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Location: Barangay Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal
Elevation: 739+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9
Feature: Scenic view of the Sierra Madre range and of Tinipak River

Mt. Daraitan is one of the several stunning mountains located in the beautiful province of Rizal boasting all of nature’s goodness from pristine rivers and waterfalls, dark hollowed caves of century old formation of stalagmite and stalactite rocks to the picturesque view of the Sierra Madre range. She has quickly established herself as one of the top hiking destinations bringing hundreds of thrill seeking spirits to her trails every single day. She may have allowed way too many footprints in her land but don’t ever think she is all spice and everything nice because behind her summit seeming so graceful from afar is her utterly formidable nature which have sent some hikers home weeping and with a broken heart or should I say a broken knee.



Three in the morning and while the rest of the world was soundly asleep,  McDonald’s in front of Edsa Central however was filled with cheerful chatters and we were amongst them. Hiking is indeed the most popular recreation/outdoor activity this year as we weren’t the only group prepping for that day’s great adventure. Since transport service to take us to Tanay won’t be available until 4AM, we had no choice but to kill time over chicken Mcdo and coffee.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

The clock hit the hour of 4 and slowly the lively crowd left McDonald’s with our pack headed towards Starmall to catch ourselves the first trip to Tanay. We could’ve taken the jeepney as it was cheaper but vans are smoother and faster. We departed for Tanay at 5 (since we waited for other passengers to fill up the empty seats) and I have probably spent the rest of the trip talking about a whole bunch of stuff with my occasional hiking bud, Ardel. (PS: I am terribly sorry to those who were trying to sleep during the entire 1 hour travel but they couldn’t do so because of my boisterous blabbing. I just had way to much coffee!)

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

We arrived in Tanay Rizal a little passed 6 AM. From the drop off point (Jollibee Tanay), I walked towards McDonald’s to meet with our contact, Kuya Pio – the tricycle driver who will be taking us to Mt. Daraitan registration site. After much deliberation of who’s who (We were 7 and 2 of us if I may say were not within the generally accepted size so they were arguing who will take more of the weight) and how much should be paid, we started the bumpy ride to Brgy. Daraitan.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

The first part of the ride was really smooth through a concrete road then my nightmare began when we turned left to an avenue heading towards Brgy. Daraitan. It was a totally rough uphill ride which took almost an hour and mind you! I was seated at the back of the driver which turned out to be the worst possible spot I could be in that moment! Oh well not much I can do about it, do I?

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

We passed by a battalion of soldiers with all of them looking so tired. Beaten up. I remembered the news I’ve heard the week before about their (not possibly this group) encounter with the lefties in Batulao which cost them one of their comrades and I couldn’t help but feel sorry and sympathize. But hey! I never knew a simple “Hello” and “Good Morning” could do wonder to brighten them up and paint a smile on their faces! It was unbelievably priceless.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

After the seemingly without end uphill ride, we finally arrived in Brgy. Daraitan registration site. The scene we had come to witness wasn’t entirely much to my liking. Hundreds of young, promising and enthusiastic faces swarmed the streets in front of the registration area. I was confused, baffled and eager to find out what was causing the commotion. Turned out 2 people audaciously brought 2 groups of inexperienced hikers to hike up the summit of Mt. Daraitan which number would equate to more or less 150. Wow! That’s a whopping number to beat the trails of the helpless mountain, I’d say!

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

Anyhow! Mt. Daraitan was calling and quick were we to respond as after registering, paying the fees and securing ourselves a guide (the super kind Jouanson), we were already on our way to brave the challenge of this magnificent mountain. The hike kicked off with a walk along an uphill concrete road which stretched for several meters then shifted to a slippery rockstrewn road when it ended. The first leg of the trek wasn’t really that hard and we were still keen to notice the diversity of this mountain’s ecosystem. Trees obscure the sky towering over other plants of various species and immeasurable abundance. Flowers were scattered in both sides of the trail looking so lovely in different colors. The scene was so delighting we barely noticed we’ve trekked quite far from -where we started until the ordeal began passed station 1.

I shouldn’t have spat my conclusion out early on. The first part of the trek got me thinking I was up for an easy task. Little did I know I was headed to something I never knew before. Mt. Daraitan was merciless with trekking made twice a task grueling along the bloody muddy trail emblazoned with pointed and slippery rocks! The assault seemed so endless with the ascent becoming steeper in every step. There were times when it gets confusing which way to take as I was careful not to slip and fall on my back with barely nothing to choose from. Anywhere I lay my eyes on where equally treacherous as the other. There were wooden bars placed in both sides of the trail as support but they were not much of help to me. The only reason I was thankful they were there because they come in handy whenever I needed something to pull myself up a notch when merely relying on my strength wasn’t good enough. I was just glad the company I was with were never an extra baggage on my shoulder! In fact they were a whole lot better than me with them heading the pack and me left at the tail trying to keep up with them. Haha. There were 2 resting camps in between stations 1 and 2 and pretty much I was the one taking the most comfort in them. After the painstaking assault along a mud covered trail which lasted almost 2 hours, we finally reached station 2.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

The trail passed station 2 was no different. It was as much of a torture as the one we just went through. It continued on until camp 1 with the trail becoming too difficult seeming too impossible to overcome. We’ve walked through some flat surfaces where I found a bit of comfort from the too arduous task I have gotten myself in, giving me time to brace myself for the coming unknown challenge. I was thinking Mt. Daraitan was definitely far from over with her surprises so I had to make sure I was still physically and mentally ready to face whatever may come our way.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

It was a little passed 11 in the morning when we reached camp 1 and there we decided to eat lunch. We were too exhausted and most certainly out of energy to last the hike up until camp 2. We took 30 minutes to refuel. After then we took off to face the challenge going to camp 2 which was still an hour of trek away. We went through an equally grueling assault worsen by the scorching heat of the sun. The absence of wind blowing through made it impossible to bag for air and had me running out of breath several times. We also passed several intricate limestone rock formations with some of them having sharp edges which we had to carefully avoid. I felt too beaten up halfway to camp 2. The trek became more and more unbearable each time I was reminded how far were we towards the finish line. I was becoming too impatient (not my normal self) with it taking a toll on me with my mind constantly bugging me “Why is the climb to the peak taking me forever?” It was like a disease that was slowly consuming what little determination I had left. Just when I was about to pack up and leave, my feet (my shoes) finally embedded their prints against the muddy grounds of camp 2!! (Lol)

