soul like hers. She learnt about responsibility. Some are even way too much for a 5-year old. She wondered why all the time. She felt forsaken. Abandoned. 

Note: Keza was a name her mother told her she found in a comic book while she was still pregnant with her. Years later out of envy of the other kids who were named Mary, Kris or what have you with them knowing the meaning of their names, this silly girl googled "Keza" and found that the name was originally from Rwanda which means "beautiful." Bah!!


She got her first taste of education in a public elementary school somewhere in North Cotabato in the island of Mindanao where she was called too many names by the other kids and she didn't really know why. She remained unaffected by their bullying though (if that qualifies as bullying). Perhaps even back then, she already knew those dumbasses were not worth a moment of her time.

Her highschool was a series of roller coaster events with her studying in a private all girls school ran by nuns limited her actions and defined her behavior. She struggled about school and family. This is when she was in turmoil within herself. A living time bomb threatening to explode at any moment and be at her worst. She managed to survive though. Credits to her well-chosen friends from whom she felt warmth and encouragement outside the suffocating walls of her home.

College was such a challenge for her. She took up Accountancy when all she wanted was Design or Architecture. She didn't have a choice. She couldn't send herself to school nor she had the courage to disobey her father. She eventually quit Accountancy and went on to graduate with a different business degree. She was so full of it. It made her so sick that she didn't wanna have anything to do with it. She was just glad that chapter of her life was finally over.

Life after school

With her not so amenable relationship with her family beginning to take a toll on her, she booked a ticket and sailed to Manila the first chance she got. She ran away. She needed to escape the situation she was in before it consumed her. She ran away from her parent's expectations. From the pressure involved being the eldest child and the added responsibility it implied. She ran away from her first love. She felt she was too young to take romantic relationships seriously. She just wanted to be on her own.. To feel what it's like to be free. To be her own woman. To make her own decisions and suffer the consequences. She wanted to test the waters and see what it makes out of her. She just really wanted not to care. To be selfish..


She works as a call center agent since. She has been with 3 reputable companies so far. Guess part of the reason why she didn't take college seriously and finished it off just for the heck of it is the fact that she knew full well she would work in a call center. Not that call center jobs are no-brainers, it's just what she knew she would do. Just like many people, she fell for the same mistake of thinking call center jobs are easy but what she found out blew her mind and changed the way she perceives the industry.

Working in a call center has challenged her to lengths she didn't imagine. Yet she loves every minute of it. She loves coming across new problems each and every day. She loves the fulfillment of coming up with a resolution to each problems she has the opportunity to handle. She loves being able to appease overly disappointed customers (those kind of customers other agents would rather hung up on) and turn them to trust her in the end. She just loves it. Maybe because it isn't boring. It stimulates her brain, sorta giving her a rush of adrenaline.

She also finds people working in call center to be one of the smartest and funniest people you'll ever work with. They are graduates of Journalism, Political Science, Nursing and whatnot yet they troubleshoot and do technical stuff. Some of them are handling treasury, stock trading, insurance, finance and credit management, sales and all of the other stuff they didn't know about before coming to work in a call center but they do a pretty good job at it. They are non-IT graduates nor any computer related courses yet they fix and deal with html and xml files. Not to mention, most of them are good-looking too. Lol.

Love, Dating and Relationships

She hates being in a relationship but she couldn't live without one. She hates having to consider someone with her every decision but she is much of a coward to let go. She hates senseless arguments and late night fights but she loves too deeply it stops her from running away. She likes setting her standards high but she is easily satisfied. She is not too picky with men. She just want someone who can make her laugh. Only 2 things would change her mind about a relationship though. First is when trust is lost. Second is when the relationship impedes her freedom preventing her to be who she is and pursue the things she longs for or who she wanna become.

How did she come to write or create a blog?

Writing is something she is passionate among all other things she enjoys doing. Not that she is a figure of literary importance to be reckoned with but she can the least put words together enough for people to understand. She started writing when she was in 3rd grade. She writes poems and short stories. It was when in highschool that she started writing stories about the characters in her drawings. People who got to read her work responded positively and that was good enough motivation for her to know exactly where she wants her path to lead to.

Then college came. She still gets to write but only in competitions and her thesis projects. When she graduated, she became too preoccupied with work and earning her some bucks to support herself and occasionally her family. She deviated her love for putting fragments of her imagination together to reading someone else's. It wasn't until 2011 that she got to put her writing ability to good use.

