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I would never ever forget the first time my eyes set sight of the coastlines in Pagudpud while I was on the way to Hannah’s Beach. The feeling of waiting for the right time to jump off the bus was excruciating as the sight I beheld was so inviting it made me so excited to see what else was out there. Minutes turned to hours and hours to days and I became more impatient that the second the bus stopped and I was given my cue, I was gone.

Tourist spots in Pagudpud

I marveled at the beauty of Maira Ira cove. That made me realize why it is more known as the Blue Lagoon. I thought as I was obliviously looking at it in awe that I haven’t seen such a beauty before. The waves were unforgiving but the turquoise water remained so clear and pristine against the powdery white sand. I stood still and stared at it as if I was alone and nobody else was around but the truth is that there were a lot of people of different color and race flocked in the beach. I would have loved to discover this paradise when it was still unexploited and unspoiled but I still love the way it is now.

Maira Ira cove as enchanting as it is holds several myths and legends. This made it all the more interesting. Among them are the mysteries of Dos Hemanos, Bantay Abot Cave and Timmantang Rock.

Dos Hermanos

DOS HERMANOS refers to two small islands at the northernmost part of Maira Ira Point. During low tides, the islands are reachable by foot. Legend says that these islands are two loyal brothers who swore that they would never fall apart and would always be together. They died when they were caught up in a storm while fishing in the sea. Their bodies were never found but after sometime, two little islands emerged from the sea and was believed to have been the two brothers.

Tourist spots in Pagudpud

BANTAY ABOT CAVE derived its name to two Ilocano words “bantay”  for mountain and “abot” for hole that is used to refer to it as a mountain hole. Technically speaking, it is in no way a mountain but more of a cave. From afar, this little rock formation looks like a needle -with the cave’s hole as the hole of the needle. In Bantay Abot, one can behold the awe-inspiring view of the Blue Lagoon ever so beautiful through the hole. Some people say that Bantay Abot is the other half of the lover’s rock for reason that got me thinking why until my mind got tired and could think no more.

Tourists spots in Pagudpud

TIMMANTANG ROCK is the other half of the legendary Lover’s Rock. This bell-shaped structure is just a few meters away from Bantay Abot and was said to have been part of it once. Some say that it was just a small rock before which came rolling down the mountains and grew bigger as the time goes by. This rock is covered by grass and one would think if this is really detached from the ground as it sits awkwardly in the shores welcoming the roaring waves as they come to it relentlessly.

No matter what we choose, whether to believe the myths that molded the existence of these wonderful structures or not, one thing stands true, that Maira Ira cove or the Blue Lagoon, whatever we wanna call it, is such a jewel ever so precious the people of Pagudpud is so blessed to wake up every morning able to behold its beauty and marvel at the allure that it endows.

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  1. This Maira Ira cove looks less populated. Im looking for a nice quiet pitstop in Pagudpud. Would you recommend this?

    • KezaMarie

      Of Course I definitely would. You have plenty of accommodations to choose from within the area. If you like travelling grand, Hannah’s Beach Resort would be the place. But if you like budget friendly escape then you can choose from the other inexpensive resorts there or you can try the homestays. Plenty of activities and places to visit too. Hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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