The Philippines is consist of 81 different provinces each having its fair share of rich culture, traditions and all the wonderful things that can only be found within the world's 2nd biggest archipelago. I've been to 20 of them and I still have 61 more to go. Join me as I journey to set afoot to all 81 provinces and experience the delights each of them have to offer.



The province of Aklan is home to not only the world's famous tropical paradise that is Boracay but also to a diverse culture and rich history. Experience nature, amazing traditions and fun festivals in Aklan and discover more surprises beyond the fine white sands of Boracay Island. 





Bataan is another beautiful province near the bustling capital that boasts not just an impeccable traces of our history and culture but is home to stunning beaches and formidable mountains as well.






Unspoiled white sand beaches. Pristine islands. Magnificent mountains. Spectacular volcano. Beautiful Lakes. Name it. The province of Batangas has it covered for you. All that in just 2 hours scenic drive from Manila. Isn't it sweet?






The summer capital. Playground of the gods. Sea of clouds. Pine scented air. The coldest weather all year round. Strawberries! If that's what you are looking for then all you need to do is drive 4 hours north to the province of Benguet. And oh! Did I mention cherry blossoms?






Venture into the off-beaten paths and discover one of the richest natural resources The Philippines has to offer. From unspoiled islands to verdant mountains, Biliran has it all.








Along with the rarely spoken province up North, Cagayan has one too many treasures that is sure to blow your mind away. Tucked within this province are white sand beaches that could rival those in Boracay and Palawan







Home to the only island that could rival Boracay's charm is Camarines Norte. As part of the beautiful Bicol Region, this province sure is really promising.








Camiguin is an Island Province located northeast of Mindanao. Dubbed as the island born of fire as it is home to many active volcanoes including Mt. Hibok-Hibok, this little island has many things to offer. Here found one of the country's beautiful sandbars and arguably the most exotic dive spot, the Sunken Cemetery. 





Cavite is the quickest respite for city junkies who are in need of a break from the hustle and pollution of Metro Manila. A two hour drive will lead to Tagaytay and its cool refreshing air, wide arrays of great eats and a handful of luxe resorts. Also in this province lies the magnificent Mt. Palay Palay and Mataas na Gulod Range which have been a playground to the adventure junkies and a bunch of hopeful rookie mountaineers.





Dubbed as the Queen Of The South, Cebu definitely has a myriad of things to offer. From stunning islands, rich marine resources, verdant mountains to amazingl natural wonders. This province will never bore you no matter and will get you excited each and every time.









Home to the remarkable rice terraces, this part of The Philippines definitely showcase the rich culture of our ancestors. They embody the very essence of being a true Filipino.









Ilocos Norte is haven to the adventurous spirits up north. Great winds, beautiful white sand beaches, amazing rock formations and century old work of architecture are some of the things this awesome province boasts of. 









Ilocos Sur has one of the richest history which has endured despite the ever changing world. One can literally travel back in time just by walking along the coblestone streets of Calle Crisologo lined with colonial houses from the Spanish era. Vigan, the city with well preserved pieces of classic architecture is this province's most precious treasure.





The province of Laguna is the kind that would never cease to amaze you and leave you in so much awe every single time. Pristine waterfalls, hidden lakes, towering mountains and everything we might have never heard of are the things which made Laguna the province that doesn't seem to run out of delightful surprises.





Endless chasing of waterfalls? Iligan, Lanao del Norte's premiere city already has 21. Pretty sure there's still plenty of these undiscovered, less spoken of jewels around the province.






Leyte is another rarely spoken jewel within the heart of the Visayas region that definitely deserve a slot on your bucket list. It boast of immeasurable natural resources from virgin islands, marine sanctuaries and stunning waterfalls.








Another precious jewel in Southern Luzon which is home to some of the best unspoiled islands in the country. It also is famous for its annual Moriones Festival which commemorates the life and death of Jesus Christ.






Cagayan De Oro put Misamis Oriental on the map when it became the country's whitewater rafting capital. But beyond the sport that has drawn countless numbers of adrenaline junkies, white sand beaches, waterfalls and natural springs are among other things this province carefully tucked up its sleeves.





Sea turtles. Dolphins. Pristine lakes. Amazing waterfalls. Exquisite tropical paradise. The list can be endless if you would ask me what's great about the province that is home to the motor city of the country and one of the prestige Universities of the land that is Siliman.






This province has recently came out and stolen the spotlight. Home to the grand mosque, diverse culture, sumptuous food and some amazing natural wonders, North Cotabato is far from the battle ground it has been long time ago.







I have yet to fully grasp the wonders of the beautiful province of Nueva Vizcaya. But hiking in the pine infused trails of Mt. Ugo showed me that it is quite promising and worthy of another visit.







Voted as the world's number island, Palawan is an absolute paradise. You can never really go wrong anywhere you choose to visit in the province that has so much wealth to offer. I don't really wanna say anything more but to just pack your bags and fly your way there. You won't regret it. I promise.





Pangasinan is one of the most overlooked provinces up north but definitely not the kind to stay behind and let the others steal the spotlight without a fight. Home to the world famous Hundred Islands in Alaminos, this province has plenty of delightful surprises awaiting to be discovered.





Quezon province is most celebrated during the month of May for its Pahiyas Festival but it has myriads of other delights to offer beyond the colorful festivity it is famous for. Surprisingly, Quezon is home to some of the untouched jewels of the Philippines perfect for anyone who seeks that ever coveted serenity.





Rizal is probably the province closest to the busy capital but an hour ride to its nearest town surely will offer you surprises bet you didn't think existed. Home to the  Sierra Madre, Rizal is a playground for the thrill seeking adventurers and nature lovers with its beautiful towering peaks, charming waterfalls and pristine rivers.




Another province in Mindanao that is home to the rich culture of the indigenous tribes such as the T'boli. It also boasts of abundant natural resources, Lake Holon for instance.









Surigao Del Sur made headlines when an Enchanted River found in its sleepy town of Hinatuan made the internet world crazy. Turns out the Enchanted River is just the beginning as the province is full of hidden jewels waiting to be discovered.





Zambales is fronted by the West Philippines Sea which is why it is not a wonder why the province is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 




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