Article Headline: CUATRO ISLAS: DIY Budget Travel Guide + Itinerary & Useful Tips Article Description: CUATRO ISLAS - Uncover the secrets of these four islands in Inopacan Leyte with the help of this DIY Budget Travel Guide. Published Date: Sep 3, 2017 Modified Date: Sep 3, 2017 Image URL:

Hi There!

Watashi no namae wa Kezu desu!

“A wanna be. Wanna do everything kind of badass”


Hmm. I’m wondering what I should tell you since I really don’t wanna oversell myself. Let’s see.. Just like any other girl, I’m just ordinary. I love to travel, take photos, share stories and write. I’m an anime otaku and my favorite country is Japan although I haven’t been there yet. I have a 9 by 5 job but I hope to travel full time someday. And I’m also a blabbermouth since birth. Me blogging and writing stuff online is just some sort of therapy so I don’t get myself in trouble. You know, me and my big mouth. Lol

Hey Guys! Care to share me your thoughts? 👇👇👇

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