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Name: Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod
Location: Cuenca, Batangas
Height: Summit (930 Masl). Rockies (706 Masl)
Difficulty: 4/9
Trail Class: 1-3
Guide: Mandatory/Required

Mt. Maculot is one of the several scenic mountains surrounding the province of Batangas and undeniably one where Taal Lake is most beautiful to be seen from. She has been a mystery to many for a very long time as talks about it being enchanted has spread quite frantically among locals instilling both fear and curiosity among visiting mountain enthusiasts. While several deaths in this mountain have been recorded in the past with the most recent dating in 2013, it remained a favorite among climbers and is still packed with lively souls every single day.



Due to proximity issues being based in Laguna, I decided to skip Mt. Batolusong, headed instead to Batangas for the challenge of Mt. Maculot and I was just glad I did. At first I thought of being arrogant for not considering the arduous task this mountain requires but then again I realized that it will serve me better any other way to prepare myself for the climb to Mt. Pulag which will take place in 2 weeks.


Anyways, there was just I and my “Boyfie” this time. We took the trail Rockies-Summit-Grotto as I was eager to experience the challenge early on. I haven’t climbed in a while and I have gained quite a few pounds from the last time I dared conquer a mountain peak so I was very aware this will be thrice as hard as the last time I was in the mountains. Although I’ve climbed Taraw Cliff in El Nido a week back, I still wasn’t very confident this is gonna be easy.


The climb kicked off at 7AM with a walk along the concrete Mt Maculot Rocky Road that was gradually ascending until its very end. I was sweating profusely so I was just glad to see a resting camp as we turned left off the main road. Past that is a flat trail which will stretch for 15-20 meters and will descend to what seem like a multi-tiered waterfall which at that time was empty of water. Past that. The real ordeal begins.


I gotta hand it over to Mt. Maculot. She’s the most difficult mountain I’ve climbed thus far. She was purely unforgiving. It’s no wonder that before reaching the campsite, mountaineers will pass through 14 resting camps as catching a breather once in a while is of immense importance. If I would have to describe Mt. Maculot, I’d say she is the kind who doesn’t beat around the bush and get straight to the point as what her trail suggest. It is like a natural ladder that goes straight up and gets steeper as the assault gets nearer the campsite with rocks and roots both protruding from the ground which were at some instance helpful but were additional challenge for the most part. Perhaps the one thing that got me going on despite the climb getting even more unbearable as we inch closer to the top is the promise of a more stunning view of Taal Lake.


After hours of painstaking assault, we reached the campsite at 8:45AM. We rested for a little then headed towards the infamous Rockies.


From the campsite, we headed west for the Rockies. The trail was a straight path along overgrown grasses with the view of Taal Lake and the surrounding valley being seen all over. A quick descent got us to a spot where we got to marvel at the Rockies for the first time. A steep descent followed but was made easy by ropes installed as support along the trail until the stablest ground going to the base of the Rockies. The hike from the campsite to the base of the Rockies took us 15 minutes.


The Rockies speaks true to its name as in order to get to the top, we had to climb through boulders. The first part was the most difficult. We had to be careful not to hit our heads as we struggle to get to a safe spot. After that, everything was just a walk in the park (Kidding ^-^). There were two parts of the Rockies were you can witness Taal Lake in full view and get your death defying photos taken. We headed first to the left side of the Rockies, got some photos taken then headed to the right but didn’t linger too long as the heat of the sun was already becoming to much to take. Besides, there were other hopefuls at the base of the Rockies waiting for their turn to marvel at the beaut our eyes have feasted for a few good minutes then. We didn’t really want to make them miserable. That’s just rude, isn’t it? So down the Rockies we went.


We traced the trail we had come from to get to the Rockies to get back to the campsite. It was 9:15 AM and our tummies were already complaining. We bought instant noodles and had it cooked from the small store mountaineers would fondly call as 7/11. I thought it was a bit overpriced at P45 apiece but then again who am I to complain when I’m extremely hungry.


