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“Sometimes GOODBYE is inevitable. Nothing lasts forever they say. No matter how much we hold on to something, a time will come that we will eventually need to let it go. It’s bittersweet for goodbye is painful but the sweetest memories will always be there to linger.”

It was 4.30 AM and our room went abuzz when my phone alarm went off. I was immediately on my feet, eyes a little hazy, working my way to the washroom. The only thing I hated about our hotel was the shower as it got no hot water. After a quick shower under the chilly water, I hastily woke my travel buddy up and off we went to the first part of our tour, to the famed Camiguin White Island.

Camiguin Island

It was still a bit dark and the cold of the morning was seeping into my skin. We walked a good 10 meters to reach that part of the island where outrigger boats bound to take us to white island are docked. It was still early but the locals got no time to be lazy. Vendors were opening up their stores offering us coffee to warm away the cold. Boatmen were readying up their boats, checking the engines for any trouble and making sure their boats were all ready for action whenever the first eager tourists show up. We were in no hurry so we chose to sit and just observe the locals’ morning activity. In fact, we were waiting for other tourists who would fill the other 4 people (as the maximum capacity of the boat is 6) and who could take the other chunk of the boat rental fee which at the time was P450. Minutes of waiting and the first pack of tourist showed up. Surprisingly they were 4 and they immediately agreed to take us in. With no further ado, off we rode to White Island.

On the way to the island, I watched the water changed from deep blue to a much subtle blue then to a greenish blue. It surprised me how teeming with life the water was in Camiguin. I could see the healthy corals and the colorful fishes happily swimming several meters deep underwater.  It was a sight of joy, a source of hope and an inspiration where all good things could come springing from. It was a quick ride and several mesmerizing minutes, I suddenly found my feet dipped in the sands of Camiguin White Island. The heat of the sun brightly shining in the morning sky had slowly chased away the cold. There were already other tourists on the island who, just like me, were salivating on the beauty they behold. Peddlers came rushing to us, offering us different things from sunshades, henna tattoos to snorkeling gears but we were all geared up and all we needed was to fill that curiosity that would only be satisfied by diving into the richness of this wonderful island.

View of the white island from afar.
View of the white island from afar.

I need not to mention that White Island is a long stretch of sandbar (powdery white with rough coral stones) surrounded by turquoise water. It’s a naked island devoid of trees and other plants. Some people we’ve met before that day told us that nothing extraordinary can be seen on the famed white island. For them, it was just another patch of sand, nothing more but we refused to believe it for true beauty isn’t superficial but mystical and that’s what we intend to find out.

Tourist Spots in Camiguin

We began dipping into the water, slowly working our way deeper. We were astonished to see how amazingly beautiful the white island was from afar with Camiguin as the backdrop. It didn’t take long until the sea whispered it was her turn to beguile us. Just several meters from the shore, a marine environment I can almost call a sanctuary thrived. There exist fishes of various colors and sizes. The corals were colorful but they were scattered but nevertheless it was breathtaking. It was my most precious moment as it was my first time to snorkel and white island didn’t spoil it one bit. It felt as if I could go on like that forever. I am no swimmer but the beauty I beheld that day under the sea became right there and then my inspiration – to learn how to swim and dream that one day I could conquer unknown parts of the ocean and discover wonderful creatures that I could fill this entire blog about their story alone.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of white island so we spent several hours dipped in the water trying to discover something more. When the heat of the sun became unbearable, I thought it was time for us to go. We sailed back to the mainland but I still couldn’t get over it. The experience had painted a perfect grin across my face. It was really awesome!

We moved on to the next part of out tour. We passed by Katibawasan Falls and Philvocs station. They were both alluring in their own accord but what got me so hooked up was the Giant Clams Sanctuary. It would have been an amazing if we were able to explore and unravel their mystery too but we were a little pressed with time so we opted not to go Clams viewing.. (Sighs) Such a heartbreak to let that kind of opportunity pass.

We found ourselves sailing back to Balingoan at 2.30 in the afternoon. I wanted to stay longer but we’ve already got other plans for the remaining days of our vacation. If only I had known Camiguin Island would give us such an awe-inspiring experience, we would have allotted it another day on our itinerary. Plus, we missed to check out Mantigue Island. Seeing the island from afar got my heart melting. It felt as if there was a song of melancholy repeatedly playing inside my mind. The island seemed to sing to me as I was sailing away with her arm outstretched pulling me back to her warm embrace. That scene in the movie would have made me cry but heck no, cause I will be seeing you again my dear Camiguin. I will definitely come see you again…  <3


***Forgive this post for being so nostalgic. I just couldn’t help it. Please…. Feel free to leave me your comments below 🙂

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There you go lovelies. Hope you enjoy reading my melancholic recollection of my memories in Camiguin, Until next time. See yah! 🙂


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