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Name: Mt. Batulao
Location: Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-Off Point: KC Hillcrest (Evercret) Golf Course
Elevation: 811+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9 (Pinoy Mountaineer)
Features: Scenic view of the coastal towns of Batangas. Grass Ridges. 12 Peaks.


Let me start this post with one of the most captivating lines from one of the songs of my favorite band Incubus that goes….

“You’re a MOUNTAIN that I like to climb. Not to conquer but to share with the view”

Mountains are a truly magnificent work of nature. They are art molded intricately into various shapes and sizes. Each of them has a charm that is unique only to them. Some are forbidding. They have secrets no great mountaineer was able to unravel. Others are inviting. They open their worlds wholeheartedly to lost souls hoping to find refuge in their solace. Mt. Batulao is gladly the latter kind of mountain.


We started our journey at 4 in the morning ridden on a DLTB bus bound for Nasugbu Batangas. Filled with sheer courage, we embarked on an adventure we knew nothing about. None of us had the idea of the challenge this strange mountain would be. All that was there was the joy of friendship and the hope of discovering what lies at the summit of the marvelous Mt. Batulao.

Mt. Batulao Day Hike for Beginners
Morning Walk to the registration site.

We arrived at Evercrest (now KC Hillcrest Golf Club) a little past 6AM. There we waited for the stranger who volunteered to guide us on climbing our first mountain. He arrived 15 minutes later. Upon seeing him with his girl companion who was also an experienced mountaineer, immediately we thought we were all going to have a wonderful time.

Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide
Goofing around while walking to the 1st registration site with Shawn, the life of the party heading the pack

We started walking towards the the main jump off point quickly after all the preparations have been made. The sun has risen up the horizon but the cold of the morning have refused to be chasten away. We arrived at the first hut quickly after 20 minutes of walk and since the sun was still not bothering us, it was really easy. I didn’t run out of breath. Not yet.

Mt Batulao Dayhike
First stopover. Rest. Buko Juice. Sandwiches. 1st Hut.

We rested for a good 20 minutes. Had some sandwich and buko (coconut) juice. When everyone was ready, we resumed walking towards the 2nd hut. We rested for another 15 minutes and then went to walk towards the 3rd hut which was the main jump off point. There our stranger guides met with their old friends, the twin baby boys of Batulao. When everyone felt well rested, we started with the real adventure.

Mt. Batulao Dayhike
Resting at the jumpoff point to the old trail with our guides enjoying a moment.

We followed the old trail. Our guide, Sir Migz thought it will be easier for us as first time climbers. We were walking on a moderate pace on a climb down climb up pattern. I couldn’t recall how much time we spent to reach camp 1 which was also the 1st registration point. There we paid P10 pesos each. We didn’t stay long as we felt we have stalled too much during the first 3 stopovers. Besides we were running behind schedule. The goal was to reach the summit at 11.30 but given our pace that might not be attainable.

Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide

I could barely remember what camp 2 looked like as camp 3 was more vivid in my memory. I remember we paid another registration fee of P20 each. I remember grasping for air as I was running out of breath. My mouth still feels the pang in my throat out of too much thirst that I thought no water could ever wash away. I remember laughing at Shawn too hard that it already hurt. I could still recall gazing at the summit seeming so near yet still far away wondering how could this place be so damn beautiful.

Mt. Batulao Beginner's Guide
Resting while waiting for the traffic of people coming down from the summit to wind down.

After camp 3, we quickly passed camps 4,5 and 6 and found ourselves in yet another amazing place, camp 7. There we waited for the traffic of people coming down from the summit to wind down. I could feel my heart beating faster as I could see the climb would become more difficult passed camp 7. I noticed the trail have become narrow allowing only a person or two to pass at one time. I could only recall taking a sip of my water in camp 8 and the rest before the summit was an absolute struggle. I still feel the fear I was trying to suppress as I was climbing up clinging only to rocks focusing my eyes up refusing to look away as I might lose focus and fall. I remember none of us used the rope on that infamous 90 degree mini rock climb as we felt climbing up through the rocks was easier. I was not able to keep track of everything as I was too consumed by fear and overwhelmed by the sense of fulfillment after surviving the challenging parts of the climb. The next thing I know I was at the summit taking photos.

Mt. Batulao Guide for Beginners
Enjoying the view at the summit

I think we reached the summit few minutes before 12 noon. Initially the plan was to have lunch at camp 8 of the new trail but Sir Migz thought that would be too much of a punishment. Hence we had lunch at the summit that was a little bit crowded with other climbers. Although the bugs were bothering us, I could see everyone was happily munching on our home cooked food.

Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide
Me together with Mr. Hiking-Batulao-on-a-flipflops

We didn’t stay too long at the summit as it was about to rain. We decided to follow the new trail going down. I think I was most challenged with going down than climbing up. The trail was dry and slippery. There was nothing much to hold on to as the overgrown grass alongside it was dead or uprooted. That was the case from the summit going down to camp 8 of the new trail. Gladly, we survived and nobody was harmed. We rested at camp 8 for a little while. After we departed from camp 8, we found ourselves walking down the trail nonstop to camp 1. We capped off the day happy and content and with a sumptuous meal, a little bit of chitchat and smile on our faces.

Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide
Smiling for the camera before braving the most difficult part of the climb


  • I think Mt. Batulao is an absolute stunner. It’s no wonder that most of the people we met along the way are repeat climbers. She’s the kind you would always love to go back to.
  • Mt. Batulao is perfect for newbies. The first part of the trek is super easy. The trek after camp 7 to and from the summit down to camp 8 however is something newbies would find a bit of a challenge but it’s the kind we all can learn from and will prepare us to more challenging climbs.
  • From the scale of 1 to 10 level of diffuculty, as a newbie  I would say Mt. Batulao is a 5.
  • It’s best to start the climb at 6AM or earlier as Mt. Batulao is an open trail and nothing would protect you from the scorching heat of the sun come the hour of 10AM onward.
  • Although for some this mountain pose no challenge, it would always be best to exercise caution.
Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide
Quenching our thirst at camp Biak na Batu