After satiating our thirst and hunger and as we felt well rested, off we went to conquer the summit at exactly 10AM.


From the campsite, we headed east this time to start the climb to the summit. The first part of the trail was along a flat surface with overgrown grasses in both sides that stretch for at least 100 meters. After that the trail becomes a combination of steep ascents and descents with the former dominating for the most part. Unlike the trail from the foot of the mountain to the campsite, the assault to the summit is less grueling. The only thing probably that got me complaining are huge uprooted trees blocking the way which you can pass through by slipping under or hopping over it. Either way was just bad for me but I chose the latter as I didn’t wanna risk getting myself stuck under a tree trunk smeared in mud. If you are wondering if I hopped on it? Go figure. Haha


The assault to the summit took us a little over an hour as we arrived there at 11:10AM. There were only a few happy souls present at the peak then. Some came from the Grotto and intends to go down to the Rockies. We went through the obligatory summit photo ops and got some few good ones taken and spent the rest of our time at the summit having hearty conversations and making friends with the other mountaineers.



We began the descent to the Grotto when we realized there was already a swarm of people at the peak and was starting to get overcrowded. We also considered the traffic that might build up later at the part where one has to use a rappel to go down a steep path. At 12:45 PM the descent took place. The trail going down although a lot easier looked more forested with rattan and overgrown bushes obscuring the trail made it hard to identify which way to go, even slowed us down as we tried to avoid getting cut with its thorns and razor sharp edges. It also was rugged similar to that of the Rockies.


There were 2 parts where we had to use a rappel (a thick rope tied at the top) to go down with the 2nd rappel being longer. This were the parts I found most difficult as I’m not much of a rope person. Luckily, I survived it unscathed.


We arrived at the only spot we could call a resting camp, that part at the base before the assault to the Grotto. We paused to catch ourselves some air which made me realize that the trail from the summit to Grotto has no resting camps. It got me thankful in so many ways. I couldn’t just imagine what those bunch who took the other route went through. That was such a punishment.


The ascent to the Grotto then didn’t take too much of our energy as it was just really easy with the scorching heat and overgrown grasses blocking the trail the only two things bothering us. We didn’t stay too long at the Grotto. We spent just a few minutes to say a little prayer, get some photos taken and to gaze the at summit for the last time.


From the Grotto, we went down through a concrete ladder which just took us 20 minutes to finish. A little walk from the base of the ladder parked several tricycles which took us back to the town proper of Cuenca. We would have loved to drop by Taal Lake to relax and take in the view but some circumstance arose which made us change minds. Nevertheless, we were more than satisfied for the day’s turn of events. The entire ordeal ended 15 minutes before 3PM with a smile.



  • Commute – Take a bus from Buendia or Cubao going to Batangas then alight at Tambo Exit. Fare is P116 for those from Buendia and P140 for those hailing from Cubao. Then take a jeep going to Lemery and get off at Cuenca. Fare is P22. From Cuenca, ride a trike going to the main jump off point quickly stopping at the registration area (Rockies or Grotto). Fare is P20/pax
  • Private – Pass through SLEX then Star Tollway to Batangas taking Tambo exit. From Tambo exit turn left in Lipa-Tambo H-way all the way to Banay-Banay. Turn right before Phoenix Gas Station and follow straight the National H-way going to Cuenca town proper. Take the first right from the market area. Just ask the locals for a more accurate direction to the  registration site and the mountaineers store.



Please contact Jhaypee Malate - 09269960145
or Jason Albert Briones 09163722649

if you wish to hire a someone to guide
you to hiking Mt. Maculot.