She had just broken up with her then boyfriend of almost 3 years and writing sort of became her therapy. That failed relationship caused her life an unexpected turn for the worse. It was entirely shattered. She, broken into shards of glass that was too impossible for her to put back together. She was barely holding on. She had way too many nightmares. She sleeps only for an hour and stays wide awake for the rest of the day. Her heart always beating fast causing her to feel something inexplicably unbearable. Was it her heart bleeding? She would ask. She had never been heartbroken before. She didn't know how to deal with it. She would be lucky to have survived another day of the longest days of her life. What made it even worse is her never-fading hope that not a second would pass without her hoping he would come knocking the door of her apartment, that he would call or simply send her a text message asking how she is. She couldn't cry no matter how much she wanted to. Tears just wasn't there cause she still hoped. And during her worst moment of playing everything that happened in repeat almost causing her to lose her mind, she started writing.

Writing has paved a way to her sanity. When she was losing it from overanalyzing things, she would read through what she wrote and little by little she came to realize everything was out of her control and that probably it happened for a reason. She may not know for what reason it may be at that time but she trusted it was for the better of her. Whenever her grief pulls her back to that dark abyss she fell herself into, she would write.

She created a free hosted blog which she entitled "A Diary Of A Broken Heart" then went on to write about the man who broke her. She wrote about her pain and how much she resented him. She wrote about her regrets and what she could have done to prevent them. She wrote about their happy times together and how much she wanted to turn the now back to those times she and him were still happy. She wrote how she forgave him and how fate wasn't just at their side. She wrote about them not meant for each other and how she had come to accept that. She wrote until she couldn't write anything more upon finding herself several miles far from the weak vulnerable girl that she was when he left.

She has gotten over her heartbreak. She has gotten over that one thing which prompted writing to be an essential part of her being once more. But, the inspiration didn't stop there. She went on to write about other stuff. Food. Fashion. People. Her 5 Cents of Thoughts about life and the society. Then one day, it hit her. Why doesn't she write about that one thing she loves to do most. Travel.

How did she come about A Wanderful Sole?

Imagine how difficult it is to think of the best name for your blog with you spending hours and hours of your every day thoroughly thinking through, even skipping meals just for the heck of it. Imagine your frustration when you thought you finally figure it out only to find out it was already taken by someone else. Imagine yourself wanting to smash your computer wide open as you will need to spend several days again thinking about the best name you could call your website with only a handful brain cells left and the same thing happens over and over. This was her for weeks.

In all those days she looked like a completely lost sheep trying to vie its way back to its herd with no success. She went from choosing words that doesn't sound right when put together as in "Nomadic Kez", 'Travelling Keza or "Wandering Marie" to names that are too common they're all over the place as in "Lakwatsera, Biyahera and what have you." Worse, those examples mentioned above are already used by some well established bloggers and she doesn't want to seem like a copy cat. Hence, she tried not to be too conventional.

She thought about coming up with a name that is somehow poetic like Foot on the loose, One Girl Big World, Solitary Wanderer, Girl Astray and A Wanderful Life. All those names sounded perfectly. The problem is, first. Every single one of them was already taken. Second, she doesn't want people to think her blog is about escaping life's reality by traveling. She wants to let people know that traveling brings out the better in them. That it opens people to brand new perspective as they learn more about culture and the world. That traveling is not a means of escape but to truly find oneself.

That's when she came up with "A Wanderful Sole".

It was supposedly "A Wonderful Soul" but she twitched it a little to "A Wanderful Sole" to make it more relevant to what she's writing about in her blog.

She strongly believes that to travel is to find the better version of yourself. That the more she lets herself lost into off beaten paths and places unknown to her, the more she discovers things about her. Things that she didn't know she had all along. The good and the bad. The ones she needs to lose and those she needs to nurture. What she's capable of. Her limitations. Her fears. Her aspirations.

She believes that to travel is to never stop learning. That there is so much to see. So much more to be done. Learning paves way for brand new insights. With new insights comes new perspective. Perspective often turns into advocacy. And advocacy requires actions.

What she wants to let people see is how travel will make her grow from a totally naive little sapling to a formidable fortress within a vast forest. That her travels will one day become an inspiration to many to discover the world more. That it isn't so bad to deviate from the normal and try something different.

She doesn't have a pattern in mind as it might as well change from time to time. She may be a scattered brain but she would try to write all about her travels wholeheartedly and with all honesty. She would never be ashamed to reveal all about her mistakes and will always share what she did to be better.

