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Keza Marie Enriquez is a Senior Process Specialist in an IT services company providing back office support. When she is not daydreaming at work, she is out there fulfilling them. Her ultimate goal is to conquer her fears, prove to herself that she can do anything other people think she can't and better herself by learning the secrets and wonders of the world. A Master Daydreamer. Weekend Jetsetter. Multitasker. Aspiring Writer. Amateur Photographer. Blogger. Blabbermouth. Shameless. She is the girl behind this awesome weblog and A Wanderful Sole is her brainchild. A lover of good tea and all things simple, she is decided to conquer the world one great adventure after the other.

Mountaineering is probably the most popular hobby of today’s generation. More and more, people are falling in love with this outdoor sport paving to many more mountains opening its trails to thrill seekers. While some like to keep it nice and easy finding happiness in less difficult trails such as that of Mt. […]

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CALAGUAS ISLAND, Camarines Norte
Boracay Island is considered as one of the best islands in the world and in a country with over 7500 islands to boot, it seemed to have taken the spotlight and has set quite the standard. If you haven’t noticed yet, we, Filipinos have gotten used to comparing other beaches to this world famous […]

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