Source info: Left on this post's comments section
Standard rates in Mt. Maculot

0400-0430: Assembly in Buendia or Cubao Bus Stations
0430-0600: Travel from Buendia to Batangas (Tambo Exit)
0600-0630: Tambo Exit To Cuenca Proper
0630-0645: Cuenca Proper - Registration/Barangay Outpost - Rockies Jump Off Point (Mountaineers Store)
0645-0700: Warm Up. Toilet.
0700: Start Trek
0700-0830: Jump Off To Campsite
0830-0845: Rest
0845-0900: Campsite to Rockies
0900-0930: Rockies. Photo Ops
0930-0945: Rockies to Campsite
0945-1015: Rest. Snack Time
1015-1130: Campsite to Summit
1130-1230: Summit. Photo Ops. Lunch
1230-1400: Descent from Summit to Grotto
1400-1430: Descent from Grotto to Tricycle Parking Area
1430-1500: Grotto to Barangay Outpost. Log Out. Wash Up
1500-1530: Barangay Outpost - Cuenca Proper - SM Lipa Bus Terminal
1530: Travel Home

2L Water
Trail foods (Chocolates, Jelly Ace, Fruits, Mallows)
Pack Lunch (highly recommended. Not time consuming. No need cooking)
Umbrella (just be careful with the wind though)
Scarfs or caps (something you can use for cover that could not be easily blown away)
Raincoat or Rainjacket (in case of rain)
Extra Clothes & Toiletries (washing up after the trek)
Garbage Bag (as they say “Leave nothing but footprints”)

Bus Fare Buendia-Tambo Exit - P116
Bus Fare back To Manila (SM Lipa Bus Terminal) - P100
RT Jeep Cuenca-Tambo/SM Lipa - P50
RT Fare Tricycle Registration Point-Cuenca Proper - P55
Registration Fee - P20
Guide Fee for Traverse (P800/2pax) - P400
Others (Food & Drinks) - P50

TOTAL: P791/pax (Can be a lot lesser if you are with a bigger group)


  • Manila – For those bound for Manila can ride any of the buses in SM Lipa Terminal according to your destination.
  • Laguna (Sta. Rosa, Binan, Pacita, San Pedro, Olivares) – You can take a van parked in the area beside Big Ben across Robinson’s Place Lipa which locals normally calls Old Bus Stop (Dating Bus Stop). Fare is P100. You can take the same when going to Lipa from Laguna. Terminal is located in SaveMore Olivares.
  • Calamba – You can take a jeep routing Lipa-Calamba anywhere near Robinson’s Place Lipa.
  • Cavite (Dasma, Imus, Bacoor, Trese, GenTri) – You can take the same van parked in Big Ben in Lipa. Fare is P100-120. Parking in Cavite is yet to be determined.


There you go lovely people. Another mountain. Another marvelous view seen. Keep climbing. Stay Happy. Comments are appreciated. Shares would mean so much more. See ya 🙂


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  1. Hi! Sino po okay na guide na maganda magpicture? Aahon kami sa Maculot one of these days!

    • Hi Jenna. Not sure kasi yung guide namen di nmen nakuha number. Pero try those guides na nakaindicate sa post. MOstly naman sa kanila nahasa na pagtake ng photos.

      • Leovemir Vera Reply

        Hi Mam Keza, Good morning po kung mag ride po ng motorcycle from Kawit,Cavite kaya po ba? And required po ba ang Tour Guide.Thanks…..

  2. Good evening. Ask ko lang po if pwede namang di na kumuha ng guide? If di kumuha ng guide kaya naman po bang di mawala papuntang summit or meron namang mga directions na nakalagay sa daan? Thanks po.

    • Hi Ron. Guide is required. Straightforward lang nman yung trail pero wala po gaanong directions. Nakakaligaw yung masukal na part campsite to summit and summit to grotto.

  3. Ask lang po ako kung ano po ang pinakamabilis na way (commute) papuntang Cuenca galing pong Los Baños. Hindi kase kami taga Laguna talaga and we’re planning to hike Mt. Maculot, probably next week. Salamat po!