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

The summit from camp 2 was just 15 minutes away but don’t ever get too excited as one miss can still get you rolling down the hills. I have expected to see a crowd and I have witnessed no less than 50 people upon setting afoot the summit. Everyone seemed to be very busy getting on with their daredevil poses. My friends joined in the frenzy as well whereas I chose to find me a spot where I can admire the epic scenery and take it in in silence. I found me a spot amidst the crowd’s fulfilled laughter. It didn’t bother me that Mt. Daraitan has quite the noisiest summit I have ever set my foot in. I may have shared more quiet moments with the other mountains before but what my eyes were seeing was no less than beautiful. It was something unique only to the exemplary Mt. Daraitan, enough to remind my too tired soul that she was so worthy of it all.

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak RiverIt was getting late and it seemed as if we won’t make it to Tinipak River before sundown so after the getting ourselves enough of the summit, off we went to embark on another challenge. We didn’t trace the trail back to camp 2 instead we passed through a different route to avoid collision with the other hikers going up. The traverse to Tinipak River was unthinkable. It was nothing short of hellish. If hiking up the summit was arduous, there was no word to describe going down to Tinipak River. It was hard enough to avoid slipping while climbing, harder even when going down that made me wish I had better balance or I was in anyway good at skiing. It was no easy feat as I had to always be on my guard watching each of my step. There was pretty much nothing I can held on to except for small branches which wouldn’t really do much to prevent me from falling all the way down. I had to go over limestone rocks which made my hand sore. There were a couple of times when we had to pass through a narrow opening in between two limestone rock formations with me worrying about two things. I was like asking how am I gonna let myself through that space made for midgets without bumping my head or hurting myself when I have a body of a 200 pound bear? Haha. I couldn’t recall how exactly did I do it but a few scratches and bruises from my arm to some parts of my stomach down to my legs would tell it was such a nightmare. We had encounter a couple more obstacle such as uprooted trees blocking the trail and 90-degree rock climb going down (if there wasn’t an improvised ladder) before we finally reached Tinipak River.

Tinipak River was such a spectacular sight with its turquoise water floored with beautiful limestone rocks. The gushing water pounding against the rocks was music to my ear as I watched the sun bid the day goodbye with its orange hue painting the sky over the luscious trees of Mt. Mamara. This day may have been nothing of what I had expected it to be but it was something which taught me a better perspective. Mt. Daraitan may have been a relentless ordeal but I would really love to give her another try, another day with the same great company of fun loving people.


Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River

  • I do not despise new people coming to climb and love the mountains. I was once like them -a lost soul wondering what the heck is up there in a place where you can almost kiss the blue skies. Matter of fact I’ve expected to see a crowd that day especially that Mt. Daraitan has been a household name in the mountaineering community for quite some time now but never was I ready to see that many people! It was insane! I just hope these organizers would come to their senses and would take into consideration the impact they bring to the mountains as well as the well-being of their participants. These new hopeful souls coming to embrace the wonder of nature aren’t supposed to become an avenue for earning yourselves some cash. I too consider myself a newbie and instead of being taken advantage of, I would really appreciate if I and my fellow newbies would be guided  to the path of being the hope of our mountains’ future.
  • I discourage joining open hikes or if you are to join one, please take into consideration the number of participants who will be joining. I suggest joining open hikes with just 10-15 participants max. This way you can determine whether the organizer would be able to attend to you and your needs in case the situation gets dire. This was the case of the  2 inexperienced hikers we bumped into who were part of the 70 people one organizer took to hike Mt. Daraitan. One of them was injured on the assault and they were both scared and confused as to what to do. They said they were split into 2 groups of 35 and were designated 7 guides so each guide will handle 5 people. The guide left them when one of them got injured as he was to chase the other 3 who went off ahead of them. While getting to know and befriending new people are one of the benefits of joining open hikes, you can’t take away the fact that there are people who will remain strangers and will treat you as strangers nevertheless. It is still better to be with your friends or people you’ve known for a long time so in case something bad happens, you know they will have your back.
  • Please leave the comforts of the city in the city. If you are to hike up a mountain have the decency to consider other people and respect them. Don’t go bringing your bluetooth speakers in the wild and play them in full volume. You don’t just disrupt other hikers but you also are a nuisance to the environment. The mountains are places of solitude and not for party!
  • Please do not linger in the summit too long. Be mindful of the other people who would love to get their chance to witness the splendor of nature. If there aren’t too many hikers that day, Jeez! by all means you can stay for as long as you want but if there’s tons of them, don’t be an asshat and be considerate. Get on with your photo ops quick and leave. Simple.
  • Observe the “Leave No Trace” principle. Anybody who has a normal functioning brain would understand what these 3 little words imply! It means get your ass off the mountains if you are much of an asshole to adhere to this fundamental rule! 😊
  • The council overlooking the care of Mt. Daraitan has implemented a limit of 300 people to hike up the summit everyday. They also imposed a 30-minute limit to stay at the summit. Those in excess of 300 will only be allowed entry to Tinipak River and cave. How I wish they would bring the limit to just barely a hundred!

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


  • Commute – Ride a van in front of Starmall to Tanay or a jeepney along Shaw Boulevard. Get off at Jollibee Tanay and hire a trike going to Barangay Daraitan registration site.
  • Private – Drive to Tanay taking Ortigas Extension to Rizal Provincial Road, Roman Rojas Rd and Marikina-Infanta Hwy/Marilaque Hwy/R-6 to Tanay tracing the way to Laguna. Turn left to Makaira – Daraitan Road then drive all the way until the registration hall which is situated several meters passed the river. 



Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


  • RT Fare Manila-Tanay – P140
  • RT Fare Trike Tanay-Brgy Daraitan @ P500/5 – P200 (Trikes can accommodate a total of 6 pax)
  • Registration/Environmental Fee – P20
  • Tinipak River fee – P20
  • Guide Fee @P500/5 – P100 (Max capacity is 10 pax)
  • Food and other expenses – P100

TOTAL – P580



Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


  • Packed Lunch
  • Trail Water at least 2 liters
  • Gatorade
  • Trail food
  • Garbage Bag
  • Umbrella
  • Trekking Pole
  • Bandana/Cap
  • Extra Clothes
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Waterproof bag for gadgets in case of rain
  • First aid kit including both OTC and maintenance meds

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


0300 Meet Up McDonald’s Teleperformance (In front of Edsa Central
0400 ETD Tanay
0500 ETA Jollibee Tanay (Hike Trike)
0600 ETA Brgy. Daraitan Registration Site
0630 Start Trek
1100 Summit/Photo Ops
1200 Descent to camp 2/Lunch
1300 Start Traverse to Tinipak River
1600 Tinipak River/Cave
1700 Wash Up
1800 Hike back to registration
1900 Ride trike or jeep back to Tanay Terminal
2000 Tanay Terminal/Head Home
2100 ETA Manila

Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River


For further inquiries, you may contact Tanay Tourism thru the following numbers: 09323757376 / 7361059 or 09989881590 or you can check Mt. Daraitan Tour Guides Association on Facebook.

I personally recommend our guide Jouanson. He is guaranteed to take care of you in every way he can. Please contact him thru his mobile no. 09353129588 or 09752454264. If you need a tricycle ride from Tanay to Brgy. Daraitan, you may wanna contact Kuya Pio at mobile no. 09480424947


Guide Fee is now P750 for a group of 5. Kindly make the necessary adjustment to your budget prior to your hike.

There you go! Took me time to finish this. Like effing days! Care giving me a feedback aboit this post? Leave your comments on the box below. Keep on climbing and more happy trails to us! Until next time. Ciao!


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  1. kaka inquire ko po s guide ng daraitan, php100 n dw ang reg fee s jump off. ang guide ay 500 p rin.

    • Hi Juliet. Thanks for the update. Baka nga P100 na. Didn’t know na nagmahal na. 😊

  2. ronald.latorre.nunez@gmail.com Reply

    hi mam / sir nag ask po kay kuya Jouanson sabi sya ang registration fee 100php.

    • Kanino nyo po daw babayaran? Sa knya or dun sa registration site? Better verify na lang po sa reg site. Nways di nman required ang reservation. Just make sure to be there early para di kayo abutan ng cutoff

  3. Ask lang po maam Keza, Kung dadating kami ng mga 3am sa Registration, may mabibigay ba silang guide na available sa ganong oras? Salamat 🙂

  4. mamontostado Reply

    Sabi nila 4/9 lang difficulty vs sa Pulag na 3/9 pero hindeeee…. haha! been there yesterday at kahit gaano ka ka-fit sasakit katawan mo after. Not meant to discourage pero be prepared for 90% of the climb puro assualt hehe.

    • Truths! Eto yung bundok na almost nagpasuko saken! Fare lang naman yung 3/9 ng Pulag via Ambangeg trail. Di naman technical yung trail na yun. Mahabang lakad lng. Pero si Daraitan sobra! Hihingalin ka tlga!

  5. Hi, may dala kaming sasakyan (sedan) pwede po bang magpark dun sa Baranggay ng Daraitan? TIA

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes may parking space dun near the brgy reg area. Just ask around once you get there

  6. Anthony Andes Reply

    Hi Ms. Keza, anong oras kaya pwedeng mag start ng trekking pag daytour? Balak kasi namin na mag stay ng matagal sa Tinipak after ng hike. TIA 🙂

  7. Good day po. 🙂 May iba pa po bang pwedeng sakyan aside from tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan like jeeps? Kasi medyo mahal po ang 100 pesos. Thankyouuu 🙂

    • May jeep nman pero limited lng yung byahe papunta dun. I think 10am po ata yung first trip

  8. Hi Keza, did you bring your own lunch? Or the tour guide provided them for you? Is there a canteen tuere where we could buy ourselves some meals?

    • Hi Paul. We brought our own lunch. Yes there is a canteen there at the foot of the mountain near tinipak river.

  9. hi!ask ko po sana kung same p rin po b yung mga contact details n provided dito?salamat!!!

  10. Kailangan po ba talagang umakyat para makapunta sa Tinipak River or may alternate route?

  11. Hi, would you recommend this for a 1st timer? I see on the pictures it’s quiet difficult.

    • Hi Grace!

      Most of the time I don’t recommend Mt. Daraitan for newbies but it really depends on your skills and physical condition. If you think you are not yet up for the challenge, try less difficult trails like that of Balagbag, Manabu or Talamitam..

  12. hello 🙂 ask ko lang po kung magkano bayad sa tour guide per head ? thankyou po

  13. hello 🙂 ask ko lang po magkano bayad sa tour guide per head ? thankyou po .

    • Hi Rubie. Nope po. Wala pong stores selling hiking stuff near the registration. Try to drop by the market in Tanay. Marami po dun.

  14. hi , nag send ako sa number ng tanay tourism , i asked them if possible mag hike on march 12 , sunday ..
    need pa daw mag send ng request letter tsaka ng medical certificate ?

    DIy lang sana kami ng friend ko on sunday . kaso nalaman kong need mag pasa ng request and medcert ..

    bat from your blog hindi naman kayo nagbigay ng ganun ?

    thanks .

    • Hi Jonahlyn, SOP po yun ng Tanay tourism pero sa Brgy. Daraitan di na kelangan ng MEDCERT. You’ll just need to sign a waiver kung isa sa inyo may health issues. Agahan nyo lng cause my limit sa number ng hikers.

  15. Hi ask ko lang po, after hike and going back to tanay terminal yung tricycle & jeep na sinasabi nyo same price lang po ba yung bayad katulad nung first ride?

