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In this ever changing and competitive world, being one step ahead of the game is a must. Technology has taken the world by storm and one by one it is taking over everything we humans have known ever since. Modern innovations are being developed in a span of a second. What is relevant now might not be relevant the following day or the next. As a travel blogger, it is quintessential that I adapt to these constant changes. I have to swim along the massive surge of technology in order for me to amp my game and maintain my position within the fast paced blogosphere while remaining true to my craft.

Being a travel blogger is no easy feat for me. Unlike other fortunate lass and lads who were able to leave their nine-to-fives to chase after their wanderlust, I on the other hand have kept my job and stayed as a normal human being. It is the path I chose to take for now. But why do I even bother to blog when I can simply go on a trip and return home without minding the hassle of writing about it? Well, it’s because I want to be famous! Kidding. Seriously, it isn’t for the fame or anything. I just love it. I just have this knack for writing and sharing my experiences. And I was thinking, what could be a better experience to share than that sensation I get whenever I embark on a brand new journey returning home a little bolder every time? Yes! Everybody loves to read or hear travel stories and I wouldn’t want to leave my story hidden behind that door. I want people to read about it. But how do I get people to read about whatever I write on my blog.

Simple. Aside from writing great contents (I hope), I also make sure my photos are the kind people will be drawn to. Not that I am a great photographer or anything, sometimes that tiny little clickable device just does all the tricks for me. Yeah. I rely too much on my Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm lens. It has been with me for over a year now and I haven’t even gotten better at it but it has done me wonder more than I thought it would. Imagine what I can do if I get to have that power put into one tiny and handy smartphone. The convenience of shooting that perfect sunset without having to configure my camera or the swiftness of that click ready to capture life’s significant moments. Yeah! Things will be so much easier! What if I tell you that that powerful camera is now up for grabs in the all new Huawei P9?

Wait. Huawei what?

In case you are not aware, Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. They offer a value for money products worldwide ranging from mobile phones, tablets, wearables, mobile broadbands and many more. Their world renowned services include carrier, consultancy and management. In the Philippines, they are widely known for their smart phones and tablets with their latest creations, the Huawei P9 series making wave in the local mobile phone market.

So what’s with the Huawei P9 that’s making me so ecstatic about it?

As a travel blogger, it is important for me to take great photos. You probably have heard them say that “A photo is worth a thousand stories” so having great photos on the blog is one priceless treasure any travel blogger can have. Since I lack that skill of taking great photographs or if I may say, I don’t have a photographer’s eyes, having a handy smartphone which will do all the tricks for me is a gift I wouldn’t trade with anything for. And that’s exactly what Huawei P9 is for me. Allow me to show you what it’s made of with the help of my all time favorite subject, the exquisite nature.


Nature is captivating and beautiful. It is serenity and calm. As a travel blogger, I wanna be able to convey those particular charateristics to my audience to make them experience the same thrill I had while immersed with the beauty of nature instead of merely reading what I wrote. Huawei P9 made all that possible. The automatic version alone was able to bring out that crisp and chill of the waterfall after the the drizzle.

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9

Well, I am not the type to settle for the ordinary and I am more to experimenting and honing the photographer in me. Good thing Huawei has a pro version where I got to adjust every factor affecting the outcome of an image such as the ISO sensitivity, white balance, shutter speed and color temperature. For those who may not know, ISO sensitivity measures the camera’s ability to capture light. White balance on the other hand is the ability of the camera to render white colors appear white in the photo. Shutter speed refers to the time the sensor of the camera is exposed to light. Color temperature refers to the coolness or warmth of colors in a photo. Don’t worry about it. Neither do I know what those are for. Kidding!

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9


Another great feature of Huawei P9 is you get to choose the mode in which you would like to shoot your subjects. When shooting nature, it is essential to bring out the vibrance of colors even in low light. One great feature I like which Huawei P9 has is the Night shot and HDR which enabled me to do just that. Another one of my favorite is the Panorama which enabled me to shoot the entirety of view and not just one part of it. And just when I thought things aren’t going to get any better, Huawei P9 also has a Timelapse feature which would enable me to capture the unravelling of every magical sunrise from now on! So much for such a tiny device isn’t it?

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9


Well, we aren’t finished yet. Imagine being able to shoot in different modes combined with your favorite filters. Yes! Huawei P9 let me do just that. It’s like camera 360 and Instagram all rolled into one. Can you now see the convenience of shooting a photo ready for upload without going through that meticulous editing? I know right. Instagram ready photo in just one powerful click with Huawei P9!

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9


It took me some time to figure out this feature while in fact this was the very first feature I was searching for. For everyone’s benefit aperture controls the light searching the sensor of a camera so the smaller the lens the lesser the light that gets through it and so on. Why was I searching for it? Because I’m a huge fan of that blurry background effect when shooting for well defined subjects like a flower or a woman or that little butterfly on top of a colorful flower. Just look at that image below.

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9


Okay. This feature totally swept me off my feet and made me fall in love with Huawei P9 in an instant. While its competitors are out and about proving which technology is better, Huawei has already outsmarted them. The thing is I like shooting waterfalls. And I like that silky image of the water which is the very reason why it is hard for me to leave my DSLR at home. But now! I can do without it because Huawei P9 is able to do me that silky waterfall shot. Interesting isn’t it? Not just that, I was actually giggling just by thinking of trying the other 3 more features which would enable me to shoot Tail Lights, Light Grafitti and Star Tracks! Too bad the gloomy weather these past days didn’t permit me to do just that but I’ll definitely give it a go if given the chance.

Capturing the beauty of nature with Huawei P9

That’s it! I’ve once again given you a piece of my mind. The next time you would head to the store in search for a smartphone that does all the tricks for your camera needs, go get yourself Huawei P9 and see things differently than ever before. May it be for your next adventure or for your daily dose of selfies, this incredible smartphone is sure to do your photos the Instagram worthy magic.

To know more about Huawei P9, you can visit their official website at www.huawei.com

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