    • Hi Marie. If there are vans from Los Baños to SM Lipa then that’s the fastest way to go since from Lipa isang jeep na lang to Cuenca. 😊

  4. hi, may i just ask if okay parin ba mag hike if crowded? baka kasi wala na available na tour guide

    • I think in tis season wala na gaanong hikers. And yes, makakakuha pa rin kayo ng guide

      • Hi! How much po tour guide? Planning to go this August 21. Thank you.

        • Hi.. Try to check the tour guide rate on the photo indicated next to the tour guide info on my post. Thanks

  5. Hello ask ko lang if pwede pa rin ba umakyat considering na rainy season na? We’re planning to go next week (on a weekday) since crowded kapag weekends. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris. Yup pwede pa rin naman umakyat kahit rainy season na. Discretion mo nman yun. Di nman nila pinagbabawal yun. Ingat lang sa trail baka maputik at madulas. Waterproof your bags and bring poncho or raincoat in case of unexpected shower. Kapag may typhoon advisory, better reschedule the hike until clear na ang weather.

  6. Jhaypee Malate Reply

    Looking for a tourguide???Come climb with me and experience the beauty of nature on MT. MACULOT…
    Just contact me…Jhaypee Malate (09269960145)…
    See u …

    • Hi! how much po tour guide? Planning to go this August 21. Thanks.

  7. Bunny Rose N. Manlod Reply

    Pwede magtanong? sino pwede naming icontact na guide para sa mt.maculot? Thank you sa advise 🙂

  8. hi. i would like to experience climbing mt. maculot and i would like to ask how to go about with other interested hikers whom i could join

  9. hi, tanung ko lang po kung may beach resort din close by, were working on a budget din, baka may suggestions po kau, will greatly appreciated..thanks

    • Hi Thyne.. Taal lake lng po pinakamalapit dun. If you want pwede kayo dumayo ng Aniloa or Laiya after ng climb.

    • Hi Xander, yes it’s kind of crowded in here since Mt. MACULOT is quite famous. Try to go on weekdays to avoid the crowd. 😊

      • gud pm,magkano po ang fare simula crossing mendez to mt.maculot and ano po ang sasakyan?salamat 😉

  10. Ano po bus ang sasakyan sa cubao going to what exact location ang baba? how much po ang bayad sa tourguide?

  11. Meron po bang masasakyan kapag galing sa Alabang South Station? Thank you.

  12. Hi po meron po ba available na guide around 2am kasi balak sana namin abutan ang sunrise. dalawa lng po kami officemate (2 guys) sa feb 25 po kami punta. Very nice blog

  13. My friend and I are planning to trek on February 18, 2017. Is there anyone na gustong jumoin? Dalawa lang po kasi kami.

  14. .,hi poh gsto qoh sna mag inquire gsto poh nmin mag hike this feb25 open poh ba sya that day tska sno poh pwede maging guide..apat poh kami.. (4)

  15. meron poh bng pwedeng maging contact as a guide available poh ba mag hike dyan this feb25

  16. Hello po! We’re planning po na pumunta ng friends ko sa mt. maculot this feb 11. and first time lang po namin ito gagawin so marami po kaming hindi pa alam. I just want to ask lang po kung may age limit po ba dun and do you know po ba kung may rental tent sila dun for overnight? Anyway,thanks for your info’s po about sa mountain and kung paano makakapunta :))

  17. Hi Mam!

    Tanung ko lang po kung need pa ba ng contact or reservation before going there? O pwede na pong pumunta na dun for registration at kumuha ng guide on the day ng akyat? Thank you po!

  18. Hi maam. We’re planning to climb. Tnong ko lng po kung anong barangay yung jumpoff nya. Thanks

    • Hi Victor,

      Dunno which barangay it’s located but from the town proper you can just ride a tric going to the registration area

  19. World In My Words Reply

    Going here before the month ends! Thanks for this! 🙂

  20. Hello po. Alam mo po ba how much if mgpa porter? O yung guide na po ang mag porter? Di po ba nkkatakot if solo lng? I’m planning na mag ssolo lng this June.

