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DARANAK & BATLAG FALLS: A Taste of Paradise Near the Bustling City Life

I wouldn’t have thought that a place as magnificent as Daranak Falls can be found in Tanay, Rizal if I weren’t browsing the internet. Moreover, I wouldn’t even know that in the town not far from the busy life of Metro Manila, a lot is to be seen. This town may not be known for famous white sand beaches which are favorites among tourists but they sure have a lot of other things to boast for and one of them is Daranak Falls.

Daranak Falls in Tanay Rizal

If you are looking for ways to be one with nature, then this is the place to be. Most people don’t realize that being one with nature is one effective way to destress and shake all of the turmoil and negativity off the body. This also gives you the chance to reflect and contemplate and freshen up your perspectives.

Daranak Falls is just the perfect place for a peaceful nature trip. The tranquility of the place offers incomparable solace. The sound of the waters relentlessly pouring down, the chirping of the birds and the wind blowing by is like nature’s own composition of a sweet, sweet ballad inviting the soul to relish environment and just be lost in time.

If you can’t get enough of the taste of paradise, Batlag Falls is waiting for you few aching climbs from Daranak Falls.

Batlag Falls Travel Guide

Several steps up the hills from Daranak Falls lies Batlag Falls. This amazing waterfall is another reason why you people should visit Tanay, Rizal very soon. It is beautiful as it is mystical. If what you want is solitude and a place to yourself, then this is the place to be.


  • Batlag Falls is situated the same area as Daranak Falls and it’s within the same vicinity but to be permitted to go to the falls, another 100php entrance fee would be needed for adults and 50php for kids.
  • Batlag Falls is less crowded than Daranak Falls but the amenities and the entire surrounding is less maintained. There were trashes all over the place. Toilets and baths are not so well managed.

CALINAWAN CAVE: Nature and History in One Adventure Filled Weekend

The history of Calinawan Cave dates back during the World War 2 as this was said to have been used by the Guerrilla warriors as hideout against their enemy, the Japanese. Here became clear the aspirations and hopes of our ancestors and here dawned to them the realization to fight for freedom against the oppression of the foreign conqueror, hence the name “Kalinawan”. Nowadays, Calinawan cave is famous for being a filming spot for both local and international movies.


  • To visit the place during weekdays as the place gets a bit too crowded during weekends and holidays.
  • To visit the place with the purpose of harmoniously blending in with nature and not to just loiter around and cause trouble.
  • To avoid activities that may be distraction to others.
  • To keep the area clean. Carry with you your trashes when you leave and properly dispose them in designated garbage bins.
  • To maintain the beauty of the waterfall and its surroundings.

CALINAWAN CAVE: Nature and History In One Fun Adventure


  1. There are series of passenger vans lined up in front of Starmall Mandaluyong, near Shaw Boulevard MRT station. Board the one bound for Tanay and get off at Tanay church or the main terminal or Tanay Supermarket which is the final drop off point. Fare is 70php.
  2. There are also passenger jeeps in Cubao, Quezon City which are bound for Antipolo, Rizal. From Aurora Blvd., Cubao (in front of Gateway Mall), ride an FX/jeep to Antipolo. Fare approximately 30php – 40php. From Antipolo, board a passenger jeep bound for Tanay. Fare is approximately 20php – 30php.
  3. At Tanay Supermarket, hire a trike that will take you to places around the town. Standard fare is 150php for Daranak Falls/Batlag Falls. They seem to be pricey so it’s best to plan your itinerary to cover all of the places you wanna go to without spending so much. 400php seems to be a fare price if you plan to go to Calinawan cave, the Parola and Daranak Falls but that depend on the driver you are talking to.



Entrance Fee:

Cottage/Picnic Hut/Picnic Table:

Tour Guide Fee:

SUMMARY OF EXPENSES (Waterfalls | Caving | Site seeing)

  • RT Fare Tanay-Manila – P150
  • Tricycle @ P400 – P80
  • Food – P100
  • Entrance Fees – P170
  • Tour Guide Fee @P100 – P20

Total Expenses per person – P510 for a group of 5.


