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In the world filled with amazingly wonderful places, finding that one place which literally has EVERYTHING is a rarity. Lucky for us Filipinos though, we need not sail many oceans as that precious little paradise is just an hour of plane away wherever you may be in the more than 750o islands of The Philippines. Cebu! Yeah. You heard that right. Cebu just happens to be one of those rare and precious slice of heaven that fortunately for us is situated in the heart of the world’s 2nd largest archipelago, our beloved motherland.

As soon as you set foot on the grounds of Mactan Airport and get a glimpse of the bright lights of Lapu-Lapu City, that very moment is when you realize you are in for something great. Choosing where to head first can be your very first dilema as a plethora of delightful surprises awaits that are set to satiate your hunger for new discoveries and quench your thirst for adventure. Cebu, one of the many beautiful islands of Visayas, is also one of the most historic provinces in the country. It treasures a rich cultural heritage dating back beyond the Spanish Era. Complimenting that are virgin islands of pure untouch beauty and seawaters home to some exotic, near extinct marine creatures. And if what you are looking for is something to satisfy your much needed dose of adrenaline, look no further. Cebu got it all covered with its awesome adventures carefully designed to achieve that heartstopping and mindboggling moments.

I could go on for days telling you all the good stuff this exquisite province has to offer. And mind you, the list is yet filled to the brink since probably there is still plenty more delights we don’t know about. Needless for me to say but the best thing to do is just to pack your bags light and fly to begin one of the most epic travels of your lifetime. To save you the hassle, allow me to share with you my 5-Day Cebu Itinerary with a quick sidetrip to Manjuyod Sandbar in the Island of Negros Oriental for as cheap as P7500 for everything!


  • Travelling to Cebu can be really steep and sometimes P7500 is the cheapest you can get unless you would skrimp on food.
  • Expenses depend on the places you would choose to see and the activities you are going to take.
  • Travelling alone is possible as the province has one of the friendliest locals, although not all of them have your best interest at heart.
  • While travelling alone gives you more flexibility, in a place like Cebu, you would need to burden yourself with one or two of your annoying friends to have somebody to share the cost with.
  • Give rewards where and when it’s due. Avoid rip off’s at all cost.

Did I miss anything? If not then let’s get to the nitty gritty. I do not need to tell you how to get there, do I? Well. here are your options.

  • Manila – Fly via your preferred airline. To get cheap plane seats, watch out for seat sale happening all year round. Another option is board a 2GO Ferryboat and sail to Cebu!
  • Davao – Fly either via Cebu Pacific or PAL
  • Bohol – Ride a 2GO Fastcraft or any ferryboat plying the waters between Cebu and Bohol in Tagbilaran Port. There’s an ongoing promo called “Libre Balik” where you can get the roundtrip tickets for P800.
  • Dumaguete – Ride a Ceres bus to Cebu
  • Palawan – Fly via Cebu Pacific. Note that flights are limited so better to carefully plan your itinerary ahead of time.
  • Boracay – Fly via Cebu Pacific from either Caticlan or Kalibo airports.


The province of Cebu is subdivided into several municipalities with each one having surprises ready to blow your mind away. Fasten your seatbelt as you are set for one heck of a roller coaster ride while I take you to some of Cebu’s finest.

Do a city tour. This may come with bits of redundance but going on a city tour is one way to know Cebu from its deepest corners and is an awesome starter for Cebu virgins.

Mactan Island. A not so distant island from the province’s capital but is one where the best of Cebu is showcased.

Bantayan Island. 4 hours of bus and an hour of ferryboats rides after, you will be taken to this magnificent island with just the right blend of history and nature.

Malapascua Island. This island alone is an eyecandy but what sets it apart from the rest of Cebu are the threasher sharks living and thriving in its waters.

Moalboal. The sea turtles aren’t just thriving in Apo Island. Complete your Central Visayas tour without leaving Cebu with a quick island hopping tour in Moalboal to get a glimpse of the adorable sea turtles and the abundant underwater heaven.

Badian. Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls is this town’s precious treasures.

Dalaguete. Wanna bask the glory and magnificence of the island on top of Cebu’s highest peak? Then a 30-minute trek to Osmeña Peak is what you need.

Alegria. Shimmering turquoise and crystal clear river waters? Alegria has one of the best in Kanlaob River.

Samboan and Ginatilan. Chasing waterfalls? There is no other place to do it best than in these 2 towns.

Oslob. Skip the whalesharks. There is more to this town than these magnificent giants. Instead, allow yourself to marvel at the unearthly beauty of its beaches and waterfalls.


