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Don’t you just love the idea of travelling back in time? Have you not wished for that illusive chance to maybe make up for your mistakes and lost opportunities in the past or to warn yourself about the future? Have you not once wondered what was it like back then when other than the birds and the clouds, nothing else would be seen dotting the blue skies. That instead of skyscrapers lighting up the night, there were billions of tiny little stars? If you have a time machine or if time travel is as simple as boarding on that plane with tickets you snagged from last year’s sale or travel expo, where would you go?


Had I been asked this question, I would have answered “The 18th Century Philippines” in a snap. And why not? Our precious homeland has so much to offer when it comes to culture, history and natural resources. It has evolved to being a melting pot of various cultures from our Western invaders to the nearby Asian territories we traded with. The Philippines was once glorified in the world and was one of the richest, according to history at least, which we all know is flawed that it all the more ignites my desire to know the truth behind the heroes and heroines our generation is looking up to today. More importantly other than unraveling the secrets of our country’s guarded past, I wanna bear witness to that time when our culture was at its most vibrant.


I don’t know if you get that same feeling of nostalgia that I get whenever I see old colonial houses and churches or if you find so much beauty in those rustic heritage villages in Lipa and Pila. It’s not just the nostalgic vibe or the intricacy of architecture that gets me every time. It’s that feeling of being taken back in the past, of having a vision of what was it like back then. I remember while walking in the cobblestone street of Calle Crisologo in Vigan when I felt like I was instantly taken 200 years back. The dimly lit streets, the sound of horse’s shoes reverberating and the faint laughter of people as seen from their windows seemed like a scene in a historic movie or book where I walk past a mansion having cheerful banquet of men and women dressed elegantly in their barong and baro’t saya. These things are just why I am glad to have known about Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar.


Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is an otherworldly resort in Bataan. It is like no other, a one of its kind. It will instantly take you back to the forgotten era of our heroes. Set in a vast property fronting the beach, the resort showcases architectural pieces from different parts of the country which were carefully assembled brick by brick. It is the perfect place to immerse in the mesmerizing time of our country’s past and simply admire the beauty and wonder of 18th century architecture. Not only that the resort is a beguiling sight but it also has a lot of things in store for your leisure and relaxation. Plus, going here doesn’t have to eat up your time. A day tour may be short of a time to take in the beauty that it is but an entire weekend would suffice for that matter and going here is fairly easy as it is just 3 hours away from Manila. One thing I have to warn you though. This treasure may not fit your usually cheap budget.


  • Private Hotel Rooms – Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar has private hotel rooms with 18th Century ambiance but has all the comforts of this modern times.
  • Private Casas – Get to know each heritage house and experience a homey staycation when you check in their private casas.
  • Authentic Restaurants – Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar boasts 3 restaurants offering authentic Filipino, Spanish and Italian cuisines that is set to fire your culinary orgasm.
  • Spa and Swimming Pool – For ultimate relaxation, there’s the Napia Spa and swimming pool.
  • The Beach – Enjoy the sun and other outdoorsy leisure in the vast shores of Bagac Beach.
  • The Game Room – Kill time and spend it playing ping-pong, chess or whatever floats your boat.
  • The Souvenir Shop – Take some memories of the resort with you. Visit Tiendecitas, its souvenir shop that sells native Filipino products.
  • Professional Photo Shoot – You can set an appointment for a professional photo shoot while wearing the traditional baro’t saya and barong tagalog.
  • Heritage Tour – Join the heritage tour which is conducted every hour to learn more about Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar and its purpose plus get a up close with each of the heritage houses.


  • Although Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar has not clearly stated whether or not a reservation is required when going on a day tour, I suggest that you take time to book in advance to avoid hassle.
  • If you smoke, you probably wanna bring with you a pack or two of cigarettes since none is sold in the resort. If there is, it may be pretty expensive. Know as well that smoking is only allowed in designated areas within the resort.
  • Consider bringing your own snacks and packed lunch if you wanna keep everything within budget. Although there are 3 restaurants within the resort that serve great food, they are kind of expensive at P400-500 a meal per person.
  • To make the resort more satisfying to the eye, some parts of it are still under renovation. Also there are other new heritage houses which aren’t completed yet and still under construction.
  • Balanga is a non-smoking town that selling of cigarettes is also prohibited.
  • There are eateries near Balanga Terminal if you need to grab a bite before heading to Las Casas. There are also McDonald’s and Jollibee stores nearby.


  • Day tour fee during our travel was only P999 which includes heritage tour, warm towel, a bottle of water, free use amenities, beach and the pool. We got it at a discounted price of P799. As of writing, I heard day tour fee to the resort has now increased to P1500
  • Wear comfortable footwear since you will be walking within the vast resort for an hour or two under the heat of the sun depending on the time you would choose to do the tour.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate. Always have a bottle of water in tow.
  • Protect your skin and put on hats and sunblock to guard you from the sun.
  • And your clothes? Put on your best travel clothes and accessories but don’t ever compromise comfort.
  • Bring extra clothes as you might as well want to experience the beach or the pool or both or if not, you probably will be sweating during the tour so you might want to freshen up before heading out.
  • If you are taking public transpo when going there, consider going there early morning. Start your travel as early as 4AM as you might get caught with too many passengers trying to get home to their provinces. Also don’t stay too late as the last bus trip from Bagac to Manila is leaving exactly 8PM.


Ride a bus in Cubao (5-Star/Genesis) to Balanga, Bataan (2-3hrs ; P200). Alight in Balanga Terminal. On the same terminal, ride a jeep going to Bagac (1hr ; P50). Ask the driver if he can take you directly to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar for an additional P25. If not, alight in the junction going to the resort and hire a tricycle to take you there (P100/Tric for 4pax).


SUMMARY OF EXPENSES2-Way Fare Bus Cubao-Balanga - P400
2-Way Fare Jeep Balanga-Bagac - P100
2-Way Tric @ P100/4 - P50
Day Tour Fee - P799
Food - P200

Total <<>> P1549
SAMPLE ITINERARY0330 Assembly 5-Star Bus/Genesis Cubao
0400 ETD Balanga
0600 ETA Balanga Terminal. Breakfast
0700 ETD Las Casas
0800 ETA Las Casas. Register
0900 Start Heritage Tour
1000 End Heritage Tour.
Photo Ops. Free Time
1200 Lunch
1300 Pool or Beach
1500 Pack Up. Head Out
1600 Balanga. Head to Mt. Samat
1730 Mt. Samat Sunset
1900 ETD Manila
2200 Home
Packed Lunch
Change Clothes
CONTACT INFOWebsite: http://www.lascasasfilipinas.com
E-mail addresses: reserve@lascasasfilipinas.com
Mobile: 0917-872-9361

There you have it lovelies. Feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions in the comments box below. Until next time. See yah. 🙂

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