  16. Kapag mag dala ng honda city car, is it advicable? Safe ba siya dalhin going to the site? I think hindi nuh?

    2nd question, if dadala kami ng car (same unit) ahhh,is there a safe place to park the car in the city?

  17. Hi. Ask ko lang po kung nagpapadala sila ng van. Or may terminal po talaga dun na papuntang tanay Thanks 🙂

      • Thanks. Last question po 🙂 I asked Tanay Tourism last saturday sabi nila we nee to down 50% para sa reservation. Nag pareserve po ba kayo?

        • Hi Steve,

          Di po kelangan reservation. What you need to do is be there early kasi they limit the number of hikers to 300 everyday.

  18. Hi, Ask ko po lang po how much ang expense if 4 person camp for 2 days at tinipak, kelangan po b namin magdala ng own tent??and ask po if pwede magluto sa mountain top ?

    • Guide for overnight is priced at P1250 including registration fee good for 5 pax. Mas maganda magdala ng tent par secure ang matutulugan. And yes pwede magluto in top basta may sarili kayong cookset.

  19. Alexander Louie abuan Alindayu Reply

    Hi ask ko lang kung pwedeng tinipak river lang ? same rate pa din at kailangan pa din po ba ng guide ?

  20. I’d say! you are also an audacious person who beat the trails of the helpless mountain. You were there as well.you add up to those 150 people. just saying.

    • Yup I was part of it. And if I was aware of that situation, I would have chosen to hike somewhere else. What I was trying to emphasize on my post is that we should come in smaller groups. Avoid patronizing profit driven events.

    • Safe nman po at wala nmang problema king magisa ka lang. Bibigya ln ka lang nila ng guide.

  21. hello, tanong ko lang poh sana kung ung summary expenses ay ganon pa din? we are planning to have day hike next sunday, jan 22.

  22. Hello Ms. keza,

    Would you know if okay bang dalahin yung mga puppies ko dun sa daraitan? Hindi nmn po sila mahigpit? Thanks!

    • Hi Elsa,

      Okay lang po. Wala nman po sila sa restriction sa pups na kasama sa hiking. Just be responsible sa poop and all that. 😊

  23. Good day ask ko lang kung may limit ba ung pinapaakyat sa daraitan?

  24. Hi, paano po kaya pumunta sa Mt. Daraitan kung galing ako ng Sta. Lucia? Just for example sa Sta. Lucia East Grad Mall po ako galing.

  25. what is the age limit for the trail hike? i have 2 kids… ages 5 & 2 yrs. of age.

    • Hi Quelly, there is no age limit but Mt. Daraitan is not for kids especially kung first time nila. Better try muna easier trails like Mt. Balagbag or Manabu Peak

  26. Hi there! This January ba maganda umakyat ng daraitan? 🙂 Thanks!

  27. Hi, Is it just the same rate if we go overnight? P750 (Guide Fee & Registration Fee). Thanks!

  28. Hey thanks for this nice blog entry! I would like to know, if it is mandatory to book a guide or can I also go on my own? You said, this trail is quite popular, so it should be pretty straight-forward right? I will be in the Philippines for vacation and I just wonder. So far almost every blog entry I read about hiking in Philippines considered a guide. I hiked a lot in Taiwan and I never heard, that people book any guides there. Is it just best practice or really a must in the Philippines? Can you kindly give some feedback for Daraitan in particular and for other hikes in the area of Manila? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Daniel,

      Guide is required in almost all mountains here in the Philippines mainly for safety reasons. A great number of hikers are newbies or college youth with barely any experience in hiking. Our local govt and tourism dept aim to limit cases of death and missing hikers while aiming to protect the mountain’s ecosystem by making sure hikers abide to al given guidelines..

  29. Ms. Keza can i come along with you this Nov. 27 at Mt Daraitan

    • Hi.

      I’m sorry but I am not going in Mt. Daraitan this Sunday or anytime soon. Check out some events on Facebook. You might find some people who will take you in. 🙂

  30. Hello Ms. Keza. I was amazed po sa mga adventures nyo. Gusto ko din po umakyat pa ulit kaso wala naman akong makasama. Can I join to your group? Kailan po ulit kayo aakyat? Thanks in advance 😀

    • Hi Jirei..

      Not a problem. You can join us. On Dec 10-11, we are planning to do Mt. Balingkilat traverse to Nagsasa Cove. Check me out on Facebook to follow up. 🙂

      • Awwww 🙁 Sayang. Dayhike lang po ng Sunday ako pwede dahil may pasok po ako pag saturday up to 2pm. Ifollow ko na lang po kayo Ms. Keza sa Facebbok. If okay lang po malaman nyo name nyo dun para masearch ko po. Thank you ulit 😀

        • Just click on the Facebook icon on my bio. It will direct you to my profile. 😉

        • I don’t normally post about my upcoming events on Facebook. Send me a message so I can update you of our upcoming climbs. 🙂

      • @Ms. Jo
        Ay sayang. May climb po kami this Nov. 30 with my officemates. Maybe, on the following month po. I can join 🙂 Wala po kong insta kaya thru facebook na lang. Thanks 😀

    • Aww. Dayhike lang po ako pwede 🙁 Dahil may work po ako hanggang saturday up to 2pm. Ifollow ko na lang po kayo Facebook para maging updated ako. 😀 Ano pong name nyo dun? Haha. Thanks

      • Hi Jirei, you want to join us instead? My colleague and I are climbing Mt Daraitan this Sunday, Nov 27th. We have the same rest days :-). There are only two of us (both girls), and it would be better to have an extra person or two para save sa expenses, haha. Let me know if you’re interested. Look me up on instagram and send me a direct message if your interested, @_thevillagewanderer (Jo Villaver) or sa facebook as Jo Villaver (with pink floating hat on profile pic)

        @Ms Keza, thank you so much for this post. This is so helpful. I’m gonna stalk you on facebook, if you don’t mind, hehe 🙂

      • Okay Ms. Keza 🙂 Saan ko po pwedeng makita yung mga updates nyo for another climb? Dito din po mismo sa blog nyo? Thank you

        • Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll tell you whenever we have upcoming hikes. 🙂

  31. Hello po. Ask ko lang if need to inquire the barangay prior to hike date? or pwede na punta na lang on the hike date for registration?

