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I am a self-proclaim history buff. I consider places with rich, marvelous traces of our history WEALTH. I am fascinated to know how things unfolded for our beloved country to become what it is now. Our culture and traditions are driven by the events that happened through time. It determines who we are and where we are from. Knowing our history gives us a better understanding of ourselves and of the people around us. And one way to do that is to be up-close with the places which beheld the secrets of the past. This is the very reason why Capones Island immediately grabbed my attention.

Situated in the province of Zambales, this island is home to a monumental Liqghthouse built in the late 17th century for the purpose of guiding ships which are from Manila and Subic. Nowadays the lighthouse was replaced by a modern solar powered equipment. While the keeper’s inn remains in ruins, the structure itself has a rich architectural design which has withstand more than a century worth of climatic torture. The top of the lighthouse offer a picturesque view of the surrounding sea and other islands. There are times when the tides render it difficult for the boat to come ashore so you will have no other choice but get off the other side of the island and to get to the lighthouse would require more than an hour walk/trek.

Another reason why you should visit Capones Island is its unique rock formation and turquoise sea water. This is also a very good place for snorkeling and diving though I wouldn’t suggest you stay here overnight as there are no toilets and bathrooms available. This is to prevent further spoil of the island. During our visit, we noticed garbage like empty plastic bottles, slipper, styrofoams, plastic wrappers etc everywhere in the area. Some say those were from the sea flown to the shore but I think it would really help if we would take responsibility of our trashes by taking it with us when we leave.

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse


Capones Island can be accessed the same way as Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves but this is relatively nearer than the two as it will only take 25-30 minutes boat ride from the shores of Pundaquit. For minimal cost, it will be better if this will be included as a sidetrip to your Anawangin and/or Nagsasa tours.


While we were on our way back to the shores where we left our things and our boat, our guide cared to share his experience in the old lighthouse. He said he was once guiding a couple tourist and he left them on their own to explore the area and stayed outside the lighthouse when he heard voices of female laughing, crying and pleading for help all at once.  Overwhelmed, he immediately searched for the couple and asked them whether they heard the same thing but the two just shrugged the topic off  and continued with their exploration of the place. He said after the incident, it took him several weeks before he dared go back to the place.

I don’t know if Kuya just missed his meal that day causing him to have those creepy delusions but he sure spooked me out. (Smiles)


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Hmm. I’m wondering what I should tell you since I really don’t wanna oversell myself. Let’s see.. Just like any other girl, I’m just ordinary. I love to travel, take photos, share stories and write. I’m an anime otaku and my favorite country is Japan although I haven’t been there yet. I have a 9 by 5 job but I hope to travel full time someday. And I’m also a blabbermouth since birth. Me blogging and writing stuff online is just some sort of therapy so I don’t get myself in trouble. You know, me and my big mouth. Lol

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