    • Hi Joy. Pwede nman guide yung magporter. Yung rate depende sa usapan nyo. When it comes to hiking solo, dinidiscourage ko yun especially you’re a girl pero ikaw pa rin bahala. Just be careful. 🎶😊

  21. Mardi Dañez Reply

    Hi we’re planning to climb mt maculot on the 18th overnyt, just want to ask if there is water source near d campsite. Tnx!

    • Hi Mardi, there is no water source near the campsite so bring ample water before you climb. 😊

  22. Hi po, may bayad din po ba kung overnight ka po, and may sariling dalang tent?

  23. May available po kayang guide for January 2, 2017 Maculot traverse for 3 to 5 people? Di po nagrerespond si Gerald. Thanks.

    • Hi Abin. I’m so sorry but Gerald is no longer guiding hikes in Maculot. I’ve just not taken his number off my post yet. Yes.. There will be guides available in Mt. Maculot on your hiking date. You can just head directly to Cuenca and hire a guide there.

  24. Kaymen Keh Reply

    We want to hire a guide for climbing Mt. Maculot on Jan 2, 2017- traverse. Gerald is not responding. Is there another number we can reach. Probably 3 to 5 people in our group. Thanks.

    • Hi Hennidyn,

      Yes there is a parking area in front of what they call the mountaineer’s corner. That’s just a few.walk from the rocky road.

      As for the trail, I suggest you go rockies-summit-grotto

  25. Hello! May akyat kasi kami tomorrow, ung guide po ba na 400 per pax is hanggang grotto na po yun? Or per destination po sya may bayad? Thank you

  26. Good day. . . pag me sarili pong service nakakaderetso po ba sa registration ung sasakyan? or need pa din po nmeng mag tryc?. . . xaka isa lng po ba ang registration? maraming salmat po. . .

  27. emmanuelle barrago Reply

    Good day po.. Ask ko lng sana baka may maibibgay kyong uodated na contact number ng guide paakyat ng maculot…ung mura lng sana… Hehe.. Tight ang budget eh… Salamat pi sa sasagot

    • Hi. I have indicated the guide contact info on the post. Sorry. That’s the only number I have. 😊

      • hi I’m planning to do a day hike kaya kaya?? and if ever kung meron ako dito na pwede makasharesa tour guide solo lang ako eh. send me a pm my f.b is Carrie Cenabre Manaloto

      • Marvin sabino Reply

        Hindi na daw po nag gaguide ung binigay nyo number sa taas. Bka po meron pang iba. Salamat po

        • Aw. Sorry. Don’t have any other number. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update the post as soon as makakita ako ng credible na guide sa Maculot. 😊

  28. We plan to go in Mt. Maculot this montj Aug 29 , Hope the weather is good and see that beatiful mountain ..

    • Hi Eumie. Yeah let’s pray for a better weather that day! Good Luck and have fun on your hike. 🙂

      • Hi M Keza Ano name ng bus na sasakyan pag galing Cubao or Buendia ?

        then 800 Traverse na po yun diba ? bali 5 kami so

        800 lang total ng 5 person.. Pag traverse

        salamat po

        • Hi Russell. DLTB bus in Buendia or Alps sa Cubao. Yes 800 for 5 traverse na. Enjoy.

  29. Karen Camacaho Reply

    Good evening! Saan po banda ung big ben? I would rather choose to take a van from cavite. 🙂

    • Hi Karen. Sorry for the confusion. Big Ben is in Lipa. Im not sure where the vans bound for Lipa is parked in Cavite though. I forgot to ask the operators while we were there. Anyhow, baka meron van sa Pala-Pala or Dasma bound for Lipa. 😊

  30. Kathreen Abaya Reply

    Planning to go here on my birthday on Monday! My first hiking trip ever! Hahaha this post is very helpful, thank you!