Oh geez! I’m afraid I couldn’t write you a budget accommodation review nor a fearless foodie guide for Cebu. We were constantly on the move that we spent most of our nights on a moving bus, aboard a ferry or some place with free wifi and cheap coffee. In fact, our most decent sleep in Cebu City was in a 3-hour quickie room of a love motel near South Bus Station! 😂 As for food, we were probably too famished that we didn’t bother to take note of the restaurant’s name and their bestsellers or too full that after we ate, all we wanted was a sweet spot to recharge. 🐷

Anyhooo. I do plan to publish a compilation of all budget inns and hostels in Cebu as well as the best and cheapest places to grab a bite so just stay tuned.


DAY 1: CEBU CITY: Getting To Know “The Queen City Of The South”.


When visiting the Province Of Cebu, the most essential part of your bucket list is roaming around the city. Cebu wasn’t dubbed as the “Queen City Of The South” for nothing. In fact, it is one of the most significant cities in our country’s history and one where our cultural heritage is the richest. This city has the right blend of the old and new. Old churches stood amidst the hustle and bustle along with exciting new attractions which draw in a fair deal of both local and foreign visitors everyday.

While taking public transportation to visit all the amazing spots in the city helps you cope easily with the city’s culture, riding a motorcycle is another cheap and comfortable way to get to each scenic spots. You can either rent a motorcycle and drive on your own or hire someone to drive you around.

PLACES TO VISITSirao Flower Farm
Temple Of Leah
Top Skyline Garden
Magellan's Cross
Sto. Niño Church
Fort San Pedro
DAY 1 EXPENSESBus Fare Airport To SM - P25
Breakfast - P60
Cebu Tour @ P800/2 - P400
Entrance Fee - P110
--Sirao P30
--Temple Of Lea P50
--Fort San Pedro P30
Lunch - P80
Dinner - P100
Cab Fare To North Bus Station - P70

Total - P845
CONTACT PERSONKuya Marvin Tenajora - 0943 224 2835 or 0995 210 8385 (Motorcycle)

Recent Update: Due to the brand new regulation implemented by the city hall wherein motorcycles are only allowed 2 passengers (the driver and the other passenger), effective rate is now P700/pax/motorcycle.

DAY 2: BANTAYAN ISLAND: A Fair Beauty With A Steep Price Tag


Bantayan Island was not part of the original itinerary since we were supposed to explore South Cebu all the way but Rhea, my bestie and travel buddy, persuaded me so I was forced to allot a day for this island without doing prior research. The plan was to travel first thing in the morning and spend the rest of the hours of Day 1 experiencing some Cebu City night life. Thank heavens for sending us angels who told us that what we had in mind was the worst idea of all since the island is 5 hours of travel away from the city and we might as well be wasting time if we are to wait until morning given our limited time. So after a little dose of Cebu’s lively night life, off we went to the North Bus Station instead of the hostel and took the first trip to Bantayan Island at midnight.


-Snorkel the rich waters near Hilantagan Island.
-Explore Hilantagan Island and check the locals
-Do some beach loving in the untouched Virgin Islands


-Have a sumptuous lunch in one of the many restaurants in the island
-Bathe in Ogtong Cave's subterreanean pool
-Explore the long stretch of powdery white sand beach in Sta. Fe
-Drop a visit Obo Ob Mangove Garden
-Drop by the most beautiful spot in the island which they call Pantalan
-Visit Bantayan Church which is percieved to be the oldest church in Cebu
-Spend solitary hours in Kota Beach home to Camp Sawi
DAY 2 EXPENSESIsland Hopping Tour @ P700/2 - P350
Inland Tour @ P700/2 - P350
Entrance Fees - P250
--Virgin Island - P100
--Ogtong Cave - P100
--Mangrove Garden - P50
Food - P390
--Breakfast - P15
--Lunch - P310
--Dinner - P65
Roundtrip Fare - P560
--Bus @170/way - P340
--Ferry & Terminal Fee @110/way - P220
Sleep - P200

Total - P2100
CONTACT PERSONKuya Junjun - 0910 488 7575

Note: We left Bantayan Island at 6PM catching ourselves the last trip back to Cebu as we were headed to Oslob the following day. We arrived in the city at 11PM, had a quick dinner and dozed off in a nearby motel. Hence the additional P200. Cheaper option is to wait at the bus station for the first trip to Oslob at 3AM and sleep on the bus but we were just tired AF!