    Thank you po..

    • Hi Lea. No reservation needed. Just be there early as they limit the number of hikers.

  32. Hi Mam bakit kaya hindi sumasagot yung tour guide. Kasi medyo madami dami kmi at gusto namin mag overnight dun. Tinatanong ko kung mag kanu extra bayad eh salamat po. pa sagot nlng salamat po mam!

    • Hi Jhon. I’m not really sure kung bakit po. Baka kasi busy lang din at mahina ang signal kaya di nakakarating agad yung message nyo. Try nyo na lang po ulit.. 🙂

    • Mark Ivan Tuazon Reply

      Sir Jhon, Try niyo po itong number 0975-245-4264 yan po yung binigay nyang bagong number.

  33. Pearl del Mundo Reply

    Hi! do you have cellphone number of your tour guide? we are planning to have a daytour and hike at Tanay kasi 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  34. Ryan Manalo Reply

    Hi keza, mag dadaraitan kami this sunday…and kinontact ko so kuya jouanson…ok talaga sya? May package sya inoffer for 8 pax with van na and 2 tour guide fee…

    • Hi Ryan. Yes okay na okay si Joaunson. Maasikaso at di ka pababayaan. I don’t know about the package he’s offering pero if sa tingin nyo tama lang nman ang price then it should be okay. Have fun. 🙂

  35. Possible po ba na mag tinipak river and darakan falls in one day? Not going to do the whole mt daraitan just the tinipak river. Tapos after sana daranak falls. What do you suggest?

  36. Ano pong oras umaalis yung mga van sa starmall papunta pong tanay?

  37. Wala silang promo na kapag madami discounted sa tour guid, kailangan ba tlga ng tour guide?

  38. Hello, Kezza. Pwede ko po ba mahingi number ni Manong who owns the tricycle?

    • Hi Penny. Nasa blog post po. Sa bandang dulo naandun number ni kuya pio. 😊

  39. Nazzer James Reply

    hello Ms. Kezza 🙂 i just wanna ask kung open din cla every weekend. plano kc namen pumunta ng mga classmate ko this coming October 30.. thanks a lot 🙂

  40. hi. just wanna ask kung pano pumunta sa Mt. daraitan from cubao tsaka yung name ng sasakyan? may diretso na po ba cubao to tanay?

    • Hi. I’m not really sure about the jeepneys in Cubao. I think there are those bound for Antipolo and in order to get to Tanay You’ll need to ride another jeepney.

    • Hi Miko. Mandatory po ang guide and i doubt they’ll give you exception kahit naakyat mo na sya dati. I think mas naghigpit pa nga sila due to recent incident of missing hiker.

  41. hi hi Ma’am,
    Kaya ba ng mga kids age 9-14 akyatin ang daraitan?

    • Hi Adoy. Yeah. They should be okay. Just prep them for the physically demanding hike since Mt. Daraitan is kinda steep and a straightforward assualt all the way. Have fun. 😊

      • hello, were planning to go there on november 1 it is possible to go there that season and do we need to ask a reservation for that day thank you

        • Hi Princess! Brgy. Daraitan DENR has no reservation policy. You have to be there early as they limit hikers to 300 daily. And yeah hiking is possible on the date of your choice although I would suggest for you to anticipate an influx of hikers since it is a holiday. 😊

      • hi keza! were planning to go there on november 6 from binan laguna po.. ask ko lang po pano po magcommute papunta sa tanay rizal salamat po 🙂

        • Hi Pinky. If you don’t wanna take the Metro Manila route, then check Balibago for trips to Siniloan. There you can see jeepneys bound for Tanay Rizal. From Tanay, ride a trike going to Brgy. Daraitan. 🙂

      • hi ms keza, paano po if 2 lang po kmi maghihike pni po ang tour guide fee nun?thanks

        • You will have to split the cost between the two of you. Try to haggle na lang. 🙂

  42. Hi, miss Keza! Just wanna ask if meron po kayong mare-recommend na group na ang starting po nila ay sa Antipolo na? Taga-Antipolo po kasi kami at mga nakikita lang po kasi namin na nag-oorganize ay sa Starmall or Q. Ave ang meetups/start. Or kung wala pong ganung group, okay lang po ba na punta na lang kami basta then may tour guide na agad dun? Thank you so much in advance!! 😀

    • Hi Aicee! Yeah I would suggest for your group to just go directly to Brgy. Daraitan and get a guide instead of joining organized events. Just be there early as there is a limit in the number of hikers they allow to climb up. Be safe.

      • Yay! Thank you so much po for answering! God bless and more hikes and adventures to you, Ms. Keza! <3

      • Ms. Keza!! One more thing, okay lang po ba or advisable po ba na magdala ng sariling sasakyan? Do you think it’s safe po kung iiwan ang sasakyan somewhere dun? Thank you again!

  43. Hi po.. yung sa mt. Daraitan and tinapak river magkalapit lang po ba un?thanks

    • Hi Jelah, yes po. Nasa paanan lang po ng Mt. Daraitan yung ilog. Yun po bubungad sa inyo pagkababa nyo ng bundok.

  44. Hi po! Was just wondering kung pwede ba mag-car instead of the tricycle ride? Kaya ba ng innova yung daan? And kung may parking ba sa Brgy. Daraitan (yung starting point, before going for the hike). Thank you in advanced 🙂

    • Hi Andie! Yes pwede magcar. Kaya ng innova yung road and may designated parking area dun sa barangay.

  45. Hi .. meron nabang mga guide don paakayat sa Mt. Daraitan? and what time yung mgandang travel from star mall to witness the sea of clouds? saan din po sa starmall yung sasakyan na van papuntang tanay? thank you.

    • Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience. There is no denying the beauty of Mt. Daraitan and we can’t blame people for wanting to see her. Hope limiting hikers has done quite a good job in preventing this beaut’s deterioration. Cheers to more hikes!