  • For Commuters – Ride a DLTB bus bound for Nasugbu in Buendia Station. Alight at Evercrest (KC Hillcrest Golf Club). Fare is P111.00 (March 2015). Ride a tricycle or walk towards the registration point.
  • By Car – Follow the way going to Tagaytay via Cavitex or SLEX. At the intersection in Olivares, follow the way going to Nasugbu. Turn left at Evercrest (KC Hillcrest). Take the first right after then drive straight until you see the parking area.
Mt. Batulao Beginner's Guide
Ardel, the brilliant mind behind this climb posing for the camera. Behind her is the right view from the summit and going down is the new trail


- 2L Water
- Trail foods (biscuits, Jelly Ace, Fruits etc)
- Pack Lunch (highly recommended. Not time consuming. No need cooking)
- Light (Headlamps & flashlights)
- Umbrella (just be careful with the wind though)
- Scarfs or caps (something you can use for cover that could not be easily blown away)
- Raincoat or Rainjacket (in case of rain)
- Extra Clothes & Toiletries (washing up after the trek)
- Garbage Bag (as they say "Leave nothing but footprints")

- Roundtrip Fare DLTB Pasay (Buendia Stn.)- Evercrest : P222.00
- Registration fee (Old & New Trails) : P60.00
- Guide Fee : P500.00/5PAX
- Toilet & Bath : P25.00
- Other expenses (Halo-Halo, Buko juice, etc) : P50.00
- Tricycle (optional) : P100.00/3PAX


0300: Assembly at DLTB Bus Terminal Buendia Taft Station
0400: ETD to Nasugbu Bound Bus (DLTB Co. Buendia Taft)
0600: ETA Evercrest Batangas
0630: Start Trek to Jumpoff Point. Start Trek to Registration site
0730: 1st Hut. Rest. Proceed to OLD trail
0830: Arrival at OLD Trail Registration site. Rest
0900: Start trek to summit
1030: ETA Summit take Pictures
1130: ETD to CAMP 8 (NEW Trail)
1230: Camp 8 (NEW Trail) Register. Rest
1300: ETD Evercrest
1530: ETA Evercrest. Take Shower. Eat.
1700 - 1730: Wait for Bus back to Manila.

Kuya Toper

Kuya Simeon

Kuya Ramon


Mt. Batulao Beginner's guide
This crazy guy conquered Mt. Batulao with his precious slippers.


  • January 2016 – Some Netizens are urging fellow mountaineers to boycott Mt. Batulao due to conflict currently happening in the mountain. – As of this moment I have yet to receive news about the conflict whether it was already resolved or not. One thing is sure though. Some locals have taken advantage of the influx of hikers to this mountain by imposing more fees and requiring hikers to get a guide at a totally irreasonable price which is why the mountaineering community still encourages to boycott Mt. Batulao. 😊
  • April 2016 – A great portion of the mountain was reportedly wiped out by a bush fire. The fire which has turned the mountain into ashes and acres of greys is yet to be determined whether caused by unattended camp fire or was intentionally done by the locals as some would say they normally do so come rainy season the grasses will grow anew.
  • July 2016 – Locals of Mt. Batulao are now urging hikers to revisit the mountain stating that the conflict which once sparked distaste from the hiking community is resolved. This may be good news but I hope for hikers to lessen the impact you might bring when you revisit this beautiful mountain. Go on small groups and please bear in mind the LNT Principles.
  • October 2016 – I was recently informed by Kuya Ramon Casanova (a guide – 09101317847) that the original fees of 20 and 30 which are usually collected at camps 1 and 8 are now coupled with 2 fees collected at the lower part of the mountain. He strongly advised for mountaineers to ask those people collecting these fees a valid permit (to collect) before making any payment. He worries that this might be taken negatively against the people of Mt. Batulao, especially to the local guides who only seek to provide service and earn an honest living.

There you go lovely people! If you need other information, feel free to leave your comments below. 🙂



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  1. If you’re planning to climb Mt. Batulao in the future, please contact Kuya Dayo at 09179258600. He is a great guide! He knows a lot about the place and he can drive you to the jump-off point too. It’s a plus that he takes lovely photos. He knows all the good spots. I let him hold my camera the entire time and I love all the photos he took! Would love to help him out in exchange for making our hike as memorable as it is. Contact him!

  2. Hello po. Since hindi nman po required ung tour guide.. madali lng po ba ung daan? I mean, may masusundan po bang daan duon, papunta at pababa ng bundok? if ever po, fix na po ba ung Guide Fee : P500.00/5PAX? Ilang beses po ung registration fee? Tsaka sino po ung most active sa GUIDES CONTACT INFO na pinost nio? Sorry po sa maraming tanong. hehe.. we’re planning to hike po kc by next month. 🙂

    Thank you po sa reply 🙂

    • Hi.. Yes may masusundang daan papanik and pababa ng bundok pero maraming ligaw dun so better na kumuha na lang ng guide. Yung registration, i think nasa 3-4 na ata ngayon. Si Kuya Ramon Casanova (a guide – 09101317847) yung pinakaactive na guide. You can ask for further info from him

  3. Hi, pede po bang umakyat ng walang guide or required po ba na may guide? Thanks po sa reply

  4. april Judith Reply

    Hi, Ask ko lang if pwede pa mag camp?
    we are palnning to overnyt sana tonight.
    please advise.
    thank you

  5. Queen Arl Camson Reply

    thankyou to this site. I wanted to ask for some info but when I read it, I couldn’t ask for more! I lived near mt. batulao when I was little and is planning to go back for hike this time. 🙂

  6. Thank you girl! I am a beginner and looking fwd to Mt Batulao as my first hike. If you plan to go back, sama naman ako pls.

      • hi keza ..😊gusto ko rin sna mg join , i want to experience new. pero wala ako makakasama.

        • Hi Len! Follow my page! I’ll be posting hiking events for september onwards so stay tuned!

