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ANAWANGIN, NAGSASA COVE and CAPONES ISLAND: 3D2N Travel Guide, Budget, Tips and More 18

My friends and I thought of maximizing our time and money as the main consideration to our Anawangin escapade so we carefully planned everything. We did our research online and luckily we came across a blog who recommended a trustworthy contact in Pundaquit and that was JR Agasa (09173809104). We were 5 in the group so kuya JR gave us a reasonable price of 600php per head for the 3D/2N tour in Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones. He even gave 2 containers of 5 gallons mineral drinking water for free.  So hopefully this tips I have cared to share to you people will also be helpful for planning your Anawangin tour.

How to go there?

1. Go to the nearest Victory Liner Bus Terminal preferably Cubao and Caloocan Stations and ride a bus going to Iba, Zambales. Ask the conductor to drop you off at San Antonio Public Market.

2. Get off the bus at San Antonio, in front of the Municipal Hall.

3. Across the street, you’ll see lines of tricycle going to Barangay Pundaquit.

4. Hop on a trike which is good for 3-4 people and ask to drop you off at Barangay Pundaquit terminal or better at your contact’s place. Ours was JR Agasa (09173809104)

5. If you don’t have any contacts in Pundaquit, the trike driver normally recommends one and would take you there to make your arrangements. There are 2 ways you can reach Anawangin Cove; a. 5-6 hours trek through Mt. Pundaquit & b. Boat-ride which would take 30-45 minutes. We chose the latter.

Expenses per Person: 3D/2N (Overnight Anawangin & Nagsasa Coves with side trips to Capones and Camara Islands)

Bus Fare (MLA-ZAM Roundtrip) – 600/Tricycle Fare (to-from Pundaquit) – 60/Boat Rental – 600/ Environmental fees – 200 (Anawangin & Nagsasa)/Food Contribution – 300 (for 5pax)

Total Expenses per pax – 1760php

What to Bring?

1. Food – you can opt to bring marinated meat and hotdogs, chips, coffee, instant noodles & bread and/or drinks (liquor/soda) for sharing

2. Mosquito Repellant

  1. Sun block Lotion and Toiletries

4. Cigarette (for Smokers since commodities in the island are a bit pricey)

5. Cook wares (will be provided by the folks in Zambales for free)

6. Camera

7. Blanket and Pillows for comfortable sleep

8. Flashlight

Itinerary (3D/2N)

Day 1 October 18, 2013

0830-0900 – Assembly @ Victory Liner Cubao Terminal

0930 – ETD

0930-1330 – Travel Time (MLA to San Antonio, Zambales)

1330 – ETA @ San Antonio

1330-1400 – Quick Lunch

1400-1415 – ETD Barangay Pundaquit

1415 – ETA Barangay Pundaquit

1430-1445 – Assembly @ Kuya JR’s place (Boatman/Contact in Zambales)

1500-1515 – ETD to Camara and Capones Islands (You can opt to do the island hopping on our way back to Barangay Pundaquit)

1630-1700 – ETA @ Anawangin Cove

1700-2000 – Pitch Tents, Cook Dinner , Socials

2100-2200 – Lights Out

Day 2 October 19, 2013

0530-0600 – Wake Up Call

0630 -0730 – Breakfast

0730-1100 – Look Around the Cove, Swim, Photo Ops, Other Activities

1100-1200 – Cook Lunch

1200-1300 – Eat Lunch

1300-1500 – Rest

1530 – ETD to Nagsasa Cove

1430 – ETA Nagsasa Cove

1430-1700 – Pay Environmental Fee, Look Around Etc

1700-1800 – Pitch Tent & Prep Dinner

1800-2100 – Dinner/Socials/etc

2100 – Lights Out

Day 3 October 20, 2013

1530-0600 – Wake Up call

0600-0700 – Breakfast

0730 -1100 – Look Around/Swimming/Photo Ops/Other Activities

1100-1200 – Prep Lunch

1200-1300 – Lunchtime

1300-1500 – Rest

1500-1530 Wrap Up

1600-1700 – Travel Back to Pundaquit

1700-1730 – Pundaquit to San Antonio

1800-2200 – Travel Back to MLA

2200 – ETA Manila



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