  • Extra clothes
  • Flashlights
  • Packed Food
  • Bottled water
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Slippers
  • Rubbish bag


0600 Meet up Star Mall Shaw Blvd
0630 ETD Tanay Rizal
0830 ETA Tanay Rizal Supermarket/Terminal
0900 Start Tour
0930 Daranak Falls
1030 Batlag Falls
1200 Lunch
1300 Grotto
1430 Calinawan Cave
1600 Tanay Church
1700 Sunset viewing in Parola
1800 Head back to Manila
2100 ETA Manila

There you go lovely people. I hope this will help you in planning your visit to the amazing Tanay Rizal. For inquiries, feel free to leave me a comment. Until next time. See yah 🙂


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  1. Hi is there a lot of walking, climbing or treking to do in daranak and batlag falls?

    • Hi Grace. Nope po. To get to Daranak Falls, you only have to hire a trike and get to the entrance of the park. Once there, you only have to cross the bridge and do some minimal walking to see Daranak Falls. To get to Batlag Falls however, you may need to cross another bridge. Pay another P100. Climb another hundred set of steps and then descend another hundred, walk a little and cross some small streams that would probably take you another 20 minutes.

  2. Hi! would like to ask if the tricycle is service for the whole day like service pa cave, pa daranak, pa batlag and parola or windmill? and the rate is 400 good for 5pax? please beep me back co’z my friend and i planning to get away this weekend. Thank you!

    • It’s only for Daranak-Batlag Falls plus Calinawan cave and Parola. The windmill is kind of far so they might ask for more.

  3. Hi, how much will the fare from Regina Rica to Daranak falls ? Pag labas po bang simbahan may masasakyan na ? Thanks

    • Hi. Sorry. Unfortunately Regina Rica wasnt part of our tour then so I cant really say for sure. ☹️

  4. Hi po ask ko lang po pagbaba mismo ng tricycle meron na pong tour guide dun?

    • Hi, are you asking po ba about Calinawan Cave? Yes po, pagkababa nyo ng trike, yung tour guide sa cave and sasalubong sa inyo or mismong yung trike driver and maghahanap ng guide dun para iassist kayo. For Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls, no need na po to hire a tour guide.

    • although i have enough swimming lessons. unexpected events., but would like to thanks a lot for the alertness of every lifeguard and daranak falls especially to last named Mr. Dela Cruz during i was suffering from being
      nearly drowned when my legs suffering from spasm.
      in the middle of very deep falls. I was happy when I swim that day of mar. 18, 2017
      and I especially enjoy the swim swim swim as long as I want to rent me a life vest

  5. carlos mallari Reply

    Question lang po.. Tricycle fare is how many person po? 400php ilan po?

  6. yun po bang 400 sa will take take you to and from those places? Thanks!

      • Hi,

        Yung sa Daranak and Batlag di naman need mag rent ng cottage eh baka kasi ako lng mag isa kaya kahit di mag stay ng matagal sa falls. Magkano din kaya magagasto pag mag isa lang?

  7. hepful blog thankie for posting it..me and my squad will be here on 18th kinda exited 🙂

  8. hello po ask ko lng po kung merong overnight sa batlag falls salamat po sa tutugon..

    • Hi Jay as to what I can remember, day tour lang po for both daranak and batlag falls.

  9. angelika may palaganas Reply

    sino po kaya pwedeng ma contact? we want to conduct an interview po kasi sana para sa case study namin

    • Hi Angelika. I dont have any contact info sorry. Try to check my Mt. Daraitan post. I have posted a number for Tanay tourism office there.

  10. ilang mins from jum off to daranak falls?? from daranak falls to batlag falls?? and ung calinawan cave ilang minutes??

