This wonderful country in East Asia tells quite a fascinating story. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the ancient town of Hoi An down to the tunnels of Ho Chi Minh, its every corner promises an adventure of a lifetime. From the locals with their warmest smiles to the ancient pieces of architecture around, a time in Vietnam is one not wasted. And did I mention the food? 









I just went on my first out of the country solo backpacking adventure in Vietnam during the last week of March this year (2016) and I must say I'm pretty impressed about this once unfamiliar land. I didn't have the slightest regret in choosing Vietnam over several other note worthy choices. What made the trip even better is the fulfillment it gave me through tons of interesting sites, insightful learning and wonderful experiences without having to break the bank. Find out how I managed to spend less than P12,000 (US$260) with the 7 days I was in Vietnam. 


Read About My 7-Day Adventure And Let Me Know What You Think


I haven't started writing yet about each of the places I had visited but I surely would update this here very soon. For now I can only entertain you with stunning photos.

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