    • Queen Arl Camson Reply

      hi amy, we are also beginers and we are planning to hike here this june. wanna join? we are looking for goers to meet. 🙂 you can PM me on facebook. queen arl ytterp. 🙂

  7. Good evening
    Info po ulit maam keza
    Meron na po registration ang tourism
    Meron na din resibo wag po kayong lalampas dito sa kanto ng CALERUEGA sign board po..
    After nyo ng KCHILLCREST golf club and hotel meron po kayo makikita sa gitna ng daan WELCOME MT BATULAO PARKING GUIDE
    Post kopo yan sa pages ko yong mga picture ng place,permit,resibo MT BATULAO TOURGUIDE AND MT BATULAO TOURIST GUIDE
    Pa like na din po ng pages ko.
    20 petot lang po!
    Any update pm
    Konting tiis na lang maaayos na din po ang registration dito
    May part na nasunog din po sa may (PEAK8 )campsite
    Meron po daan sa gilid don na lang kayo dumaan.
    Thanks maam keza
    Im a local but my heart is lover nature ❤

  8. Good morning guys
    Safe nman po dito doble ingat lang
    Kuha na din kayo ng guide para meron taga alalay
    Ingat sa biglaang pag dating ng lindol ng hindi mo inaasahan para manakit saten tulad ng taong bigla din dumadating para saktan lang tayo.

    Any update pm


  9. Thank u so much for the fine details u have put here! Great blog! Will be climbing batulao by may…sure it will be scorching hot..God bless!

  10. I’m set for a hike tomorrow. Would you know if it’s still safe to go after the earthquakes earlier?

    • Hi Via. I couldn’t really say anything about safety. Just be prepared for anything that might happen if ever you still decide to push through with your hike. Be extra careful…

  11. Hello po. as of today po ba still safe pa din umakyat sa mt batulao. 🙂 thanks!

    • Hi Mitch. Safety is relative. Depends on your definition of safe. AS for the trail, it’s doable. Wala nman po nauulat na hidwaan dun ng rebels and military recently. If there is then you would most likely see it on TV or read it in this post.. 🙂

  12. Option n lng po ulit pg kuha ng guide.
    Pero mas ok n din po pg may guide
    Naka tulong n kayo nag enjoy pa 🙂

      • Welcome maam.. akyat na po ulit kayo, papalit na po tyo ng difficulty ng trail.

        • OKay sir. By May akyat ulit kame.. Mejo busy lang sa mga other lakad but come May more mountain na kame..

    • hello po. we are planning to visit mt. batulao on april 9. hehehe… beginners lang po kami lahat…

    • hello po kuya ramon or kung sino man po may alam.
      nakausap ko po si kuya ramon kahapon at sabi nya ay nangongolekta ng 300 pesos per head at the registration.
      pwede po bang paki break down kung para san yung mga fees to be collected po?
      kasi parang anlaki naman po.
      salamat po sa sasagot.

      • Guide fee
        Pwedeng humanap ng iba kung di kaya..
        May option nman, at may choice na humanap ng mas mababa..
        dipo ako namimilit
        Sa dami ng rgistration, not sure pa kung ano kaya phasing nyo .. dala lang po sa di marunong maka apreciate ng gingawa ko pag nahihirapan na sa trail.. minsan umaabot ako ng 9hours dahil sa sobrang takot ng kasama.. diko nman sila o kayo pwedeng pwersahin kase priority ko maging masaya kayo habang kasama nyo ako.. kilangan safe kayo makababa..

        Yon lang


  13. Good evening maam keza
    Inform ko lang po sila about situations at mt batulao, lahat po ng umaakyat sa ngayon ng walang guide ay pinababalik po ng mga sundalo , dahil sa medjo may gulo ang npa and militar sa nasugbu lian calatagan and tuy batangas, kung kukuha po kayo ng guide dapat may i.d ng touristguide mt batulao kase po hinahanap ng militar ang i.d kung walang i.d pababalikin din po kayo,
    More info 09101317847
    Active # medjo late lang mag reply,

  14. Hi… Here are some numbers you can try to contact:

    09099885166 – Noel (Our guide last Saturday, Feb 18, 2017)
    09101317847 – Ramon (First contact who referred us to Noel)

    Enjoy and stay safe everyone. 🙂

  15. although Ms. Keza can you email me the guide’s new numbers? those posted aren’t working anymore.

    • Hi Angel!

      Haven’t you received any response from the numbers above yet? Let me know so I could get you a btter contact number

  16. your write up is what i would say kumpletos recados, thank you for sharing this I’m a beginner and i’m taking my guests from abroad for a hike and your article answered all the questions i havee in mind.

  17. Hi Keza. Just want to ask kung day hike, kaya bang makababa kami ng 3pm? Anong oras kami magstart? At yun pa rin ba ang number ni Kuya Ramon Casanova na naging guide niyo? Thank you for replying in advance.

    BTW, balak namin na dalawa lang kami ng bestfriend ko ang aakyat. Parehas kaming girl. 🙂

    • Hi Kristine,

      You may start as early as 5am. And yes active po number ni Kuya Ramon yan. Okay lang din kung dalawa lang kayo. Magpaalam ng maayos sa bahay and obtain an emergency number just in case

  18. Sophia Cariño Reply

    Hi po! Balak po namin umakyat dis feb 24 pero parang delikado po pala dito sa Batulao lalo na po dun sa sabi nyo pong camp 8. Ano po ba dapat kong iexpect sa batulao po para po ma ready ko po sarili ko

    • Hi Sophia,

      Challenging po ang Batulao. Kung aakyat po kayo make sure na prepared kayo sa maaaring maencounter nyo sa bundok. Mainit po at maalikabok pag tirik ang araw kaya magdala ng maraming tubig. Maputik namn po at madulas kapag maulan kaya doble ingat din po. Pero kakayanin mo to. Secure a guide para may mag assist sa inyo.

      • Good evening maam keza
        Inform ko lang po sila about situations at mt batulao, lahat po ng umaakyat sa ngayon ng walang guide ay pinababalik po ng mga sundalo , dahil sa medjo may gulo ang npa and militar sa nasugbu lian calatagan and tuy batangas, kung kukuha po kayo ng guide dapat may i.d ng touristguide mt batulao kase po hinahanap ng militar ang i.d kung walang i.d pababalikin din po kayo,
        More info 09101317847
        Active # medjo late lang mag reply,

  19. Hi I would like to post here to share my thoughts and sentiments about Mt. Batulao.
    Overall my experience with batulao was very good and I love the views and experience crossing its multiple peaks.
    I encountered a lot of registration fees in this climb and never really thought about reading or asking what the registrations are for or even check a valid permits. What I know about know about some of these registrations are they’re for environmental, DENR etc. but the thing that really bothered me is that as I started my climb from the jump-off point, I already noticed the amount of trash(Candy, Chips, cigarettes etc.) and as I climbed higher it was still visible all over the mountain. I know you’d think “maybe its because of the influx of people?” partly you’d be correct but the thing I noticed was majority of those trash was of local or provincial. What I meant about that was those were consumed or used by the locals and they scatter them around because that’s where they live and they can do anything they want there.