Day 3: OSLOB & SAMBOAN – The Underrated Jewels Of The South


When we speak of Oslob, first thing that would come to mind to many people are the whalesharks but little do they know that this quaint little town down south of Cebu has more to offer than merely swimming with the gentle giants whom we unfortunately expose to harm in the process. To get started with our tour in the south, we headed first to Sumilon Island. I was tempted to sign up for the P1500 day tour offered by Bluewater Resort but I figured a cheaper way to do it. It wasn’t entirely cheap for my standard but it was the only option we had at the time. After coming from Sumilon Island, we then rented a tricycle to tour the city and chase waterfalls in Samboan and Ginatilan.

WHAT TO SEE AND DO-Explore the beautiful Sumilon Island Sandbar
-Chase waterfalls
Tumalog Falls
Aguinid Falls
Dao Falls
Candayvic Falls
Binalayan Hidden Falls
-Visit Oslob's Heritage Park
DAY 3 EXPENSESSumilon Island @ P1200/2 - P600
Chasing Waterfalls And Oslob Tour @ P800/2 - P400
Food - P400
--Lunch P200
--Dinner P200
Entrance Fees - P70
--Sumilon P50
--Aguinid Falls P20
Guide Fee Aguinid Falls - P100
Fare - P300
--Ferry to Sibulan Port P75
--Trike to Dumaguete P60
--Bus To Oslob P165
Sleep - P250 (Harold's Mansion)

Total - P2120
CONTACT PERSONKuya Alex - 0933 134 6985 (Motorcycle)

Note: After kicking off our South Cebu tour, we then travelled to Dumaguete to get a glimpse of Manjuyod Sandbar and the dolphins the following morning. For super saving tips, wait for other groups to share the cost of the boat to Sumilon Island. The boat isn’t exclusive to you so there’s really not a need to pay so much just to see a freakin’ sandbar! Okay… It was beautiful. 😘

Day 4: BAIS CITY – Home of the playful dolphins and our country’s version of “Maldives”


When in Central Visayas, one thing you wouldn’t want to miss is to see the dolphins and marvel at the beautiful stilt houses while afloat the knee-deep turquoise water of Manjuyod Sandbar. To dubbed it as Maldives Of The Philippines is overrated but I gotta say, it has its own kind of charm that would easily sway those beach loving bums.

Interesting Sidetrips:

WHAT TO SEE AND DODolphin Watching
Visit Manjuyod Sandbar
Drop by the nearby Talobong Mangrove Garden
DAY 4 EXPENSESDolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar Tour - P600
RoundTrip Bus Dumaguete-Bais - P106
Tricycle - P50
Lunch - P75
Dinner at Sans Rival Bistro - P250
Sleep - P250 (Harold's Mansion)

Total - P1331
CONTACT PERSONKuya Rey - 0997 100 7184 (Tricycle Driver. He can arrange your Manjuyod and Dolphins Tour according to your budget)

Note: For this tour, you can save a lot if you are going to join other groups. Large boats that fit up to 20 people is priced at P6000 for a day tour to Manjuyod Sandbar and to see the dolphins. Just be ready to be kind of flexible especially with your time.

Day 5: OSMEÑA PEAK & KAWASAN FALLS – Just The Perfect Adventure


As a mountain enthusiast, there is no way I’m going to miss Osmeña Peak! And when it’s complimented with my other love – a visit to a nearby waterfalls, there could never be anything more perfect. That’s exactly how we capped off our Cebu Tour. Joining us was a good childhood friend, Phoebe who added a big plus to the epic ending of our Cebu adventure.

WHAT TO SEE AND DOTrek to Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete
Visit Kawasan Falls in Badian
DAY 5 EXPENSESMotorcyle Rental to O Peak and Kawasan Falls - P400
Entrance Fees - P50
--O Peak P30
--Kawasan Falls P20
Fare - 365
--Bus & Ferry Dumaguete-Dalaguete P175
--Bus Badian-Cebu P165
--Bus Airport 25
Food - P215
--Breakfast P50
--Lunch P65
--Dinner P100

Total - 1030

Note: Habal-Habal in Osmeña Peak has a standard tariff of P800 (O’Peak and Kawasan) and P400 (O’peak alone) good for 2 people. What’s disappointing is one will pay the same amount even when he’s on his own. 🙁


DAY 1: CEBU CITY: Getting To Know “The Queen City Of The South”.P845
DAY 2: Bantayan Island Day TourP2100
Day 3: The Best Of South CebuP2120
Day 4: The Adorable Dolphins & The Maldives Of The PhilippinesP1331
Day 5: On Top Of Cebu & Kawansan FallsP1030

Click here for a printable itinerary


Our epic Cebu trip was not as perfect as we had planned. There were many mishaps, bad decisions and unfavorable turn of events. Well, what did I expect? It’s us. The crazy and the whole screw up have always been a usual part of our travels. Our misadventure may have been too disappointing at times and it may have cost us more than we intend to spend for this trip but it definitely marked another milestone to me and my bestie’s friendship. After two decades of putting up with each other, I can finally say that true friends aren’t really hard too find. The most genuine friendships begin when you have finally come to know the right ones to keep. 😊

There you go lovelies. There’s definitely a lot more to Cebu that we have yet to see and explore. It has just been a couple of months since we first set foot to this exquisite island province but we can hardly resist the thoughts of going back soon. There’s just no getting enough of it.

