Things to do in Boracay

25 Things To Do In Boracay 42

BORACAY ISLAND is one of the most sought tropical paradise in Asia and for all the good reasons. It not just boasts of white sugary sands and clear blue waters but it makes sure tourists  always have a meaningful time while on the island from partying all night to fun filled day activities. Your time in Boracay can never be boring as there are so many things that you can do. I have listed some, if not all of them.

1. Banana Boating

This is very typical in any beach but is still worth the fun every single time. Price starts at P250.

Things to do in Boracay

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2. Flyfishing

This is the more thrilling version of banana boating. Try it and see for yourself. Price starts at P400.

Things to do in Boracay

This is how thrilling flyfishing is in Boracay! I prefer this over banana boating.


3. Helmet Diving

This was designed for those who can’t swim but still want to experience the feeling of being several meters deep underwater to witness the world down there. Price starts at P600.

Things to do in Boracay

4. Island Hopping

Visit different islands surrounding Boracay. Price starts at P1400/boat good for 5 people.

Things to do in Boracay


5. Parasailing

Get a descent view of the entire island while several meters up in the air. Price starts at P2000/parasail good for 2 people.

Things to do in Boracay


6. Sunset Sailing

Enjoy the breathtaking sunset in Boracay while riding the paraw (local sailboat). Price starts at P1200/boat good for 4 people.

Things to do in Boracay

The colorful sunset in Boracay


7. Snorkeling

Go discover how teeming with life Boracay’s undewaters are. You may bring your own snorkel or you may rent from one of the contractors in the island. Price starts at P250/person.

Things to do in Boracay



8. Stand Up Paddling

The waters in Boracay most of the time is steady and not suitable for surfing especially in the white beach but if you are the kind who gets bored with just sitting around, you may find SUP interesting. Price starts at P300.   Things to do in Boracay

9. Jet skiing

We all know how exciting riding a jet ski is. In Boracay, you can have 15 minutes of fun for P1500/jet ski good for 2.

Things to do in Boracay

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10. Kitesurfing

This water sport is more popular among foreign tourist. If can’t ride with them, you may enjoy watching them in action in Bulabog beach but if you want to kitesurf like a pro, you can enroll on a full kitesuring course. Price starts at P7000.   Things to do in Boracay



11. Windsurfing

Similar to kitesurfing, you may need to take a full course before being able to windboard at pretty much the same price.


12. ATV riding

Stay away from the beach for a moment and go ATV riding on the highways of Boracay. Price starts at P500.

Things to do in Boracay

13. Scuba Diving

If you are curious to see the life beyond the beach, several meters deep then this is the perfect fit for you. Price starts at P1500 with lessons and gears.

Things to do in Boracay

14. Cliff Diving

Conquer your fear of heights and plunge into cool waters. This is one thing you can do when you go island hopping and visit Magic Island.

Things to do in Boracay

15. Reverse Bungee (GMAX)

Experience this extreme adventure ride which is the latest craze in Asia and can only be found in Singapore and Boracay. Price is P4500 with video good for 3.

Things to do in Boracay

16. Mermaid Swimming

Who says mermaids aren’t real? In Boracay, there’s plenty of them. You can be one too. You may get lessons and rent your tails at the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy for a price of P1500.


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17. Glass Bottom Boating

Discover life underwater without the hassle and getting wet at a price of P700.


18. Pub Crawling

Meet new people, drink your heart out and party all night long for P790.


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19. Zipline and Zorbing

It’s always fun to feel the rush wherever in the world you might be. Get the adrenaline pumping and ziplining and zorbing for the price of P400.


20. Food Tripping

Fill your appetite with the goodness that is Boracay with all its food offering from typical Filipino dish to foreign cuisines with still the touch of home in your palette. Enjoy refreshing fruit shakes, mouthwatering ice creams and crepes and sumptuous seafood dishes anywhere within this paradise.


21. Get a Massage

After a tiring day filled with fun activities, relax and get a massage. There are hundreds of massage spas scattered within the island and plenty of them along white beach.   THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY

22. Get Braids

Play with your hair and try a different hairstyle for only P150.   THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY

23. Get Henna Tattoos

If you fancy how it feels to get inked less the pain then get a henna tattoo. Price varies on the size and design of the tattoo.   THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY

24. Visit & Shop in D’Mall

Shopping is every girl’s favorite and where else would be best to do this in Boracay? Hop from one boutique to the other to see great finds and thrift items you may want to bring home to family and friends.   THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY

25. Visit Boracay’s Ocean Tower

Wondering what the entire island looks like? A 360 degree view might be the answer.   THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY

26. Have a Fun Filled and Adrenaline Infused Day at AquaFun Boracay

Experience one of the latest craze in Boracay. Have a day pumping with adrenaline in AquaFun, a newly opened recreational park. For more info, check them out on Facebook. You may also send them e-mail to and ring their mobile no. 0995 9688 077.

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I guess this is pretty much it. Remember. You need not to do all these. What is more important is for you to have a great time in the country’s tropical paradise. If you have questions, feel free to fill the comments box below.   Note: Prices indicated above are quoted for off-peak season. Add a couple bucks then that should give you the cost for peak and super peak seasons.   For other Boracay Travel Tips, check out my post The Boracay Budget Friend Guide.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos were lifted from Google. Credit goes to their respective owners.



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