11 Amazing Tourist Spots in Camiguin on a P1000 Budget

I must admit that Camiguin (this wonderful island so beautiful filled my dreams for weeks) was not initially part of my itinerary for my Mindanao tour. My reasons? All of them were stupid and I rather keep them to myself. But anyway, after days of thorough thinking, I finally decided to spare a day for this island so I could finally get rid of that thing (that constant voice in my head screaming “Go to the island!!”) that has been bugging me for years, also so I could take it off my bucket list. Never have I imagined that I would fall in love with it over and over.

Camiguin Island: Travel Guide, Tips, Cheap Accommodations and More

CAMIGUIN is one of the many treasures of the Southern Philippines. This lone island situated in Northern Mindanao boast of white sand beaches, magnificent waterfalls, hot and coldsprings and abundant life underwater. It also takes pride in its people who have sunny sunshine disposition and strong discipline making the province one of the safest places in the entire country with zero crime rate as its trophy.

Camiguin Island: Overrated or Simply Mystical?

When we speak of an island, most people would probably picture out a beach full of gorgeous women in skimpy bikinis lying under the sun, bed in powdery white sands admiring the azure waters. More often than not, the sight of a beach tends to make us oversee the beauty that lies beneath which sometimes requires a bit of curiosity and bolder spirit. Camiguin is that kind of island. One wouldn’t be able to appreciate its mysterious allure without embarking in a journey that would take you to places tattling a wonderful story.

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