Have you been to Cebu or is planning to go there soon? Let me know your thoughts. Leave me your stories and comments and I will be happy to chat with you.

Until next time. Ciao. 🙂

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  1. Hi keza. possible ba na mag tagbilaran airport muna kmi sa 1st day? since balak naming mag Bohol on 1st day. we book 6 days naman. from Bohol anu po ba mas malapit? Cebu city or dumaguete for our day 2? thanks in advance.

    • Hi Patz. Yes pwede. Mas malapit po ang Cebu from Bohol pero depende sa gusto nyo puntahan, pwede rin maging option ang Dumaguete

  2. Hi K,
    Ask ko lang pano kayo nag commute from Kawasan Falls on your last day, anong bus yung sinakyan nyo and san yung stop nyo sa Cebu..thanks.. 🙂

    • Hi Rhaz. Di kame nagcommute to Kawasan Falls. From O’Peak, we rode the same motorcycle going there. P800 yun for 2pax pag o’peak then kawasan. If commute, from O’peak, babalik kayo ng junction to ride a bus going to Badian. Sabihin nyo lng drop off kayo sa Kawasan Falls. Along the hwy lng yung entrance pero may lalakarin na 20 minutes bago mo makita ang falls.

  3. Hi can you suggest an itinerary for 3 whole days (2 persons) , from 2AM arrival at CEBU then 9:45 PM going back to MANILA
    Thanks in advance, were planning to visit BANTAYAN ISLAND

    • Hi K,

      Day 1 Bantayan Island Overnight – take the 3AM schedule. You will most likely arrive at 8AM in the island. Do the inland and island hopping tour. Spend the night there. Take the earliest trip back to the city the following morning.
      Day 2 City Tour – Roam around the city. Experience the night scene. Take the earliest bus to Oslob in the morning at 3AM
      Day 3 Oslob/Canyoneering – 6AM ETA Oslob. Whaleshark watching then Canyoneering. Chill in Kawasan Falls. 5PM Head back to Cebu. 8PM Cebu City Flight home

    • Hello K,

      We will be on Cebu next week and will be following your awesome itinerary for five days. May mga question lang ako which much appreciated if you could answer:

      1. pano kayo nag commute on your Day 5: OSMEÑA PEAK & KAWASAN FALLS,
      ->Can you guide us how did you make it from Dumaguete (Harolds Mansion)
      to Dalaguete at 6am?
      2. Is it safe to travel at 3am from Harolds Mansion?
      3. from Liloan Port to Sibulan Port Ferry – may cut off po ba ng time of travel?
      ->say from Oslob to Dumaguete you travel at 6pm &
      ->Dumaguete to Dalaguete you travel at 3am

      Maraming salamat po.


      • Hi Rhaz,

        1 From Harold’s, just ride a tric to Ceres bus terminal. Then ride a bus bound for Cebu. Alight in Dalaguete, at the junction going to O’Peak

        2 Yes it is safe.

        3 Yes may cutoff po. Last trip is 7Pm liloan – sibulan pero mas maigi ng mas maaga

        Dumaguete to Dalaguete will be crossing thru Amlan port

  4. Hello! Thanks for this, it’s really helpful! Question, are aqua shoes a necessary gear if you go canyoneering in Kawasan? 🙂

    • Hi Denise! Some people use rubber shoes and hiking sandals. If you prefer aquashoes then that’s fine. Anything that would protect you while hiking and canyoning. 😊

    • Hi K, thanks for your quick reply..
      1. Clarify ko lang yung Ceres bus terminal sa Dumaguete? via Amlan port?
      – So hindi na kami dadaan ng Sibulan Port Ferry to Liloan port?
      2. Is this correct -> from Harolds Mansion -> tricycle to Ceres bus terminal bound for Cebu
      -> drop off Dalaguete, at the junction going to O’Peak
      3.Upon arrival at the junction going to O’Peak ano po sinakyan nyo? may tricycle na ba at that area early morning?
      4. San nyo po iniwan yung mga bags nyo while hiking?

