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The Boracay Budget Friendly Guide 117

You are here because you love the BEACH. I know how much you can’t resist the turquoise waters that shimmers like thousand diamonds under the sun and how much you love to lay flat on a sugary, powdery white sand while getting your perfect tan. I know you’ve seen the sunset a million times but you still fall in love with it each and every time. I know how much you love to party under a moonlit sky until the break of dawn and be on a high. Trust me. I know. And I know there is only one place you wanna lose yourself into. BORACAY.

Isn’t it?

It’s no surprise why this precious island is every Filipino’s fancy as it is one of the Philippines most coveted destinations due to its world class beaches that can rival those in Barbados or Maldives. But in this times where value for money is every average Filipino’s concern, will a quick 3 day escape to Boracay be ever considered practical?

Now this is where this post come in handy. This will prove that no one needs to spend a hefty amount to have a taste of this paradise. Allow me to show you how.

Boracay Budget Guide

Who says only skinny people can flaunt their stuff in Boracay? LOL


1. KNOW YOUR AIRPORT – It is greatly important to know which airport are you flying to get to Boracay in order to jump start your budget allocation. It’s either in Caticlan or Kalibo Airport. Wondering what’s the difference?

  • Caticlan Airport
    – Convenient & Time Efficient No need to travel for hours in order to get to Caticlan Jetty Port
    – Airfare is way more expensive.
  • Kalibo Airport
    – Airfare is relatively inexpensive.
    – Time Consuming. A bit of a hassle since you will spend 1.5 to 2 hours traveling from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port.

2. KNOW THE MANDATORY FEES – Now that you have determined in which airport you will be flying to and fro, time to know what are the necessary fees.

  • Caticlan Airport
    * Terminal Fee (Caticlan Jetty Port) – P100.00
    * Terminal Fee (Cagban Port) – P100.00
    * Caticlan Airport Terminal Fee (Flight home) – P200.00
    * One Time Environmental Fee – P75.00
    * Roundtrip Boat fare – P50.00
  • Kalibo Airport
    * Terminal Fee (Caticlan Jetty Port) – P100.00
    * Terminal Fee (Cagban Port) – P100.00
    * Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee (Flight home) – P200.00
    * One Time Environmental Fee – P75.00
    * Roundtrip Airport transfer (van & boat) – P500.00

3. KNOW WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR ARE YOU GOING TO BORACAY – Knowing in what time of the year you will be going to Boracay is a must so you can determine how much money you will need to shell out for a descent Boracay escapade. Know whether you are going on the:

  • Off-Peak Season (July-December except for Super-Peak Season) – It’s the rainy season at which during this time, tourists are very minimal, so are the costs (accommodation and tours).
  • Peak Season (January-June except Super-Peak Season) – It’s the summer season where there are many tourists and you know what happens when demand is on a high, prices are higher.
  • Super Peak Season (December to April) – This is the start of the holiday season from Christmas, New Year to Chinese New Year and the Holy Week. Costs are at its highest during these times.

4. KNOW YOUR STATION – Along White beach is where restaurants, hotels and boutiques are located. It is divided into 3 stations.

  • Station 1 – Hotels are expensive almost exclusive. Less people but plenty of spaces at the beach.
  • Station 2 – Hotels are a little expensive. Near D’mall, bars and restaurants and thrift shops and boutiques.
  • Station 3 – Hotels very inexpensive. Quiet place away from the partying crowd. Near activity area.

Things to do in Boracay


Now that you are equipped with the basics, let’s go to budgeting. Please note that prices are indicated at Off-Peak | Peak | Super Peak seasons and are possible expenses for one person. 

  • Plan P5000.00 – Super tight budget traveler.

* Accomodation – Orchids Hotel in Station 3, at the back of Arwanna Hotel, a minute or 2 walk from the beachfront. Quiet and cozy place with a typical Filipino household vibe.
Price: Standard Fan Room (2-3 person) – P500 | 915 | 1200
* Activities – 3 days can be very boring if you are just gonna go swimming or sit around watching passersby. So here are some activities you can include on your vacation.
1. Banana Boating – P250 | 300 | 350
2. Sunset Sailing – P200 |300 | 350
3. Flyfish – P400 | 500 | 600
Note: These activities are in groups so you can just join other groups that are in need of a person or two to take the other part of the cost.
* Where to eat – Andok’s and Mang Inasal are your best choices from breakfast to dinner and even snacks. Cost per meal starts at P70
* Night Life – a bottle or 2 of beer or a glass of mojito at the beach and a little bit of a chitchat with other tourists will suffice. Beer is at P40/bottle and Cocktails P90/glass during happy hour.

