Unspoiled Philippine Beaches

CALAGUAS ISLAND, Camarines Norte
Boracay Island is considered as one of the best islands in the world and in a country with over 7500 islands to boot, it seemed to have taken the spotlight and has set quite the standard. If you haven’t noticed yet, we, Filipinos have gotten used to comparing other beaches to this world famous […]

CALAGUAS ISLAND: Budget Travel Guide + Itinerary And Why It’s ...

My journey towards one of my dream destinations, Burot Beach was indeed one of the most unforgettable. It was a little bit of everything. It was aggravating. Exhausting. Very exciting. And absolutely inspiring. All rolled into one heck of experience. I gotta admit, I never had expected it would turn […]

BUROT BEACH: The Amazing Journey Chasing the Most Beautiful Sunset

I have always been fond of beaches, especially those with white powdery sands, pristine crystal clear waters and the ones with scenic views of the sunset. Beaches for me are like my comfy bed. It offers me solace and serenity after long stressful hours at work. A day or two […]

My Top 10 List Of Unspoiled Beaches in the Philippines

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse
I am a self-proclaim history buff. I consider places with rich, marvelous traces of our history WEALTH. I am fascinated to know how things unfolded for our beloved country to become what it is now. Our culture and traditions are driven by the events that happened through time. It determines […]

Capones Island and the Century Old Lighthouse

Nagsasa Cove: Mystery Unraveled 2
I had always been stunned whenever I see photos of Nagsasa Cove. Even found myself dumbfounded on several occasions while reading notes of people who have been to this place. To me it was a mystery why several people love this place more than Anawangin. In the photos, Anawangin and […]

Nagsasa Cove: Mystery Unraveled

Anawangin Cove 1
I have heard of people talk about this place as a hidden jewel behind the mountains of Zambales. Was Often described as the sweet escape for mountaineers and adventure seekers. I have envied people who have been to this magnificent place. Seeing their photos and reading their blogs make me […]

Anawangin Cove: Paradise No More?