    • Hi Leo

      I share your sentiment. Perhaps the solution is to raise the issue to a proper channel or to the DENR but since some parts of Mt. BATULAO is privately owned, this is prolly one factor we should look into before making any actions.

  20. Did u have to call/text the guides beforehand? Or can we hire one when we get there?

  21. Hi!We have our own guide who is a mountaineer is it really comulsary to get a guide per person though we have with us a mountaineer who is very familiar with the place?

    • Hi Riza.

      Di naman po mandatory. If you’re with someone who knows Batulao really well then he probably knows the current state of the mountain.

  22. Hi Keza, we’re planning to do a day hike this December, and we’re 27 sa group. Do you have any update about po sa additional registrations? Marami po kasi sa mga kagroup namin ang first-timers, and I worry na baka di na sila umulit if makita nila na madami palang registrations pag aakyat ng bundok, lalo na regarding sa issue po ngayon sa Mt. Batulao. And is it ok kung isa lang yung guide namin for the whole group? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Kenneth.

      Try to set their expectations correctly about the fees para informed sila. And a group of 27 of newbies needs more than 1 guide kasi may technical parts yung Mt. Batulao at isa pa 1 guide wouldn’t be able to cater to all 27 of you. Please contact the numbers on the blog para sa guide and to get tips kung paano maiiwasan yung mga fees. Good luck. 😊

      • Maam? Hindi na po guide ng batulao si ser thoper, madmi po kase nag sasabi samen na hindi daw nila ma contact pag tinatawagan nila

  23. marami lang po nag tatanong saken , bakit daw po sobrang dami ng reg fee sa batulao?
    sensya n po dko din po alam guide lang din po ako pero binibgyan ko din po kayo ng tip bago tayo umakyat para malampasan yong ibang reg fee ramon casanova guide mt batulao

    • Balak po namin pumunta ngayong December 26 po.. dalawa ang po kami parehong first timer.. Ok lang po ba maki-share kame ng guide sa ibang grupo?? O marami po kaya aakyat sa araw na yon? salamat po..

      • Hi Pia. Yes nman. Pwede kayo makishare sa ibang group. Common nman yun sa mountaineering world. And yes marami aakyat ng 26th kasi walang pasok. 😊

    • kuya ramon aakyat kami 2nd week ng feb.. overnight po kami magkano po guide fee?

  24. Hello po. I want to write about the situation in Mt. Batulao for our finals in school. Pero as stated in your updates na na-resolve na yung conflict by July 2016. But also, you had to pay P500/5 pax which is different po from the 300-400 rate before ng conflict. So i’m wondering how the conflict was resolved and if you think na nagpapatuloy pa rin ito? If may nanloloko pa rin na required yung mga guides?

    I would really appreciate your reply on this. thanks!

  25. ask lang po ilan po capacity sa campsite kasi po mga 28 po kami akyat by sept 10, nythike po. salamat po

    • Hi Bob. I think 28 people will pretty much occupy half of the space or more for both camps 8 of new trail and 3 in the old.

  26. Your day hike looks fun! Nothing beats trekking and hiking in the Philippines, any mountains and trails in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

      • Maam kesa please blog my info here at batulao situation meron po kaseng bagong singilan at kung pwede po pakisbe s mga aakyat na original fee oldtrail camp 1 20 pesos at new trail peak 8 30, meron bagong sulpot s baba na 20 and 30, hanapan na lang nila ng permit , thanks
        Guide po ako ng batulao
        09101317847 apektado po kse kami.s ginawa nila

        • Hi Kuya Ramon. Thanks for the update. Sure. I’ll put your info on the blog. 😊

  27. Hi, pwde mag camp sa Mt. Batulao? We’re planing kasi to hike on Aug 20.
    Thankyou in advance ☺️

  28. I just finished this yesterday. I hiked alone wihout a guide. This is the very first mountain I’ve climed. Felt great. Wala akong halos kasabay kasi tanghali na ako umakyat. But I did not expect to be the only person at the summit. Hahaha. I was unaware that I trekked the new trail, though. I started at 1pm and reached the top at 3:30. Left the summit at 4:30 and reached starting point at 6pm. Buti hindi ako inabutan ng dilim.
    Sarap pala mamundok.

    • Wow Sam. It must have been really awesome. But to be honest, it would really freak me out to hike in a mountain with nobody around. Good on you to have made it out okay. 😊

    • Hi Sam! It is okay to climb without a guide? Im planning for a solo hike eh. Would it be safe amd will they allow it?

  29. hi Keza, Thank you for sharing. I love this page, Thank you for keeping it updated. I look forward in checking your future post about hiking activities. Its my first time this coming August. Im also looking forward in blogging my journey and hope to share it with you.

    • Hi Car Shee. Thank u as well for the positive feedback. And yeah blogging is great. Looking forward to reading your stories soon. 😊 Good Luck and have fun in Mt. Batulao. 😊

  30. Hi! I’m planning to go to Mount Batulao with some friends of mine and none of us are experienced hikers. In fact, this will be our first hike up a mountain. Is it okay if we hike only up to Camp 7? Are the views still nice from the beginning to that camp? Thank you!

    • Hi Mon. Yes. Camp 7 has the most stunning view but I do encourage to finish the hike and get to the summit. I just think you’ll be missing out on something awesome if you will only hike til camp 7. Since you’re already there, why not go all the way to the peak. If you aren’t confident you can do it, hire a guide. In that way, there will be someone who will look after you and your friends. Good luck. 😊

    • Hi Mon, Im also a newbie but i found a club on FB. the name is PATHFINDERS CLUB. We have a scheduled hike on August 14. Maybe you guys wanted to join. Please check it out.