      • Hi Rhaz.

        1. Di na po kayo dadaan ng Sibulan.
        2. Yes
        3. Habal or motorcycle po sasakyan to O’Peak. P400/habal to Opeak balikan na good for 2-3 pax
        4. Sa motor driver po namen iniwan

  5. hi tanung ko lang kung saan ang accommodation niyo for 5days? coz we are planning to follow your itinerary. thanks 🙂

      • Hi Keza,

        Thank you for your informative cebu tour itinerary,

        I have question reg sa cebu city tour saan kaya namin pwede makita si sir marvin tenajora, yung phone number niya is cannot be reach na?

        then okay lang ba ganito itinerary namin

        Cebu City (1 day) – Bohol (1day) – South Cebu (2 days)

        we work on this schedule kasi baka delayed flight si cebu pac, estimated time arrival namin sa cebu is 8:30am

        Thank you!

        • Hi. Okay nman yung itinerary na ginawa mo. As for sir marvin. I’ll check if makukuha ko number nya

  6. Hi i am planning to go to cebu and i already booked a hotel sa cebu city my question is kase 7days ang book ko dun ung mga itenerary po ba like kawasan and from day 2 to 5 bumabalik din po kayo sa cebu city after your trip

  7. Hi! Thank you for this guide. I just want to know how did u get to bais city on your day 4 after the adventure in oslob? how long was the travel time? and did u stay overnight in Bais City? Thanks very much!

    • Hi.. We rode a trike to Liloan POrt then from Sibulan rode a bus going to Bais City. we didn’t stay overnight in Bais. We went to Dumaguete after our tour in Manjuyod

  8. Hi! Would just like to know if your Php7500 budget is goof for 2 persons only. Also, would you still recommend this itinerary during Sinulog season? Thanks!

    • Hi Mark. Budget depends on what you do and whether you are going solo or with a group. You can definitely save more if you are with a group but P7500 is the least we could manage since there was only the 2 of us. During Sinulog fest, the city can be too crowded that you might have difficulty with touring around but the other destinations should be fine.

      • So the PhP7500 is for two persons already? I mean, the both of you spent Php7500 combined? or PhP7500ea? Have booked a flight already going to Cebu for Sinulog via Cebu Pacific with my brother. I am trying to manage budget. HAHAHA.

        • Oww. Have read your post again. Budget is for 1pax only given the entrance fees and fares. Guess I will have to budget more. HAHA. Thank you, Keza!

  9. Jaymark R Dacpano Reply

    Great post! This would help me and girlfriend in September. Have you published your list of cheap accommodation yet? Thanks! 😀

    • Hi JayMark

      On the side bar at the right are handpicked list of accommodation I’ve gotten from Agoda. Feel free to choose

  10. Hi! Thank you for your travel guide, gave me a lot of options for my Cebu trip. Just want to ask for your help and suggestions. I’m looking for things to do for 2 whole days. I was thinking of going to Manjuyod Island and Moalboal. Would it be worth it? And how to go to Bais City from main city of Cebu? Thanks!

    • Yes both are worth it. You have many options to go to Bais from Cebu. You can ride a bus to Dumaguete and alight Sibulan then ride another bus to Bais or ride a ferry to Dumaguete then bus to Bais

      • Stephen Sean Reply

        What would be best to do first, Manjuyod or Moalboal? And can is it possible to go to Moalboal in the morning then visit the falls like Tagadtad in Oslob? Thanks! 🙂

      • Stephen Sean Reply

        What would be best to do in our first day, Manjuyod or Moalboal? And is it possible to go to Moalboal in the morning then visit the falls like Tumalog and Kawasan in Oslob in the afternoon? Thanks! 🙂

        • Kawasan is in Badian which is still more than an hour of bus from Oslob. From Oslob, Moalboal is another hour of bus. I guess these places would require a day each

          • I hope you wouldn’t mind me putting things in the right perspective. Moalboal and Badian are just separated by Alegria town, the starting point of the canyoneering adventure. So it’s a waste of time if you allocate 2 days each from your base in Oslob. You can have snorkeling/island hopping in Moalboal in the morning and go canyoneering in Badian in the afternoon. That saves you time and money. Thanks for the interference Keza.:-)

            • No worries at all. Appreciate the input! My answers are all based on my experience. If you have a better way to do it, I wouldn’t mind if you share your thoughts. 😊

  11. Giancarlo Valdivia Reply

    Good day ma’am! Nice itinerary! 😊 Me and my girlfriend will be going to Cebu on September. We’re planning to follow your itinerary for our vacation. May we know your accomodations for the entire trip and how much it costed you? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Giancarlo,

      Day 1 no acco cause we spent the night in the road
      Day 2 was in some love motel.in cebu city but you can check out Sugbutel. Rate starts at P500
      Day 3 – 4 Harold’s Mansion 250 dorm room

      • For first-time Cebu visitors, the best location to make your base is in Fuente Osmena area where most major attractions and malls/nightlife destinations are just one ride away by cheap PUJ.

