Warning: This very long post consists of more than 5000 words which I assure is worth reading until the very end. 😊


Travelling to other countries has been a long time dream for me. Something I had thought about since I’ve discovered my inner wanderlust. That feeling of getting lost in an utterly peculiar place in the company of strangers whose tongues speak of an entirely different language from mine has always appealed to my curiosity. It’s scary but knowing and understanding other race and their culture, learning to speak their language and discovering their history are the things that defy whatever fear holding me back from venturing into this more precarious adventure. But this dream doesn’t come easy. I’ve spent years watching opportunities slip by to give way for more urgent matters involving work and family that I didn’t get the chance to turn this dream into reality until March of 2016 when I let nothing and no one to stop me from unraveling the secrets of Vietnam!

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