Name: Mt. Pinagbanderahan (Gulugod Baboy Peak)
Elevation: 525+ MASL
Location: Anilao, Batangas
Jump Off: Brgy. Ligaya, Anilao Batangas
Difficulty: 2/9 (Pinoy Mountaineer)
Features: Marvelous view of the coastal lines of Batangas

Gulugod Baboy has been a favorite hiking destination in Batangas for a very long time. Rolling hills, sprawling grasslands and an unobstructed 360 view of the coastal waters that surround the province are reasons why hikers find this mountain too irresistible. Frequented by seasoned mountaineers and a great beginner hike for aspiring newbies, Gulugod Baboy is certainly both a worthwhile challenge and a masterpiece to behold. Diving in one of the country’s rich underwater heaven is also one of the promise to look forward to after the hike since several pebblestone beaches line at its foot and not so distant away is the stunning Sombrero Island.

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