    • Hi if you need a hassle free tour you can try Aree travel & Tours , we customized affordable tour package.

  12. There are really lots of beautiful places in Cebu to visit. Surely tell this to my friends. Sounds like cheap and many adventurers/ordinary people can afford it.

  13. hi maam! pwede ko ba malaman pano yung ginawa nyong transportation going to manjuyod island from oslob, thanks and from bais city back to cebu

    • Hi Paul.

      From Oslob, ride a bus to liloan port then ride a ferry to sibulan. Once in sibulan ride a bus going to bais city. Once in bais, ride a trike going to the port. Hire a boat going to Manjuyod. You can go take the same route backwards to go back to Cebu or you can ride a ferry or a bus from Dumaguete going to Cebu.

      • Baka may sched po kayo ng ferry pwede mahinge? Tsaka yung mga boat po ba dun. Anytime? I mean walang timelimit pagpunta sa sandbar? And madami ba silang bangka sun o kelangan magpareserve. TIA.

        • Marami silang bangka na pwde mo ihire and yes anytime pwede as long as maganda panahon. As for ferry schedule. Try to check na lng po 2GO’s website.

  14. Joyce anne trujillo Reply

    Hi can you suggest a budget friendly itinerary for me. This is my first time i will go to cebu. We are staying in movenpick hotel and also our travel time will be MNL-CEB 0550-0715PM and CEB MNL 0120-0215am. Your suggestion is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Godbless and takecare.

  15. Hi! Thank you so much for your blog. I just have some questions. I’ll be staying in Cebu for 4 days, and on my 3rd day I plan to go to Kawasan falls and also do canyoneering (by the way I’m all by myself haha). Is it possible to do canyoneering + osmeña peak on a day tour? Thanks!

    • Hi CJ. Yes. Both can be done in a day. Do Kawasan first. Then sunset in Osmeña Peak.

      • Would you know if the place (near kawasan or somewhere) offers habal habal going to Osmeña Peak?

        • Yes there are habal habal outside of kawasan falls that you can hire to take you to osmeña peak

      • Hi Keza, we’ll only have 3 full days. Can you suggest an itinerary for this? and cheap accommodation for us to stay?
        Thank you and God bless.

  16. Hi, we are planning to go back to Cebu and we will be going south this time.our plan is to go to kawasan, oslob, and simala, what other ite can u suggest? where we go first?

    • Don’t miss out on the waterfalls in Samboan and Guillan. Also check out Sumilon Island. If you have plenty of time, I suggest to spend a day or 2 in Moalboal. 🙂

  17. Mariah Stephanie Juquiana Reply

    Hello Keza. I contacted Kuya Junjun for the Bantayan Island tours and said saw him recommended by someone thru blog. Sabihin ko daw po na thank you sa inyo ☺ I’ll be seeing him next week.

    Thanks for your blog too! ☺ very helpful and informative!

  18. Jeason F Dalugdog Reply

    Hi Ms Keza! Good day po.. Me and my wife will go to cebu this april and that will be 4 whole days.. Can you suggest an itinerary for us that we can follow since it’s our first time in cebu.. If possible including canyoneering, sumilon and best beach to stay.. If possible din po mapuntahan ang bantayan island. Thanks po.. 🙂

    • Hi Jeason.

      Day 1: Canyoneering then go to Sumilon Island after to spend the rest of the day
      Day 2: Explore Sumilon Island and leave for Cebu City at 4Pm to catch first trip to Bantayan Island.
      Day 3: Explore Bantayan Island
      Day 4: Take the first trip back to the city and do city tour for the rest of the hours before your flight.

      Best beaches would be in Sta. Fe Bantayan Island. You can also try Kota Beach.

  19. Kristine Joyce Reply

    Hi Ms. Keza! Ang useful ng blog niyo! 🙂 Tanong ko lang po, saan po kayo sumakay ng ferry papuntang Santa Fe Bantayan? Bakit 110 lang ang fare? Kasi 180 po ang fare sa mga nabasa kong other blogs. Baka may other way pa pala. Thanks!

