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Keza Marie Enriquez is a Senior Process Specialist in an IT services company providing back office support. When she is not daydreaming at work, she is out there fulfilling them. Her ultimate goal is to conquer her fears, prove to herself that she can do anything other people think she can't and better herself by learning the secrets and wonders of the world. A Master Daydreamer. Weekend Jetsetter. Multitasker. Aspiring Writer. Amateur Photographer. Blogger. Blabbermouth. Shameless. She is the girl behind this awesome weblog and A Wanderful Sole is her brainchild. A lover of good tea and all things simple, she is decided to conquer the world one great adventure after the other.

Aguinid Falls, Samboan South Cebu
Aguinid Falls is one of the best places where you can immerse with the beauty of nature and at the same time experience that tingling rush of adrenaline. Take your adventure to the next level with this comprehensive budget travel guide.

AGUINID FALLS And The 8 Levels Of Exhilarating Adventure

PALAUI ISLAND, Sta. Ana Cagayan
Travel has suddenly become mainstream that everywhere we go, the crowd seems to follow. Not that we find it a bad thing. Let’s just say we prefer to play in places with nobody else or less people to share it with. You know that thing when you’re getting old. You […]

PALAUI ISLAND: Budget Travel Guide + Itinerary To The Unsung ...

Batad is a secluded community up in the heart of The Cordilleras. It is home to the remarkable amphitheater rice terraces which is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in the World. Surrounded by formidable mountains such as Aya and Amuyao, Batad for a long time is a paradise safely tucked away from […]

BATAD: Travel Guide, Budget, Itinerary & Useful Tips