    • By jumpoff you mean sa Jollibee Tanay? To Daranak Falls, 30 minutes tricycle. From parking area just walk 2 minutes then Falls na. From Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls is 10 minutes of walk. From the Falls naman, Calinawan Cave is 20 minutes tricycle.

  11. Yung 400 na tricycle po ba eh kasama na dun yung sa parola ?

  12. Hi, what if we go by car? Is there a safe parking space for our car there?

    • Hi Glaiza. I don’t arrange tours unfortunately but if you are not that excited to visit this place, I might organize a DIY tour for Tanay in July or August and you can just join us.

  13. Hi Mam, I nice read blog of yours. May I know if it is good to go first on calinawan cave rather than on falls? Thanks

    • Hi Jp. Yes. It’s more convenient since after spelunking, you can just relax in the falls. 🙂

  14. Hi Mam.. By any chance my contact ka po na guide sa calinawan.. ung guide po na 100 is that per person po o per guide??

    • Hi Vhannie. Sorry til now wala pa po e. Pero you hve nothing to worry about when u go there kasi iisang pamilya lang ang nagmamanagae ng Calinawan Cave. The 100 guide fee is per guide po yun..

  15. Hi, if possible, could you please give me the route we could use going to the different places in Tanay that you mentioned? We’ll be bringing a van. Most of the blogs I’ve read mentioned ways to commute only. Thanks. 🙂

  16. herald g. corpus Reply

    nice! great job mam! keep it up! more at Salamats sa info…

  17. From Camp Capinpin or National Training Schools for boys ano po kayang pinakamurang sakyan going to daranak falls.

    • Hi Irene. Sa labas lang may mga tricycle na dun or you can ask your trike driver to wait for you.

  18. Bianca Recalde Reply

    Gaano po katagal yung tour sa Calinawan Cave? Thank you po!

    • Hi Bianca. Yung exploration sa loob ng cave pag dun lang sa easy part may 30-45 minutes. Depende sa inyo. Yung mahirap na part required ang advance spelunking skills. 😊

    • Hi Anne. Batlag Falls is less visited than Daranak Falls so yung mga nagtitinda nandun lang sa may bandang baba sa Daranak Falls

  19. Thank you keza m. for this blog! This will definitely help us on how to enjoy our summer getaway. Also, what will be the best to book a tour or go there plainly and commute with barkadas? Thanks.

    • Hi Dian. Im a DIY kind of traveller so I would suggest too that you do it on your own. It is a lot more exciting. Have fun!

  20. Good Day po, We’re planning to visit here but we will come from Regina Rica.. do they offer Life Vest rental here? thanks

    • Hi Randy. Nope it isn’t. If you wish to camp out, try going to Tinipak River after.

  21. Hi. What a good read! Kudos! 😉
    Just got one question, 24hrs ba ang vans bound to Tanay from Starmall EDSA? If they’re not, what time is the first and the last trip? We are coming from Bulacan and we expect to arrive in Tanay at around 5am or earlier since we plan to clim Mt. Daraitan first before having these falls, so I think the availability of the van at around 12mn or 1am is very crucial to us. Thank you very much, hope to hear from you the soonest as we plan to go there this coming Saturday. God bless you! 🙂

    • Hi Jet. There is someone looking after the tourists in Daransk Falls but I doubt in Batlag Falls.. Ang pool ng Daranak is malalim if you are not s strong swimmer or a swimmer at all then better rent salbabida.. Enjoy din naman e safe pa. 😊

    • Your tricycle driver would serve as your tour guide. If you are to visit Daranak and Batlag Falls, no guide needed. Only in Calinawan would the guide be needed who will be available at the site.. 🙂

      • 1) Is it safe for a solo traveller to go to Calinawan Cave?
        2) Would that be more convenient to bring a motorbike?

        • Hi yam. Yes it is safe. If you are good at driving a motorbike why not. Anyways the roads there now have improved. I was just in Tanay last Saturday and i saw great improvments made on their roads going to tourists spots! But whichever you choose you take care. Have fun

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