  20. Paano po naging P110 lang ang fare niyo sa ferry papuntang Bantayan? Ano sinakyan niyo? Thanks

  21. Hello! Thank you so much for your post! I just have one question. I’m a bit stressed out in finding an accommodation because it seems like Badian and Oslob are far from each other. Can you recommend a place to stay? Here is my ITI draft:

    Day 1- Canyoneering
    Day 2- Whale Shark watching then explore the place with habal habal
    Day 3- Siquijor
    Day 4- Go back to Cebu City

    Im a bit confused on where we will check in during our Day 1 and 2. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I suggest you travel to Oslob after canyoneering in Badian and stay in New Village Lodge for 2 nights. Then early morning on your 3rd day, catch the ferry to Dumaguete to catch the ferry to Siquijor at 9am

  22. Hi Ms. Keza, I am thinking if we can do this itinerary : From bohol day tour back to cebu then go to bantayan on the same day,is it possible?
    Do you know the schedule of the ferry going to the Bantayan? Is it 24 hours?or what time is their latest and earliest time of travel?

  23. thanks ms. keza ask ko Lang Kung Saan pwede mag stay sa oslob kc doon Kami mag overnight. pati na rin sa dumaguete
    thank you in advance

    • Kung sa Oslob, you can stay sa New Village Lodge tapos in Dumaguete, you can stay sa Harold’s Mansion. May mga backpaking dorms kasi sila na 250 lang at may breakfast na.

  24. hello Miss Keza I find your blog very informative and we like to make our own. we are planning to go to Bohol and Cebu this March and here are our iterinary
    day 1 arrival Bohol 7:25am after country aide for we head to dumaguete
    Day 2 dumaguete – bais for manjuyod sandbar
    Day 3 Dumaguete to Oslob
    Day 4 city tour in Cebu (last day) departure 9pm

    any suggestions to make this tour possible?? thank you

    • Stick to your itinerary and know the trip schedule of Ferry from Bohol to Dumaguete. Other than that you’re good to go! 🙂

  25. Hello! can you give me details on how to go to Sumilon Island (DIY) – Tumalog -Agunid Falls coming from Cebu City? Thank you in advance Ma. Keza! 😊

    • Hi, you just have to ride a bus bound for Oslob at Cebu’s south bus station. You may choose to alight in Oslob whaleshark watching area or in front of brumini resort for Sumilon Island. To tour to the waterfalls, you can simply hire a motorcycle.

  26. Hi Keza. 🙂 When you say Cebu City Tour on day1, what are the places it does include? Thank you!

  27. hi! i’m planning to follow your itinerary as i find it very informative specially for a beginner like me. i just want to clear, do the persons to contact llike kuya junjun, especially kuya marvin tenajora, are they motortryke drivers/tour guide or just drivers that can be rent to tour around? is that the ‘çebu tour’ in yout day 1? thank you so much

    • Hi Matsuri, Kuya Marvin is a driver who you can hire to drive you around in Cebu City. I suggest you don’t contact kuya junjun. Just get to Bantayan Island and hire your driver there

  28. Marivel Kaye Hizon Reply

    Hi! We’ll only have 4 full days. Can you suggest an itinerary for this? Thank you!

    • Hi Marivel I suggest the following
      Day 1 cebu city tour
      Day 2 canyoneering in badian & Kawasan falls + sunset osmeña peak
      Day 3 Oslob – whaleshark, tumalog Falls + Sumilon Island
      Day 4 Moalboal Island hopping Pescador Island + Sardine run

      • Marivel Kaye Hizon Reply

        Thanks Keza! But do you think we can add manjuyod sand bar in our tour? Thanks in advance!

        • If you want a day in Manjuyod sandbar then you would need to omit one in the itinerary i initially suggested.

      • Janine Mae Alvior Reply

        Hi Miss Keza its Me again.
        We have a plan B for our itinerary. Im not sure if its a good idea to cancel dumaguete and go to Bohol instead.

        here is our Itinerary:

        March 27- Arrival @ 7:05am
        Go to Bohol and be back in cebu around 6:00pm?
        Go to Bantayan

        March 28-Bantayan
        Check in Cebu City

        March 29- Sumilon island and Tumalog falls and Osmena peak
        Check in (?)

        March 30- kawasan Falls (Canyoneering)
        Check in Cebu City

        March 31 City Tour

      • Janine Mae Alvior Reply

        Do you have any idea if how much does it cost for country side? 🙂

        • You’ll do better to do DIY. My friends did it on their recent trip their. Based on my research before, it should take you back 1600/pax for the countryside tour and that includes transpo, entrance fee. not sure with the food.

    • I suggest you experience what the South can offer. Go on a city tour then do canyoneering in Badian. After that, spend a day in Moalboal.