If one day she seemed all pro when she writes about something, just imagine that it's just the version of her trying to conceal her embarrassment by acting a know-it-all after trying and failing for the Nth time before finally getting it right. 😀


  1. Hi Ms. Keza, regarding the tours is it recommendable to book ahead? Or we can find guys who offer tours when we get there? What would you suggest?

  2. Hi, Keza. I normally don’t leave comments on blogs but I just wanted to say thank you for your very informative blog on Cebu on a budget, your lovely pictures and your well-written articles. I plan on trying to contact the resource persons/lodgings you had listed, if you don’t mind. Cheers and happy trails.

  3. Hazel Abello Reply

    Just want to say thanks for sharing your travels. Ill try your Camiguin Island exploration suggestions. Happy wandering.

  4. hi there, like your article about asikx2, i’m planning to go to davao next week and was wondering whether it’s safe to go to asikx2, if so, maybe i can include this to my itinerary..tnx in advance.

    • Hi Jet!

      Sorry I was always out and didn’t have the time to check my page. I think your doing great with your page.. I also plan to create a youtube page where I can share my adventures. Hope you can check it our too when it’s up

  5. Jet Enriquez Reply

    Hello again, Kesa!

    I hope you’re doing well! Anyway, I just thought you might find it interesting to take a listen and visit my Youtube channel. I hope!

    Ps. Heck, we might even be somehow related….LOL!
    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors!

    Take care,
    Jet Enriquez

      • Jet Enriquez Reply

        Hey Keza, I sort of bumped into your blog while cruisin’ for info regarding the idea of moving back to the Philippines together with my mixed American/German family; You know, place to live as well as the cost of living, job possibilities and such. Anyway, funny thing is the fact that we have the same family name, Enriquez! Hmm, I wonder!
        Well, like most people here have already stated that your blog’s are very interesting, I second the motion.

        Anyhow, take care!
        J. Enriquez

  6. TonyEricson15 Reply

    i love how you write your story. ang kulit. di ko binasa ng diretso tong blog mo, i skipped some subjects pero binalikan ko rin and binasa ko lahat haha. Gusto ko yun how you come up with your blog name at yun sinabi mo “Traveling is not a means of escape but to truly find oneself.” Wooooh Big word! Nakakatuwa 😀 sana maging katulad mo ako na kaya mai express ng maayos ang mga nasa isip ko lalo na about sa mga travels ko. anyway, cheers para sa mga future adventures! good luck and god bless!

    • Hi Tony!
      You too can do it.
      Di mo alam kung ano pa magagawa mo especially when you do things with hugot from the heart.
      Best of luck. 😍

  7. Maryline C. Ambas Reply

    Hi, Ms. Keza! This is my first time. I found your blog by chance after looking my co-employees pics at Daranak Falls. Anyway, your BIO tells about an adventurous person who loves to share the world by her pen and experience. It inspires me a lot and I can also say it is so “Wonderful” to always visit your blog as it is very informative. Want to see you in person, perhaps. Thank you for your “Wonderful Sole”. I love it, God bless and empower you more.

    • Hi Maryline. Thank You. Hope to see you too. Cheers to more happy travels to us. 🙂

  8. Hi Ms. Keza, I’m always visiting your blog. Your one of a kind. Thanks for keeping me inspire in
    achieving my travel goals. I hope someday, I can travel with you

    • Hi Joccy. Thank you for always visiting my blog. I am glad to know that I inspire you. It warms my heart to learn that I was able to move and inspire someone. It only means my efforts are not in vain. And yeah, I hope someday I can travel with you too and together, we will have one awesome adventure. 😊

  9. I found your blog accidentally 🙂 upon looking for information about our upcoming climb to Mt. Daraitan.. and guess what.. I found my self reading your entire BIO.. And I found it interesting.. Just hoping that we cross our path on one of our future climbs.. stay safe and stay beautiful KEZA M.

    • Lol. Thanks Raraboy for taking the time to read that long and winding story of my life. I just tend to write whatever it is on my mind. Yeah. I hope to see you too. Keep on travelling and our paths might just cross out there one day. Cheers!

  10. I like your blog 🙂 😀

    It’s simple yet informative. And I really think you’re authentic with how you share your stories 🙂

  11. Hi Keza, I found your travel blog by chance while looking for information on Dumaguete. I found what I searched for 🙂 keep on writing because you do well 🙂

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