  46. This blog is a great help for me. I have a question though. You’ve mentioned that in order for us to witness the sea of clouds, we should trek as early as 1am.. does that mean If we arrive at 10pm someone will still be able to guide us on our trek? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi JM. Yes. There will be guides expecting hikers who would want to witness the sea of clouds and would start the trek in the wee hours. Try to make prior arrangements just to be sure. You may contact our guide Jouanson. Good Luck. 🙂

  47. hi Keza….We are planning to climb this coming Sept 17, 2016.. I think we are about 10 pax more or less.. Most of us want to witness the sea of clouds. But most likely it is only present during morning.. so my question is where do you think is the best camp site for us so we can take the summit early.. TIA

    • Hi Raraboy. You should start the trek at 1am the latest to witness the sunrise and the sea of clouds. It’s more than enough time for the trek and to rest at campsite 2, the nearest campsite to the summit. From there the summit is just 10-15 minutes away. Have fun you guys. 🙂

    • Hi Kayla. Safety is relative. There are places which are safe but there are those which are not. If you would travel alone, dapat lage ka cautious especially girl ka. If sa bundok, mas maganda kumuha ka ng guide or magsama ng mga friends. Do your research first before embarking on a trip para lage ka handa sa pwede mangyare. 🙂

    • girlie d.c. sevilla Reply

      hello miss kayla!!! i am also alone and planning to go to daraitan, perhaps we can meet and go there on weekdays…

      • Hi gals! I know someone who is organizing a hike to Mt. Daraitan. Maybe you guys wanna join her. Give me a shout on FB so I can let you guys meet! 🙂

  48. Hi, Keza. I always wanted to climb Mt Daraitan and found your blog really handy.
    Thank you for your post and may you conquer all your fears and find happiness in all your adventures.

  49. Melody Gamao Reply

    HI Ms. Keza…Thanks for this blog very helpful and informative. By the way, is it okay to hike when it’s raining? We’re planning to hike on 21st..praying na okay ang weather condition.TIA .. 😉

    • Hi Melody. There is fun in hiking in rainy days but if it comes to Mt. Daraitan, I would say you hike when the weather is sunny and bright. The muddy trail is just pure torture.. But it’s up to you. Go have fun. 🙂

  50. How will I know if there are hikers on that day? I and one of my friend are very interested to climb the summit this 12 August

    • Hi Melanni. Try to contact the numbers I’ve indicated on the blog to check.. Normally on weekends hikers flock thr area but on weekdays just a few people hike this mountain. 😊

  51. Hi! nice blog Ms. Keza napaka-informative nito especially sa mga newbies na gustong pumunta ng Daraitan like me. Balak po naming pumunta kasama Boyfie ko (kaming dalawa lang ba) to celebrate his bday. Ano pong suggestion niyo? Any contacts po ng tricycle drivers doon at tourguide? Salamat po.

    • Hi Anreshiel. Try to contact our guide Jouanson – 09353129588 and our trike driver Kuya Pio 09480424947. You guys prepare physically for the energy draining hike. Marami na sumuko sa Daraitan but I’m rooting for you to pass the challenge. Just have fun and make every moment count. Mostly.. Be careful always. 🙂

  52. Lou Eriksson Reply

    Hi Ms. Keza thabk you for the blog very informative! However I have a question is it safe to go and stay overnight if it was just 3 female and of course with the Guide only? Thank you.

    • Hi Lou. It should be ok. Just keep your guards up always to prep for whatever may happen out there. It’s the wild. Nothing is certain. But you go have fun. 😍

  53. Hi Keza ! thanks for the info. ask ko lang, every camp ba may available na CR ? meron din ba mapagpapalitan ng damit sa river ? I was wondering if hassle ba if yung schedule ng tour eh napatapat ng “monthly visit” .. thanks 😊😊😊

    • Hi. Yeah may available po na CR sa campsite near Tinipak River but the other campsites up Mt. Daraitan, wala po.. 🙂

      • Great! parang hindi kase kumpleto kung di maeexperience magswimming sa river kung walang place pra magpalit lalo kung may “monthly vist” ..

        • Well, that’s the thing about girls! We can be smart and pretty yet still vulnerable and will always have a monthly visit not unless we’re 50. haha. 😛 Good luck. Enjoy your hike.

  54. Hi Kaiza. Nice blog. Thanks for all the info. Ask ko lng kasi plan namin ng family to go here, advisable ba isama ang bata ages 11 & 15 yrs old? Our first time to explore Tanay. Appreciate your reply. Thanks and more power!

    • Hi Grace. I’m a big fan of people teaching kids to love the outdoors early on but I think Mt. Daraitan isn’t the perfect fit for kids especially if it’s their first time. Better to take them hiking first somewhere na mas friendly to newbies. But if you would insist with Daraitan, just make sure to have them physically and mentally ready kasi endless assault ang trek from the foot to the summit and it can be very slippery pag kakaulan lang which is just usual for Tanay kahit pa summer ngayon. Good Luck and you guys have fun.

  55. Hi Kaiza ano pangalan ng gwapo nyong tour guide? Ano cp number nya?

    • Hi Hero. His name is jouanson.. Just got his number from a colleague just now. Try ringing his mobile 09353129588. 🙂

  56. Hi Ms. Keza, mayroon po bang nagpaparent ng tent dun..if ever meron po mga magkano po kaya? thank you sa response 😀

    • Hi Aly. Yes meron po. Sa may Tinipak River meron. Or you might also want to check sa Barangay. Guess yung rent fee ranges from P300-P400 🙂

      • Hi Ms.Keza ask lng po sana magkano rent ng tent dun? at malapit lang din ba sa tinipak ung lodge dun or pag ayaw mag rent ng tent may room ba dun na matutuluyan at magkano ang rent ask lng salamat po sa pagsagot 🙂

        • Hi Alvin. Tent rental price ranges from P300-P500. Yes po malapit lang po sa Tinipak River yung hut na pwede nio irent. Price is P1000 to P1200 good for 10pax.