  31. Hi po, ma’am. I am new here in Manila and gusto ko pong umakyat dito sa mt. Batulao. Ok lang po ba if mag solo hike lang ako kasama ng guide o dapat as a group? Thank you po. Plano ko po mag climb August 6, 2016. Maraming salamat po.

  32. Hi! May overnight parking ba? Yun sanang malapit na din kng san pwede maligo at hindi din masyado malayo from the jump off. We plan to go there on saturday.

    • Hi Che. Yes meron po. The parking space past Evercrest. Yung sa papasok na na may mga eateries. Dun po pwede po ovrnight park. Not sure kung may paliguan na rin kasi yung paliguan is andun sa eatery along the hwy in front of evercrest.

      • Thanks Keza. Iwan na sana namin sa kotse yun mga pangpalit na clothes after maligo. Hindi naman yata sobra layo at pwede na lakarin. Hopefully hindi maulan 🙂

        • Yup. Nde nman. 15 minute walk lang ang unang kubo sa paliguan dun sa eatery in front of Evercrest.

      • Hi Keza,
        Pwd po b malaman kung anong beaches ang malapit sa mt. Batulao?

        • Hi Jeany. Sorry been out these past days. Haven’t had the time to check the blog. Dunno any beach in particulaR near Mt. Batulao but if you would ride the bus all the way To Nasugbu then there’s plenty of resorts there that you can choose from. Sorry for the limited info. I’l try to include nearby beaches and update this blog Asap. For now you can try to search the web.. hope u find your answers. 😊

  33. Hi Keza, thanks for your reply and the information you provided. We went there yesterday and really had fun. There were lots of other hikers too. Keep it up, cheers!

  34. magtatanung lang po balak kasi nming maghike this coming july 13, how much po need budget overall, ?? tnx..

    • Hi JeyJay.. Sorry got your comment overlooked. Twas sent to my spam. Re budget. P500-P700 should be ok if you are going with a group of 5. Have fun.. 🙂

      • Hello mis keza..plan nmin mghike to tomorrow (sunday july 10)..ok na kaya?if ever..pwede makahingi ng contact number ng tour guide n pwede nmin mkausap dun if sakaling meron ka?thanks!!

        • Hi Monds. Try to assess the weather. It should be okay if the sun is up first thing in the morning kasi open trail ang Mt. Batulao so maaarawan na yung mga basang part kaya di na masyado maputik sa pag ahon. If maulan pa rin then you might consider moving your hike some other time. Try to contact
          Kuya Toper
          Kuya Simeon

          and check with them kung okay lang ang panahon dun at kung hindi delikado maghike. Ayt. Keep safe. 🙂

  35. Hi! I read na required na ang guide pag akyat, is it true? And how much are they charging for? Sana hindi totoo na unreasonable price 🙁 planning to go sana this July eh, it will be my first hike. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Patrick. Mt. Batulao is back to normal and locals are urging hikers to visit the mountain again. Collection of fees is back to normal as well. Don’t bother registering at the jumpoff and paying for fees. If you hire a trike and the trike driver drops you off somewhere to register and pay some fees, don’t follow them and report them to the barangay officials as soon as you reach the first hut or the hut in between the old and new trail. Good luck and have fun on your first hike. And pls consider hiring a guide just to be on the safe side. Mt. Batulao shouldn’t be underestimated. 😊

  36. Hi bale mt batulao yung first mountain namin ng mga kaibigan ko if ever. Kaya po ba ng beginners na tulad namin?

  37. No worries. Im just returning the favor in a simplest way. Yeah, I hope so… Bumping into a group of pro hikers. Thx! :))

    • Wow. Makapro hiker naman. Di po. Simpleng mamumundok lang po at outdoor enthusiast. 🙂 but thanks again..

  38. Is there is a new update regarding Mt. Batulao? I am planning to climb with my kids on the next weekend. Thank you

    • Hi Niño. Yeah. Mt. Batulao is now okay. The burnt part is not so evident anymore since tinubuan na daw ng mga bagong damo.. 🙂

      • hi may i ask kung pwede ba maghike sa Mt Batulao ng walang tourguide? thanks

        • Hi Karl. Mt Batulao is an easy hike but there are lots of “ligaw factor” especially in the new trail. The old trail is established but it’s kinda long and winding so if you plan not to get a guide, you would be better of to keep pace with the other hikers who knows Mt. Batulao by heart or have taken a local guide with them. Good Luck 🙂

      • Hi ms.keza thank you ulit sa informative answers. Umakyat kmi nung friday 13th. The best po ung experience na nangyari samin. Traversing old to new trail. Na tanong dn po nmin ung about sa sunog. Pra dn po sa mga nagbabalak na mag climb. Locals daw po nagsunog nun. Pra daw po kung sakaling magkaron ng wildfire. E hindi po drediretso ung pagkalat ng apoy. Kaso ung nga po huli nrin cla magdecide dhil mag tatag ulan ndin po. At dun sa nasunog na part. Hndi mo na po makikita ung marka ng sunog dahil sa tumubo na po ulit ang mga damo. Un lang po salamat po ulit.

        • Hi Crank! Thank you so much for taking the time to update me about your hike to Mt. Batulao. Really appreciate it. You don’t how much hassle you had saved me from. haha. Keep on hiking. More happy trails. Hope to bump into you and your friends someday. 🙂

  39. Hi Ma’am Keza, was planning to go to Batulao on a weekday (Monday/ Tuesday) next week. And base sa nabasa ko with your post po, and comments with regards to the bushfire in there? Is it still worth going? Okay po ba yung mountain and allowed pa rin po ba ang traverse trek? And what are the chances po na may makasabay na climbers din, solo climber po kasi ako by that time… would love it kung meron po ganito.

    • Hi Jace. It really depends on your definition of worthgoing. View wise siempre evident pa rin yung part na nasunog but despite that, for me Mt. Batulao is always worth it. If you plan to go on a weekday, chances of bumping into other hikers are slim pero sigurado meron at meron yan. Just be careful though kung solo ka lang. 😊

  40. Nasunog daw po ang mt. Batulao 5-8peak. Ano na pong kalagayan ng bundok ngaun? Nakakalungkot nman.

    • Hi Crank. Yeah. It is truly disheartening. I’m still yet to find out kung bush fire talaga nangyare sa Mt. Batulao or pagkakaingin practices (controlled fire) lang ng mga locals dun. They say that locals normally burn part of the mountain so it can grow bushes anew come the rainy season. I will surely post about updates here on this post, on my page in FB or in my site’s Forums page. Thanks for raising this up. 🙂

      • By the way ate keza, gusto kolng po itanong kung saan campsite nang old and new trail. Balak po sana nming mag overnight. Sorry po kung matanong ako. Ayaw na po nmin kmuha ng guide dhil sakto lng po kmi s budget. Slamat po.

