Nueva Vizcaya



Name: Mt. Ugo
Jump-Off: Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya
Exit Point: Brgy. Tinongdan Itogon, Benguet
Elevation: 2150+ MASL
Difficulty: 5/9 (Pinoy Mountaineer)
Features: Pine Forest. Highland rice paddies and villages. Marvelous view of the Cordilleras.

Mt. Ugo has a very rich history which even dates back to the Spanish era that one will find totally insightful. According to our guide, the word “Ugo” was derived from a native term which means beheading someone. It was said that the native people living in the mountains in the effort to defend their lands used to take their Spanish and American captives to Mt. Ugo to behead them. Now that I think about it! Isn’t it creepy? Bet thoughts of beheaded zombies running after you on a dark stormy night within the vastness of Mt. Ugo flooded your mind instantly upon learning about this like I did! Or… Am I all alone in this? 😀 But anyways thoughts of those horrible things (ever you had one) will simply vanish in the air once you get to marvel at the breathtaking pine infused scenery while trekking through the trails from Kayapa to the summit and down Itogon.

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