Mt. Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River



Location: Barangay Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal
Elevation: 739+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9
Feature: Scenic view of the Sierra Madre range and of Tinipak River

Mt. Daraitan is one of the several stunning mountains located in the beautiful province of Rizal boasting all of nature’s goodness from pristine rivers and waterfalls, dark hollowed caves of century old formation of stalagmite and stalactite rocks to the picturesque view of the Sierra Madre range. She has quickly established herself as one of the top hiking destinations bringing hundreds of thrill seeking spirits to her trails every single day. She may have allowed way too many footprints in her land but don’t ever think she is all spice and everything nice because behind her summit seeming so graceful from afar is her utterly formidable nature which have sent some hikers home weeping and with a broken heart or should I say a broken knee.

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