  29. Hi Ma’am, me and my gf are are also planning to visit bantayan Island this March. I would like to ask if you have any contact person for island hopping? Or Kuya Junjun will fix for all those activities in the itenerary for you? or is he just a travel guide or driver for transpo? 🙂

  30. Hi Keza. I got a little bit confused in your blog on how did you guys get from Oslob to Manjuyod Sand Bar? Can you please specify. Thank you

    • Hi Jasfer,

      We took a trike to Liloan Port after our tour in Oslob then road a ferry boat to Sibulan Port. In Sibulan port, we rode a bus going to Bais. From bais hired a tricycle to The port. Then hired a boat to Manjuyod sandbar. And voila! We were already in Manjuyod Sandbar. Sorry for the limited info on this post. Still working on the separate Manjuyod Sandbar Travel Guide. 😊

  31. Super love your blog! I am traveling to Cebu later for 5 days also. And, i think im going on a quick side trip to Majuyod. Thank you for writing this wonderful blog!

  32. Hi Ms Keza, Thank you for this…such a great help.
    My team are going to Manjuyod Sandbar this April via Cebu. Our scheduled departure at Cebu is at 3AM, Is it possible to still catch up with the Sand Bar and Dolphin Watching?
    or after the Manjuyod trip in an afternoon, can we still catch up the last trip for ferry and bus going back to Cebu?

    • Yes. You can still do the sandbar and dolphins and still has plenty of time to make it to the trip back.to Cebu

  33. Hi Again Madam, do you suggest to stay in bantayan for over night before heading to oslob ? 🙂

    • If your time isn’t limited then you can but if you’re like us then you should spend sleeping on the road.

  34. Hey, where did you stayed? Nagstay lang ba kayo in one hotel? or different ones depending sa location?

    • Hey Ash,

      We were in different inns and budget hostels for each day since we only alloted a day for each destination on our itinerary.

  35. Madam! Pano po kau nakapunta from Cebu to Dumaguete? how much po ung way na yun? at ung oras nung mga ferry(?) papunta ng Dumaguete at pabalik ng Cebu? TIA! 🙂

    • Hi Pat. We took the bus. First we headed to south cebu then took the ferry in Liloan port. Kung gusto mo ferry from cebu to dumaguete, mas mapapamahal ka and mas mahaba travel time. Kindly check na lang po 2GO’s website for schedules para maplan mo maigi itinerary mo. Good luck. 😊

      • HiMs. Keza, we will be in Cebu on March (Lastweek). We will be using the itinerary you wrote 🙂 I would like to ask if how much is the farefor the ferry going to dumaguete? Thank you.

  36. Hello po. San ba pwede mka stay sa city tlaga na mura lang tapos may internet connection. Thank you po! 🙂

  37. Incomplete po ung contact number ng city tour niyo po sa cebu 🙁
    hopefully you can email me thru iamastudentatwork@gmail. need ko lang po for our trip this next year

      • Hi Ms. Keza! Were coming to Cebu this Feb and first timer po kami. Please help us for the updated contact number ng city tour nyo ms. keza, this will mean a lot. candy_crusis@yahoo.com. Hope to receive your email soonest.
        Thank you!

        • Hi Candy, 

          That’s the only number I have po for my contact in Cebu. I will try to indicate another number for better options po soon.  😊

  38. Hi!! i would like to know san po kayo nka kuha ng Cebu tour for only 800.00?? ung sa 1st day itinerary niyo po?

    • Please contact the number indicated on my day 1 cebu tour. He’s a motorcyle driver. He charges 800 for a daytour for 2 people and 600 if you are alone.

  39. Hi,

    My bestie and i will go to cebu in 3 weeks time. What other places (south cebu) can you add aside from the ones you have mentioned above and do you have a contact to the Harold’s mansion or can you suggest any hotel where we can stay?

  40. Hi..
    Just want to know about your sumilon Island. What time did you spent in the sumilon island!? And the waterfalls tour.!? We’re planning to do whale watching in the morning then waterfalls tour in Oslob,. Just want to know your itinerary and the hours you consume in urine Oslob tour.. Tnx.

    • Hi Richel!

      We were in Sumilon Island in the morning at 8am but it was still high tide. Water rised to the waist. Best time to go to Sumilon Island would be during the lowtide hours which local say is at 3PM.

      What you can do is go on whaleshark watching first at 7AM, chase waterfalls then do Sumilon Island at 3PM. There would be less people during those time as well.

      I will be writing a detailed iti for our Oslob tour soon too so just watch out for it.

      Ayt. Hope this helps

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