        • Hi.. sa new trai campsite is at camp 8 and for old trail sa camp 3. Parehong spacious yung mga campsites at maganda ang views ng peak..

  41. Hi Keza! Lovely review! Btw, we are planning to go there sometime this month of May. This will be our first time to hike. Have some few questions though if it’s ok? Here goes: 1)Can we stay overnight at Mt. Batulao? 2)Are there many friendly guides we can count on within the vicinity? 3)Do you know how much would they charge if we stay overnight? 4) Do they have secured parking areas there?. Hoping for your reply. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi DJ. Thanks. To answer your question. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. For the guide it might be pricier than the usual P500 dayhike fee. There is an overnight fee sa campsite. Guess it’s 3o/pax. 4. Yes. May designated parking space dun para sa mga hikers. 🙂

      • Tanx for the reply Keza! Hope you don’t mind…still have some questions po…:-) Where do the guides sleep during overnights? Can we bring our guides as well? Syensa na sa mga tanong hehe! 🙂

        • It’s okay DJ. Depende sa usapan nyo ng guide. If you only need him during the day but not necessarily pagnagovernight na sa campsite then uuwi sia but you can also ask him to stay with you overnight kaso he might ask for extra fee. 🙂

  42. Hi thanks for your informative post. In your suggested itinerary, departure for evercrest is 1pm but u only arrive at evercrest at 330pm. Is it far from camp 8 to evercrest? I am a little confused. Haha

    • Hi Steph. Yes it is far. Camp 8 is the campsite after going down from the summit using the new trail. It’s still far from the first hut or the jumpoff. From camp 8, trekking down to the first hut may take more than an hour. The first hut is 20 minutes hike to the parking area and the parking area is another 10-15 minutes hike to evercrest. You can ride a trike if u wanna speed things up. 🙂

  43. Hi ms keza! we are planning to hike this next week of april. Do you know any volunteerhikers we could contact through fb. I also messaged you sa fb po.

  44. Hello po, tanong ko lang po kung pwede bang magnightcamp sa paanan ng batulao? Para early morning ang akyat namin

    • Hi Romelee. I am not really sure about that and unfortunately I don’t have a contact info of anybody who can better address your query. I’m sorry. 😔

  45. Hi good day ask ko lng po 222php po tlga ung transpo s bus?buendia to nasugbu?or kasama n ung tricycle dun?

    • Hi Arlene. They’re not really guides. They are experienced mountaineers who volunteered to assists us on our first climb. I have no contacts po but we get in touch thru facebook.

  46. Hi Keza. Me and my friends will be there tomorrow. So paano ang transpo pauwi?

    • Hi Wil. You can just take a bus from evercrest going home to Manila. For other destinations eg cavite laguna alabang, ride a jeep to olivares then ride a van towards your respective destination. 🙂

    • Hi Myra. My boyfriend only had his flipflops on during our first climb in Mt Batulao. I think kinaya kasi makapal na ang kalyo nia sa paa. Lol. Kidding aside. I think it really depends if you can really manage to walk or hike on unpredictable terrain with only your slippers on. Masarap ang tsinelas after ng trek pero if gagamitin sa pagakyat, i wont really recommend. It can be more strenuous kasi doble alalay ka pag slippers. But in the end it’s still up to u kung san ka comfortable. 😊

  47. hi, Ms. Keza..ask lang which one is better for overnyt..Plan ksi namin umakyat this holy week, ano marecommend u for us..which one is better Mt batulao, manabu or gulugod baboy?.. thanks..

    • Hi Corrz. I would recommend mt manabu as chances for batulao being crowded is high. Mas accessible din siya than Gulugod.

  48. hi, Ms. Keza.. ask lng if my marecommend ka for overnyt..balak ksi namin umakyat this holy week, which one is better Mt. Batulao, Manabu or Gulugod Baboy?.. naakyat ko na before Pico de loro, romelo nd tibig.. pero di pa namin natry mgovernight..thanks,

  49. Hi po tanong ko lang po kung until april and may pwede umakyat? I mean open po ba sila?

  50. Hi po, tatanong ko lang po kung pwede umakyat ng Mt. Batulao alone or kailangan may kasama? Saan po hahanap ng guide? Thank you po 😀

    • Hi. Pwede nman pero ngaun kelangan na ng guide sa batulao. Dun sa sila nakatambay sa may parking area, one trike away pagbaba ng evercrest.

  51. hey its me again…
    sino jan naka punta o magpupunta sa batulao feb 28…
    miss keza paano po magpunta sa bundok pag baba ng bus pa nasugbu…
    meron van deretso sa nasugbu dito kasi amin (dasma,cavite)…

    • Hi. Baba ka lang Evercrest then sakay ka ng trike to the parking area/jump off or pwede mo rin lakarin. Just ask the locals. 🙂

      • thanks… actually dati umaakyat nko ng bundok saling ketket nga lng.. now kasama ko n daughter ko sa pag climb… thanks for your awesome site ginising nya ang GANA ko umakyat.. thanks ulet..

        • No worries! Keep it up. You are doing a great job with your daughter. Teach her to love the outdoors early on. Have fun in Batulao :):):)

    • Tomorrow mag solo hike ako sa Batulao.. pero kung totoo nga yung nananamantala doon, diskarte ko na lang makatakas.. hihi..

  52. Aenan Rivera Reply

    me and my friends are planning to hike sa Mt. Batulao on March 6, ask ko lang kung ano yung conflict sa Batulao and magkano ang registration fee? Tska do you have contact sa batulao? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Aenan. There are 4 reg fee of P15-P20 that u need to pay for. And sorry, don’t have contact in Batulao. The conflict was about a different town or brgy claiming jurisdiction of the mountain which is the reason why u are now paying 4 reg fees instead of just 2. But u guys have fun. And may I remind u that now locals insist that getting a guide is mandatory so you may have to shell out another P500 for that. 🙂

      • Aenan Rivera Reply

        Thanks! One time lang naman yung payment na P500 para sa guide, right?

