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The Philippines has 81 interesting provinces up its sleeves that are set to entertain you with tons of different cultures and traditions remarkable sites, awe-inspiring beaches of white sugary sands and historical landmarks. Read on to some of my latest adventures and discover why our land is currently the world's top tourists' destination.


With this stunning archipelago boasting of more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is not one to stay behind when we talk about world class beaches as it is the very reason why this country is called a paradise.. True indeed.



Just recently hiking has become the topmost outdoor adventure and recreational past time for the millennial Filipinos. While this have caused quite a stir over the mountaineering community with veteran hikers questioning the newbies whom they fondly termed as "Facebook Mountaineers" about their motives of being involved in this sport, the fact that PhMountains is one of nature's greatest creations remains undisputed which perhaps is the culprit to the recent hiking boom.


Chasing waterfalls is no fun without the Filipino touch. With this land of promise surrounded by thousands of towering peaks, it is not a surprise to bump into these jewels concealed beneath the lush mountain rain forests. Another beguiling surprise mountains have in store to the adventurous ones is the abundance of pristine lakes and rivers tucked within the vastness of the wilderness.

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