          • Hi ms.keza how much po ung rent ng room for 2 person meron pu ba? salamat sa reply.

            • Hi alvin. Di ko alam pag 2 people lang cause the only accomodation I got to ask about was the hut near Tinipak River. It’s for 10pax for a price of P1000 so kung dalawa lang kau you will have to pay the same. Pwede din kau tumawad. You might wanna ask the barangay for other options. Let me give you the number for Tanay City council. One sec. 🙂

              • Cge po get ko number then i ask sila if pwede pa matawaran parang lugi eh haha 🙂

                • Hi Alvin. These are the numbers for Tanay Tourism 0932.3757376 / 7361059 or 0998.9881590 and not for the person/entity managing the huts in Tinipak. You can ask further info about mt. daraitan here or better yet ask for a good contact no. For the denr in daraitan. 🙂 kindly also check mt. Daraitan tour guide association on Fb.

  57. hello po salamat pag post… meron po ba kayong contact number po ng trike driver ?

  58. Apple barro Reply

    Hi ask ko lang kung pano nyo nacontact yung tour guide or walkin lang haha

      • Hi ms. keza ask lng po sana need paba ng tour guide sa tinipak river and cave or mt.daraitan lng need ng tour guide kasi ang balak nmen day 1 tinipak river and day 2 mt.daraitan. salamat po sa pagsagot.

        • Hi alvin. Yes need po. You can ask na lang the guide kung pano magiging set up at kung magkano ichacharge nia kasi 500/day ang guide.

  59. Hi Ms Keza. Ung kubo for rent sa tinipak, closed po ba ito (may walls) or roof lang? I’m planning to bring my friends kaso wala silang gamit for overnight. Ilan po kasya dito? Thanks po! 🙂

  60. Hi! Were planning to visit mt daraitan end of this month, were using a private car , where can we park the car while on hike? We just go directly to the registration and they will assign a tour guide? can we go there without reservation?

    • Hi Bheng. You can park in the designated parking space near the registration. No need for reservation. Just go directly to the registration area and they will be the one to assign u guide and whether u can hike to mt. Daraitan or just the other sites.

  61. Hello po. Nice article!

    May tanong lang po ako. May kailangan po ba kaming icontact before going sa Daraitan, like to arrange our ride ( kasi i read on your blog na may contact kayo for trike ride ) or okay lang na punta na lang dun? Madali po ba if ever kumuha ng trike sa Tanay to Daraitan?

    Thank you po and more power 🙂

    • Hi Pat. No need naman na magcontact since madali lang kumuha ng trike driver dun. Sa Jollibee Tanay sila normally nakatambay. I took the effort of contacting someone kasi gusto makasiguro sa gastos. P500 is the ideal price sa tricycle and it can fit 6 people.

  62. Hello! Interesting read. I’m planning to hike Mt. Daraitan but my friends do not want to hike, they just want to camp by the river. Would it be possible to trek to the river campsite and from there hike to the summit? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Lorenz. Yes it is. 3KM rough road hike from the registration point ang Tinipak River then from there you can hike up to the summit. 🙂

  63. Hi! I really want to try this activity, pero mejo strict ang parents q, ask ko lng mga wat tym mkakauwi ng manila? saka dpt po b 3am tlga umlis ng manila?

    • Hi Nalen. Depende sa pacing niyo kung mabilis lang kayo makakauwi kayo ng Manila by 6PM pag natapos niyo ang trek at river and cave exploration ng mga 4PM. You have to get there early kasi may limit na ng 300 hikers ang papaakyatin. And if mas maaga kayo mas maaga din kayo matatapos and mas maaga ka makakauwi. You be careful. Have fun 🙂

      • Hi ms.keza ask lng ilang hrs biyahe mula starnall hanggang tinipak river? pra ma estimate po nmen ung oras , salamat po sa pagsagot 🙂

  64. Hi, ask ko lang kung naka motor kami makakarating ba kami sa daraitan bgy hall? my tawiran ba ng sasakyan sa ilog papuntang bgy hall? Thank you and God bless.

    • Hi Ridel. Yes makakarating po. Meron po tulay pero magbabayad po kau ng P10 para sa bridge. 🙂

  65. Hi , Ms.Keza ask ko lng po sana kung advisable mag hike sa mt.daraitan at tinipak river and cave ng dalawa lang po at ask lng din po sana may matutuluyan pu ba dun? Salamat po sa pagsagot 🙂

    • Hi Alvin. Yeah okay nman kung dalawa lang pero required ang guide. The last time it was P500. Meron mga kubo na for rent sa may Tinipak River so kung wala kayo camping gears pwede dun kayo tumuloy. P1200 ang rent pero baka pwede din kayo tumawad. 🙂

      • Hi Ms.Keza thank you for answering my question isa pa pong tanung ung kubo naba un pwedeng tulugan?at ung 1200 na un ilang days po un nakastay? as if may campaign gears kame saan kame mag stay nmn? at ung sa tour guide nmn? per day ba bayad nila? what if 1st day mt.daraitan kame then 2nd day tinipak river? or else kaya ba mapuntahan ng isang buong araw ung mt.daraitan at tinipak river and cave pakisagot po plan ko kase pmunta dun next month at first timer din po kase.

        • Yes pwede kayo matulog sa kubo at 1200 per day. Kung may camping gear pwede kau magset up ng camp sa campsite sa gilid ng Tinipak River. Kakayanin naman ng one day ang trek sa Mt. Daraitan but if you wanna make the most out of your time mas maganda magovernight. Yung guide fee na P500 is per day yun. Pag nakapagset up na kayo ng camp sa Tinipak River, di na nyo kelangan ng guide. Sa pagakyat lang at pagbaba sa river tapos explore sa gave.

          • Hi Ms.Keza salamat sa pagsagot ng tanung ko last question po di ba delikado mag stay sa mag lagay ng campaign gears sa tinipak river? sa mt.daraitan lng ba need ng tour guide? pero sa tinipak river and cave need pa pu ba ng tour guide salamat po sa pagsagot.