          • Aenan Rivera Reply

            last question. hahah! pero open nanaman si Batulao ngayon right? because i heard a news na nagkaengkwentro daw ang AFP at NPA last January? Thanks! 😀

  53. Hi! For a first-time hiker I think Mt. Batulao seems uneventful to traverse? It looks to me as if I’m going on a trail of bushes, instead of what I expect of a mountain hike, a forested path. Tungkol saan po yung conflict? Would the new trail be safe din as the old trail?

  54. Hi I’m planning to climb Mt. Batulao alone ask ko lang po if pano papuntang Evercrest to the main jump off.

  55. hi ulit ms. keza, plan po namin umakyat tom feb 14, marami po kayang umaakyat dito ng feb 14? and mas okey po ba tong akyatin ng mga newbie, gusto lang po kasi namin ng tahimik wala masyadong tao and magandang view thank you po.

    • Hi Chichay! Dagsa ang tao sa Pico de Loro at lalo na sa Batulao pag Fri-Mon lalo na ngayon na Valentines maraming aahon dun. Mas mabuti if you would try Mt. Tibig in Lobo Batangas. Mas friendly for newbies and di dagsain ng tao. 🙂

      • thank you so much ms keza 🙂 pwede po bang mag overnight dun?

        • Yes. Pwede and spacious ang campsite dun. Malapit na malapit na siya sa summit. Let me know what you think of the place pag natuloy kayo. 🙂

          • hi ms. keza 🙂 thank you sa help natuloy kami sa mt. manabu yung binigay mong second choice, sobrang ganda and ang sayan ng experience namin na meet namin si tatay the barista hehe, gusto po sana namin umakyat meron po ba kayong marerecomend na for beginners and pwedeng mag overnight at hindi na pwede ng tour guide gusto kasi po namin kami mismo mag explore nung lugar. thank you so much ms. keza 🙂

            • Hi Chichay! Good on you! Yeah. I can recommend a lot of other mountains to explore but too bad, as much as you want the freedom to explore on your own, for safety reasons required na ang guide.. You can try mt. Tibig which is also in Batangas or Gulugod Baboy. It’s up to you. Kung san kayo dalhin ng mga paa niyo go lang. More happy trails.

  56. Hi Me and my colleagues would like to climb Mt. Batulao.
    Meron po ba dito planning to climb this coming March or April. Dayhike lang po and Sunday ang target day namin.

    Nkaakyat na po ako sa Mculot, Daraitan, Gulugod, Forgot the name of mountain sa Sagada.
    ung iba kong kasama nman mga newbie. Baka pwede maki join.

    Kudos to the blogger. ^_^

  57. Hi ms keza ask ko Lang Kung safe bang umakyat ng mga 2or 3 ng hapon balak kc nmin ng mga friends ko umakyan ngayon 18-19 overnight Kami sa batulao…mga newbie kaming lahat..tnx

    • Hi Anne. Yeah its safe nman pero secure a guide in case gabihin. If magsasummit kayo before pitching tents in one of the campsites possibility ang gabihin sa trail so better have someone na kabisado pasikot sikot dun. Matatarik kasi yung trail from summit to camp 3 of old trail or camp 8 sa new trail. You guys have fun

  58. Hi! 300 pa din po ba fee ng guide hanggang ngayon? I heard may mga nananamantala daw po. If so, may alam po ba kayo kung san pwede mag-inquire? Thank you po

    • Hi. Try to bring at least 500 for the guide and other fees. Unfortunately wala ako contact sa Batulao e. Di pa kasi ako nakakabalik dun. I’ll try to ask around for info and il give u a shout on this thread

  59. Trix Collanto Reply

    Hi Ms. Keza M, salamat sa blog mo!Actually, sabay pa namin binasa ni GF yung blog mo para alam namin yung e-expect namin sa pag akyat!Sa tingin mo okay lang ba akyatin siya ng walang guide?Kasi gusto namin ma-enjoy yung hike, kaso parang nakakahiya naman kung buong hike di mo papansinin yung guide niyo, di ba?Safe ba siya akyatin, I mean, hindi ba kami maliligaw?More power and bookmark ko tong blog mo para dito kami titingin ng magandang puntahan pag may long weekend!

    • Hi Trix. Sa dami ng umaakyat ng Batulao ngayon, malabo na ang ligaw but sadly ngayon as to what I’ve heard nirerequire na kumuha ng guide. Don’t worry! Di nakakailang yung mga guides. Nakakatawa pa nga sila e. Pag kinausap mo sila, sasakyan lang nila yung trip mo basta di makakakompromiso sa bundok at sa safety nio. You guys have fun!

    • Yeah. Let’s hope for a better weather tomorrow! You guys stay safe. Happy trails.

  60. Hi Keza. Do you know anyone that we can contact from the registration office?

    • Hi Shin. Sorry but in Batulao there is no reg office or whatsoever. At least that was the case when we went there. Those collecting fees were available in camp 2 5 and 8. Sorry but I got no contact to provide you with. 🙁

    • Hi Sofia. Yes it is. Just be more careful though as unexpected circumstance may arise still.. 🙂

  61. hi its me again i forgot to visit this page bago kame ng climb.. pero pico de loro pinuntahan nmin sa may maragondon… sama nyo kme sa batangas! 09285904435… three of us would like to have buddies sa batulao! thanks.

  62. Hi, is it true that Mt. Batulao was closed just the past few days because of military exercises? We are planning on going on the next weekend, we hope that this is just a hoax…

    • Im not sure about that. I know Toong trail is closed due to military encounter of afp and npa but the mountain still open.

  63. Hi Keza,

    Me and my team will be going to Batulao tomorrow. If we got there by 6AM or earlier, do they have a guide available at that time?

    • Hi Keljo. Yes there are already guides available anywhere near the designated parking area. You can either ride a trike or walk your way to it and the guides will just be there waiting.