    • Hi Kathreen. You go have fun in Mt. Maculot on your special day.. She’s quite a delightful gift I may say. 🙂

  31. Courtesy call!! Hahaha.. no problem w/ the food. Sana pwede tawad sa guide fee.. wish me luck. 😀 Pero kung anu mang yari un at un prin. Thx ms keza. xD

    • Ayt. Try contacting the guide I had indicated above to check for the rates.. anyhow u guys have fun.. 😅

  32. Hi ms.keza! Napagdesisyonan po namin na sa maculot nlang po kami. Ang guide po ba sa maculot is mandatory. dhil tatlo lng nman po kami at puro lalaki. At kung may mga ligaw factor? Hahaha.. This friday po sched nmin. Dto na po ako lagi nagtatanong dhil po napaka reliable at active. Thx.

    • Hi Crank. Yes mandatory. Although straightforward at establish ang trail dun and hardly may ligaw, mandatory na after the last death which happened in 2013.. The local community is just trying to avoid it the same thing from happening..

      Please mind na sa rockies trail walang ligaw pero from summit down to grotto if you are to traverse mejo masukal at obscured ang trail kaya ingt lng.

      • Ang guide po ba 800php po tlga fix na po pang traverse? At ung food po ng guide?

        • Yes.. thats the tariff. You may provide food for the guide as well as courtesy. 😆

  33. Franco Paulino Reply

    Who’s up for Pico de Loro day hike? You pick the date (only weekends though)

  34. wala po bang aakyat on 7 or 8??? gusto sumama kasu wala ako kasama haha pasama naman ako 09128458610

    • Hi 🙂 may plano po ako umakyat ngayong Sat. May 7 nag-hahanap din po ako ng makakasabay kung interested po kayo ito po no. ko 09306990190

  35. Rommel Ramos Reply

    Pwede ba ako maki-join please text nyo po ako 09253091681 maraming salamat

  36. Rommel Ramos Reply

    Meron bang aakyat may 18 19 or 20 ?? Pwede ba maki-join.. Can you please text me.. Gusto ko magjoin please 09253091681

  37. Andre de Beer Reply

    Thank you for your very detailed information. I will defiantly include this climb on my trip to Pins in September and October

    • Hi Andre. September and October is just the right months to go for some hiking in PH. Cold weather. Just try to avoid the rainy days. There’s plenty of it during these months. 🙂

  38. James Morcilla Reply

    I’m planning to hike this May 13, 2016. Kung may gusto sumama text niyo lang ako 09258905730.👆

  39. Ralph Rieza Reply

    guys cnu may akyat sa inyo ng MAY 18-19 ?? and may ng-oovernight ba?? pajoin naman kami .. 09209569447 thanks 🙂

  40. hi Keza. Ask ko lang. Pwde ba kahit hanggang summit lang? May additional na bayad kahit hindi na magtraverse? May contact ka ba ng mga tour guide dun? We are planning to hike next week. Hope you’ll reply. Thank you!

    • Hi Jay. 450 + 50 per head pag summit then backtrail. Meron ako inindicate na contact no. Ng guide sa pic nung tariff. Check mo na lang po. 🙂

  41. anyone here interested to join me? i’ll be alone hiking either april 24 or may 1. pls text me 09752163786. thanks 🙂

  42. hi po, we’re planning po na umakyat this April 24, sino po pwede maging contact na guide. mostly beginners po kami..

  43. Good morning, Ma’am. I am planning to climb Mt. Maculot this April with my 2 kids (9 and 10 years old). Is it possible for the kids? And guide fee is 400, how many persons po sa 400? Thanks in advance.

    By the way, they’ve climbed Mt. Batolusong already.

