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BUROT BEACH is situated in Calatagan, Batangas. Travel time takes a painstakingly 3-4 hours but I guarantee it is all worth it. After all, as  some may say “all good things comes to those who wait”. There may others who might spit back “all good things comes to those who go out there and f***ing get it”. Whichever is your take, this beach must absolutely be in your bucket list.

How To Get There

  1. There are passengers vans bound directly to Calatagan, Batangas. The terminal is situated in the street in between Taft MRT station and Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City. It is a few walk from Shogun Hotel. They said to be available 24 hours. Hop on one and asked to be dropped off at their Calatagan terminal near the supermarket. Fare is 180php/pax as of November 2013.
  2. Get off the van and hire a tricycle going to Burot Beach. Be careful. Some local tricycle drivers might charge you more than the standard price. Normally, it’s 50php/pax. I’ve spoken with a girl who was from Makati and who frequently visited the place and learned that 150php is the standard price for tricycle service taking you to and from Burot Beach. Be mindful as well of taking the trike driver’s number as he’s gonna be the one picking you up when you are about to head home or out of Burot Beach towards your next destination.

Things to Bring

  1. Camping Tents. There are tents available for rent in Burot Beach but just to be safe, it’s best to bring your own.
  2. Lamps. Flashlights. Lighter. Matchsticks as they will come handy come nighttime as there is no electricity in Burot Beach.
  3. Potable Water. Food. Beverage. Chips. Cookwares. There is a store selling commodities and offer cookware rentals there but they are a bit pricey.
  4. Insect repellant and sunblock lotions.

Expenses per person

It’s safe to allot at least 1000php -1500php per person and that would take care of the following expenses:

  1. Fare (RT Van Pasay-Calatagan) – 360php
  2. Fare (RT tricycle Calatagan proper-Burot Beach) 100—140php (if you’re in a group) and 300 (if you’re travelling alone)
  3. Entrance Fee – 130php (Novermber 2013)
  4. Food (that will depend on how many are you in a group)

Other Helpful Information

  1. There are toilets and baths in Burot Beach but they are not pretty descent.
  2. There are locals who sells goods like puto and kutsinta for 20php/pack, as well as hot pandesal for 10php/pack in the morning.
  3. Fresh, clean waters are scarce. There are times when it is not available especially when a lot of people in the beach are using it.

Hi There!

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Hmm. I’m wondering what I should tell you since I really don’t wanna oversell myself. Let’s see.. Just like any other girl, I’m just ordinary. I love to travel, take photos, share stories and write. I’m an anime otaku and my favorite country is Japan although I haven’t been there yet. I have a 9 by 5 job but I hope to travel full time someday. And I’m also a blabbermouth since birth. Me blogging and writing stuff online is just some sort of therapy so I don’t get myself in trouble. You know, me and my big mouth. Lol


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