Things to do in Boracay

This is how thrilling flyfishing is in Boracay! I prefer this over banana boating.

  • Plan P7500.00 – Slightly tight budget traveler.

* Accomodation – If you are not big in accommodation then I would still recommend Orchids Hotel in Station 3 but if you prefer a hotel that is near everything that you need at just the right price then I suggest you stay in La Carmela De Boracay in station 2.
Price: Standard AC Room (Good for 4 persons) – P2500 | 3500 | 3900
* Activities – This time you got more money to spare for a funfilled vacation. You can add these activities to the ones mentioned above.
1. Island Hopping – Small boats good for 5 people is priced at P1400 | 1600 | 1800
2. Helmet Diving – P600 /person standard price may rise during peak season
3. ATV ride – P500 | 600 | 800
* Where to eat – Go Buffet for Dinner! Try Bamboo Beach Restaurant for only P295. Also, have a fruitshake at Jonah’s for P80.
* Night Life – Try Pub Crawling for P790

Boracay Budget Guide

Behind us is the said largest pearl in the world found in Palawan.

  • Plan P10,000.00 – Not-So-tight budget traveler.

* Accomodation – Go beachfront in Residencia Boracay located in Station 1. Price: Superior Room with breakfast (2 person) P3300 | 4000 | 4500
* Activities – Go parasailing P2000 | 2200 | 2500 or try the GMAX Reverse Bungee which is the latest craze in Boracay for P4500 (3 persons with video) P3000 without video
* Where to eat – Go Seafood Paluto at D’Talipapa where you can buy inexpensive fresh seafoods and have them cooked. Price are charged per kilo per variety of seafood and the type of dish the seafoods are going to be cooked.
* Night Life – Party in Epic Bar.

Things to do in Boracay

The colorful sunset in Boracay

Note: Budgets mentioned above don’t include airfare,  only the mandatory fees but you can just watch out for occasional seat sales happening all year round to get discounted airplane seats. Also, it would vary whether you are going alone or in a group.


  • Avoid hiring a motorcycle/tricycle to go around the island or to go from one place to another. You can just walk along white beach. Saves up money. Burns extra calorie.
  • Instead of clubbing, you can just spend the night on a few drinks watching fire dancers.
  • Walk from station 3 to the end of station 1 then pay visit to the grotto of Virgin Mary and make a wish. Locals say this have been one of their traditions.
  • Window shop at D’mall.
  • Watch Kitesurfers do their thing in Bulabog beach.
  • Avoid the crowd and head to Puka Shell Beach.
  • Witness the sunset by the beach with a snack instead of going Paraw Sailing.
  • Spend more on activities and food rather than a luxurious hotel room.
  • Limit your spending. Bring money that is just right for your daily activity so you won’t be taunted to buy things you just fancy but is unnecessary.
  • Don’t be shy to ask. You can save a few hundreds by comparing prices from one contractor to the other and taking advantage of the least expensive offer.
  • Book your room accommodation directly from the hotel and not from agencies or online booking websites to avoid extra charges.
Boracay Budget Guide

Visited the grotto in the early morning before we left and bid goodbye to this paradise. If you have noticed the water is a bit greenish, that’s because it’s the seaweeds shedding off season

I guess this is everything. If you feel asking me for further information, just leave your comments below.



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    Hi Keza,

    Do you have the contact information for ATV, Island Hopping and Helmet Diving?

    • Keza M Post author

      Hi Nikki.. We had our activities arranged with Kuya Enteng Ferolino. Try this number 09098179873. But it may be better if you will get your activities once you are in the island so you can haggle til you get the best price.

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    Great article, thanks for the tips! Indeed, Philippines is a beautiful archipelago of islands of adventures and getaways. Unfortunately, there is a large number of tourist targeted scams and safety concerns over here.

    Do be wary of the Ativan gang/family scam, familiar face scam, sob story scam, the bump and drop, paedophile scam, cards/poker/blackjack scam, beggars, fake goods, pickpockets, fake travel agents, bullet in bag scam, airline desk overweight luggage, immigration officer bribe, taxi spray scam and many more!

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