    • Hi Lhea. Yup kaya yun ng mga kids mo. Similar lang nman trail ng Maculot sa Batolusong. Alalay lang dun sa pagakyat ng rockies. Yung 400 na guide panglimang tao po yun until rockies then backtrail. 🙂

  44. hi can i ask how to reach the location of mt.maculot april 2 plan nmin na mghike 2lng kmi ng friend ko.thanks

    • hi! we’re also planning to hike on april 2, tatlo kami. you might want to join us instead? para lima tayo and mas mura ang guide fee. please text us if you’re interested 09179230314/ 09064043545/ 09176991646

      • Sarah Simbol Reply

        Hi Guys, we’re also planning a joiner tour this month, you may reach me at 09153123464 – sah 🙂

  45. Jessica paycana Reply

    Hi guys.. Who wants to join us. Me and my friend are planning to hike this coming march 26 . since dalawa lang kami ng friend KO and both girls gusto Sana namin na may makasabay at least kahit 1 boy lang .mga beginners kasi kami. Hope someone would join us. If there is someone na willing you can contact me from this number .09156350432 thank you!

    • Hi po guide po ako sa mt maculot kung gusto nyo po saken na lang kayo pa guide text nyo na lang po ako o tawagan 09363001503

    • Hi punta rin sana kami ng friend ko. Dalawa lang din kmi. 🙂 tuloy pa po ba kau? I’ll txt you.

      • noriel yel Reply

        natuloy po ba kayu ms. dona? and ms. jessica?

        sir gerald how much po ung tour guide mo?

        interasado po ako.

    • Maghike po kmi march 26. Kung gusto nyo po sumama. Dalawa lang din kc kami. Just message us. 09102515906

  46. Hello sir,

    Ask ko lang po if pede ang night trek dito? so that maabutan namen ang sunrise.
    sino po pede macontact?

    salamat ng marami 😀

    • Hi Mits. Sorry but im not sure kung pwede ang night trek. Haven’t heard about anyone doing it before.. Unfortunately di ako nakakuha ng pwede icontact sa mt. Maculot.

  47. hello, planning to have ahike this coming sat march 12. 2 lng kmi. sino gusto magjoin para makatipid.. ahe. message me at my email

  48. Vanzplayground Reply

    Hi! I’m planning to participate on a newly opened outdoor club in our office and it’s on Mt. Makulot. It’s the first day hike adventure that we will had. I’m excited! Thanks for sharing… ^_^

    • Hi. Di ko sure yung earliest at latest time open yung barangay pero based sa guide namen, nakapila na sia normally at 3am. What time nyo ba balak magsimula? 😊

  49. Janine Basinang Reply

    hi po pwede po magask kung sino pwedeng irecommend na guide?

  50. Is it possible to make it to the rockies-summit-grotto route without a guide? is it possible to get to those locations alone?

    really trying to save cash here… huhu 🙁

    thanks! Great post btw!

    • Hi Dale. I’m not sure. Mahaharang ka kasi sa daan e. Before the jump off is the registration at yung mga tricycle humihinto tlga dun. Hope u can work it out. 🙂

  51. Hi! keri na kaya ung 800 for 10pax?

    thanks for the article, gives us a heads up regarding the physical test.

    • Hi Pb. You asking about the guide fee? It’s going to be P1600 if you are to traverse Pico. If summit backtrail P1300 kasi P400 per 5 pax + 50 each. Then if rockies lang P800 kasi P400 per 5 pax. 🙂

  52. Julie Ann Damayo Reply

    Hi kelangan po ba dito mag pabook or sariling punta lang 🙂 salamat

    • Hi Julie. No need to book. You can just walk in to the registration point at any time

  53. yung mga guides ba nandun lang sila or you need to contact them before hand?

    • Hi Paul. Nandun lang sila sa registration. Meron silang tinatawag na pila so di na ako nagabala kunin yung number ng guide namen just to be fair sa knila lahat. 🙂

  54. hi its me again…
    mandatory po ba kumuha ng guide? 6 kame..
    dko ma gets regarding sa guide.

    • Yup its mandatory. 400 for 5 people ang guide for dayhike. Additional 50 per excess person so kung anim kayo 450..pag sa rockies lang kau nun. Pero kung traverse 800 then same rule 100 yng pang 6 na tao 🙂

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