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The thing about the Philippines having more than 7500 islands is that it never runs out of surprises! You see, I’ve already been to numerous coveted destinations in the country. El Nido and Coron for instance. I’ve seen more beautiful beaches with irresistible blue waters like the gorgeous Nacpan Beach. I’ve walked through shores of finer, powdery white sands of Calaguas and Boracay Islands but surprisingly, none has taken my breath away the way Jomalig Island had. Witnessing its beauty unfold with my very eye was so surreal that I was literally holding my breath gasping in so much awe for what seemed like several minutes trying to take it all in. Don’t get me wrong. There are more beautiful places out there but Jomalig Island’s inexplicable charm is like a spell that had instantly swept me off my feet.

Jomalig is one of the islands in the province of Quezon that’s facing the Pacific Ocean. It is situated  just under Polillo Island and is a 4-5 hours of boat ride away from Ungos Port in Real. Throughout the years, this island have stayed isolated and although it has been featured numerous times on well-known local travel websites, it perfectly shows no sign of succumbing to greed and commercialization as of yet. Famous for its long stretch of golden sandy beaches, Jomalig Island still has one too many treasures up its sleeves and the best part is, it has the warmest and friendliest locals!


  • Commute – Ride a Raymond Bus in Legarda to Real Quezon (4Hrs ; P220). Asked to be dropped of at Petron Station after entering Real. From Petron Station, ride a tricycle to Ungos/Real Port (P10). From the port, ride a boat going to Jomalig Island (5Hrs ; P400). Another option aside the regular ferryboat is Mercraft which promises a faster and more comfortable travel to and from Jomalig Island.
  • Private – Drive to Real Port following the Marikina-Infanta Hwy continuing to Ungos-Cawayan Road. Download WAZE app for further instructions.


  • Go Island Hopping – Rent a boat for P3500 which can fit up to 10 people and explore the inland attractions or the nearby islands.
  • Go On A Motorcycle Tour – No need to go far to see the best of what Jomalig Island can offer. Hire a motorcycle for P600/passenger to tour you around and see all these astounding sites found within the island.
    • Little Boracay
    • Little Batanes
    • Fish Sanctuary
    • Rock formation
    • Canaway Beach
    • Bigwangan Lake
    • Golden Sandbar
    •  Small Cave
    • Kanaway Islet
    • Mangrove Garden
  • Explore Salibungot Beach – You’ve never been to Jomalig Island if you have not explored their most popular beach, Salibungo and had your photo taken next to their ‘I LOVE JOMALIG” marker.



  • Boats going to Jomalig Island are already operational as early as 1AM but won’t leave until the minimum number of passengers is reached.
  • Get to the port as early as you can so you can secure a good spot at the top deck of the boat enabling you a comfy sleep during your travel.
  • Sometimes, boats from Real to Jomalig Island would dock and unload passengers in Salibungot Beach where visitors can simply walk to their chosen resorts. However, most of the time the docking activity is done in Landing Port. This would require visitors to hire a motorcycle to take them to their chosen resorts. Fare would range from P60-80/passenger.
  • In cases where boats can’t go ashore to load and unload passengers, a small boat is provided to transfer passengers from the ferry unto the island for a fee of P20/passenger.


  • Buy your food supplies before going to the island. Although there is a market place in the island where you could buy your supplies, they can be pricey and pretty limited.
  • Cookwares, cutlery and utensils can be borrowed from the resort.
  • Drinking water is sold by the gallon for P60.
  • Most of the resorts offer to cook meals for their visitors during their stay for a service fee of $150/meal/person. Cooking ingredients will have to be provided by the visitors.
  • If you would cook your own meal, a gas powered stove can be rented for P200-P300 depending on the number of people you will be cooking for. Coal is another alternative which you can buy along with your other supplies prior to going to the island.
  • A public market is situated nearby Ungos Port and is open as early as 4AM.


  • Fully charge your phones, camera and other gadgets and bring extra batteries since electricity is not available 24 Hrs.
  • There is reliable mobile signal in the island for both Globe and Smart Networks but can be intermittent in some areas.

DO’s & DONT’s

  • To keep the island clean, camping overnight at the beach is prohibited. Visitors are required to book their stay with accredited resorts in the island.
  • Night swimming is strictly not allowed due to the recent incident of unfortunate death caused by drowning.
  • Avoid storing your food in disposable plastic containers instead use reusable containers to lessen waste.


  • Visitors can book a room that can accommodate up to 4 people for a price of P500/night in most of the resorts in the island.
  • Entrance fee to the resorts ranges from P150-P180/head and is paid on top of the accommodation.
  • Tent space are also provided for those who wish to camp within the resort for a fee of P200-P250/tent.


For our 2D1N stay in Jomalig Island, we stayed in Banana’s Beach Resort as it was highly recommended by one of our friends who went to the island ahead of us and I got to hand it over to Tatay Say, his wife and the rest of the staffs of the resort for their kindness and superb service. For inquiries, you may call or text their mobile 0928 750 6148 | 0936 913 2132.

You may also choose from these affordable resorts in the island:

Jomaligaya Beach Resort - Situated near Salibungot Beach
Rate: Rooms - P500
Tent Space - P100/tent
Entrance Fee: P180
Contact No: 0947 891 9617
Jojomalig Beach Resort - Near the sandbar
Contact No: 0939 903 4275
Tejada Beach Resort - Also near Salibungot Beach
Rate: Rooms - Starts at P250
Contact No: 0907 537 5234
Apple's Resort
Contact No: 0910 659 7361 | 0915 799 2954


SUMMARY OF EXPENSES (10Pax via rented van)
Roundtrip van transfer @ P8000 - P800
Roundtrip boat transfer - P800
Environmental Fee - P170
Roundtrip Motorcycle Port-Resort - P120
Entrance Fee - P150
Tent Space @ P60/tent for 3 - P18
Food - P200

Total <<>> P2420

***Note that you can save more if you commute instead of renting a van.

2100 Assembly/Meet Up
2200 ETD Ungos Port Real Quezon

Day 1

0200 ETA Real Port, Quezon
0300 Board the boat
0500 ETD Jomalig Island
0900 ETA Jomalig Island
0930 Resort. Set Up Camp. Rest
1000 Inland Tour
1200 Lunch
1300 Continue Tour
1700 End Tour
1800 Dinner
1900 Socials
2200 Lights Out

Day 2

0600 Wake Up
0700 Breakfast
0800 Explore the beach
1000 Pack Up
1100 Early Lunch then head out to the port
1200 ETD Ungos Port
1700 ETA Ungos Port
1800 Dinner
2100 Home
Flashlights/Headlamps/Camping Lamps
Food And Snacks
First Aid Kit with prescribed meds
Extra Clothes

Jovelle2 (50 capacity) 0998 428 9244
LJ Kate (80 Capacity) 0919 652 0168

More of these at outoftownblog.com

Mercraft - 0928 415 6613 | 0998 597 7170


There you have it lovelies. For comments, questions, information update and suggestions, just drop them below. Until next time. See yah!

PS: I made a video of our Jomalig Island escapade. Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to share!

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