          • Hi Ms.Keza salamat sa pagsagot ng tanung ko last question po di ba delikado mag stay sa mag lagay ng campaign gears sa tinipak river? sa mt.daraitan lng ba need ng tour guide? pero pag pumunra sa tinipak river and cave need pa pu ba ng tour guide at anong oras maganda pumunta ng daraitan? ano po time ang maganda. salamat po sa pagsagot.

            • Hi Alvin. Hinde naman delikado. Just make sure not to leave your valuables unattended. You will need the guide to hike mt. Daraitan and to explre the cave. Mas maganda magpunta ka dun ng maaga. Dapat 5am andun ka na kasi may limit na 300 hikers lang ang paakyatin.

              • Hi Ms.Keza last question na po tlga may mabilhan ba ng foods dun or need tlga nmen magdala ng foods?

                • Near Tinipak River, may eatery at grocery store where you can buy goods and eat but I suggest that you bring food kasi mejo pricey na mga commodities dun. 🙂

    • Hi Jace. Mother of assaults ang tawag ng iba dito kasi straight forward na pataas ang trail. If this will be your first hike, be Careful na lang and jog ka to prep up. Or you can try other mountains muna na mas newbie friendly. 😊

    • Hi Jai. Nope. Sobrang pagod na mga kasama ko nun so di na kmi pumunta. Haha. Pero it probably be one heck of an experience. Babalikan ko yun pag umakyat ako ng mt. Mamara. 🙂

    • Hi Noel. Depende kasi yun sa pacing. Kung traverse kayo, from the summit mahaba na ang 3-4 hours. Kung backtrail naman, from barangay it should only take 30-45 minutes to walk 2km to Tinipak River. 🙂

  66. gameblogger09 Reply

    Yow Idol Kez,

    Ilang Headcount per TourGuide?. my nabasa kc ako sa other Blog na max 10 head / tour guide for 500 to 700 php. then sa iba 5 head/per tour guide.

    balak namin this 25.



    P.S I.T here 🙂

    • Hi Jonel. It’s actually 10 pax sa P500 na tour guide i just made the sample expenses for the group of 5 pax. The P700 guide fee cost is still under proposal 🙂 you guys have fun sa Mt. Daraitan.

      • gameblogger09 Reply

        yes we will. 🙂
        btw : do you have any contact in tanay tourism office.. no one responded on our call this morning. 🙁 we just want to ensure that our group(10 head) will be part of 300 climbers per day.. :D..

        • Hi Jonel. Im sorry. I went through my contacts but couldn’t find that number I secured for inquiries like this. Keep on trying that number you have. Or just get there the earliest possible time. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. I think dun sa Tinipak river. Yung resto dun nagpaparent for around P400. Not sure. Pero if walng tent na available, merong kubo pwede rentahan na good for 10 pax for P1000. Haggle for the price na lang.

  67. Hi keza pano po pag overnight kami pano ung procedure ng overnight.

    • Hi Marisa. You will have to inform the brgy officials that u wanna camp overnight. As there is a limited space in the campsites, officials also limit the number of hikers they allow to do overnight. If the campsites are full, you might be allowed to camp near Tinipak River. 🙂

  68. hi thanks sa blog mo, my plan kami mg hike sa Mt. Daraitan ask ko lng sana kng mas maaga b kami mkkarating mkkpg hike din ng mas maaga?. thanks in advance

    • Hi Jai. Yes. Mas maaga, mas maaga kayo makakapaghike. But if you arrive before daybreak, make sure to bring headlamps. Have fun :mrgreen:

  69. Hi. Where do you get to change after bathing ? Sorry this nature thing is all new to me hehe. Especially for a day hike, how do you manage your stuff and get to dry and change before leaving?

    And also for daraitan climb, do we need to contact anyone that we’re planning to have a climb or we can just hit it off? 🙂

    • Hi Anne. There’s a resto near Tinipak River where you can wash up. Just bring a change clothes, toiletries, and ziplocks where you can place your wet clothes.

      For Mt. Daraitan, you don’t have to contact anyone. Just get there as early as you can so you will be included in the first 300 hikers to be allowed to hike up. 🙂

  70. Tank u for the info miss keza mar how about medical certificate do we still to provide for th or we just go there nlang po.

    • Nope. No need. Just declare if one of u has illness. I think magpapasign lang sila ng waiver. 🙂

  71. Hi miss keza mae kelangan pa ba ng magemail sa tanay tourism authority ng mga list ng name kung sino pupunta

    • Hi Marisa. No need na. Just get there as early as you can so you may still be included to the first 300 who will be allowed to hike up mt. Daraitan. Email is required sa ibang mountains dun but not Daraitan. Good Luck

      • Jek Soriano Reply

        We are now confused haha we’ve called Kuya Willy (tour guide pres) and asked him for the availability of vans to Tanay, he said 24hrs. Hehe Which is which? Sorry for this.

        • When we wre there, transpo from Tanay to Mnila is availabke 24 hours but the vans is only up until 11p and will resume at 4a. I made sure to ask the driver about it for this purpose. If u really need to be there early the following morning, you can camp first in Tinipak then do hiking the following day.

  72. Hi paano kung mag isa lang ako tapos newbie backpack traveler, paano ako makakatipid sa gastos para sa tour guide at sa mga tricycle fare. para kasing mapapamahal ako kasi mag isa lang ako. Info’s naman po. ty ty

    • Hi Jade. There are a lot of other hikers nman na makakasabay mo. Just wait for them in Jollibee Tanay. You may approach them and ask if they still have room for a person to take part of the cost. Better yet bago ka pumunta dun, ask for people in FB kung sino may climb sa Daraitan. Kasi mapapamahal ka tlga kung magisa ka lang all throughout. May jeepney in Tanay terminal going to Daraitan but trips would start 1pm and fare is 100. Same with the guide kasi mandatory siya so you will really have to go with a group

      • Try joining Backpacker of the Philippines or Climber in FB. You will bump into some nice people there. Just avoid mass climb make sure na yung sasalihan mong group is consist of only 10 – 15 pax. Let me know if you have other questions

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