  64. Hi may I ask lang, Where do you do your bathroom break there? Sorry im just a newbie and im planning to hike there this coming weekend..btw thanks for this article, this is very helpful! 😀

    • Hi Athena. The first time was in the first kubo but it was just a covered area but no toilet bowl or anything. You will have to pee on the ground. There are several kubo’s which you will pass through, you can ask the caretakers if you can use the toilet pero as you inch closer to the summit wala na available na restrooms until you reach camp 8 sa new trail. I gotta warn you though na you need to have a stomach for it. Gross kasi kung gross. Try to bring a trash bag where you can place your used pads or used wet wipes. Wag mo iwan dun para di na dumagdag sa basura. Pagbaba ng bundok meron ka namn mapapaliguan so konteng tiis lang. Anyways enjoy your hike and you take care. Ps. Imoderate mo na lang yung pag inom ng water and light meals lang para maiwasan ang unexpected run sa toilet.. Have fun

  65. Talesofgales Reply

    Hi, what happened to Mt. Batulao now? Any updates, please 🙂 My friends and I will be hiking there soon. Thank you!

    • There were disputes involving locals. It is said that another town or barangay is claiming jurisdiction of mt. Batulao who wants to also collect fees from hikers. Another thing is that they require hikers to get checked by local health center to see if they are fit to hike. As of the moment, hikers are discouraged to climb mt. Batulao due to that reason and due to the influx of hikers climbing the mountain every weekend which contibutes to its further destruction. I would suggest for you to check other mountains and leave Mt. Batulao for later.

  66. hi..ask ko lang po mas ok ba na new trail ang paakyat at ung old trail po yung pababa para sa mga newbies? o isa lang po ang paakyat at baba na trail? thank you =)

    • I was a newbie when I climbed Mt. Batulao and we took old to new trail. Any of the two will do. Kung ayaw niyo magrappel dun sa 90 degree steep part, you can just take old to new pero if gusto nio nman the other way around. Both of the trails nman have their fair share ng difficult parts so kahit alin dun sa route ang piliin nio will pose equal challenge. Hope this helps. Have fun 🙂

      • .Papunta kasi kami this coming sunday kaya searching kami para may mga ideas na pag dating namin dun kasi lahat kami newbie eh…Anyway Thank you Ms.Keza. =)

  67. Hello! Sir / Ma’am..
    Sino po puwede kasabay sa pag climb sa Batulao?
    Mid Experienced na kasama ko kasama ilang newbies
    never been to batulao.
    As the saying goes.

    • Hi. Go create an event on Facebook and share it. For sure marami interested na sumama. Too bad already have plans lined up. Gusto ko rin sana balikan ang Batulao. But go enjoy yourselves. 🙂

    • A friend and I are planning to go tomorrow! When are you guys scheduled?

  68. Hi everyone! I need your help. Is there someone that you can recommend for tour guide? Can I have the number? My friends are planning na akyatin yung Mt. Batulao. We are all newbies. 😊 thank you. 😊

  69. Hi po. Good morning. Ask ko lang po sna kung may fee ba pag nagovernight dun? Im planning to have myself overnight in there. And safe po ba khet magisa lang? Hehe. Thanks po! 🙂

    • Hi Vokovich. Mas malaki lang yung fee for overnight stay. Normally sa camp 8 sa new trail nagoovernight. You can just ask yung person in charge how much would be the fee for overnight stay. 🙂

      • Hi! Meron po bang pwede macontact na tour guide? Can i have the number? We are all newbies. Thank you!

        • Hi Lee. I’m sorry but I don’t have any contact info of tour guides in Mt. Batulao. Pero kung kelangan nio tlaga, guides are available dun sa my parking area pagkalampas ng Evercrest. Don’t worry mababait yung mga tao dun. Or you can check this guy Herbert Endozo on facebook. He offered us P500/pax package before inc Reg. fee, Local Guide Fee, (Breakfast, Lunch & Meryenda) Bottled Water, Photo Ops… Transpo cost not yet included but it’s quite a fair price already I think.

  70. Good morning , i am michelle , question lang po, pano po pag couple lang ang mag hihiking ?? Kaya naman po ba? Pwede po ba mag stay dun ng mga 3days ?? With tent ! Thank you po

    • Hi Michelle. Okay lang naman kung couple kayo maghahiking. Kaya nga ng magisa lang. Ang alam ko lang is overnight stay pwede. You can ask na lang the people na nagmamanage ng bundok if you can stay longer. Sorry mejo late ang reply. Hope this helps. 🙂

  71. Mam,if baba po ako galing pico de loro, how to get sa evercrest? Thanks!

    • Hi ally. Hope my reply is still not yet too late. If pababa ka ng Pico de Loro and you would want to go to Evercrest, try mo humanap ng masasakyan that would drop you off Nasugbu-Ternate Highway then ride a trike to the town center. From there ride a bus going to Nasugbu Batangas ang Evercrest will just be along the way

      • Hi Ms. Keza first time lang po akong aakyat ng bundok, balak ko po kasing unahin yung pico de loro then Mt. batulao, ahm kapag po ba nakahanap ako ng masasakyan Nasugbu-Ternate malapit na po ba yun sa evercrest? Baka po kasi maligaw ako, mag isa lang po kasi ako aakyat eh. Reply po asap. Sa april 10 2016 pa naman po ako aakyat. Thank you i need more info’s kasi. ty ty

        • Pagkagaling ng Pico De Loro sakay ka ng bus to take you to Ternate-Nasugbu Road. If from there may bus na to Nasugbu, ride one to Evercrest. Along the way lang yun so di ka maliligaw. Kung wala nman bus, ride a jeep going to supermarket then from there ride a bus going to Evercrest. Just ask around. Mas masaya yun! 😊

    • Hi Pros. Hinde naman mandatory yung guide. Madali lang naman siya akyatin. Pero kung newbie mostly ng mga kasama mo na aakyat, mejo may mahihirap na parts ang trail pero kaya naman. Hinde rin sia nakakaligaw kaya okay lang na walang guide. Basta extrang ingat lang palagi. 🙂

  72. Hi! Can I ask if you have any contact information with the guides who took you? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ketchup. Sorry but I don’t have. Honestly, you don’t need a guide to trek Mt. Batulao but if you would insist to get one, you can hire one of the locals there. Price is P300 – P400 good for a group of 4-6 people

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