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I have always been fond of beaches, especially those with white powdery sands, pristine crystal clear waters and the ones with scenic views of the sunset. Beaches for me are like my comfy bed. It offers me solace and serenity after long stressful hours at work. A day or two in the company of the vast blue sea and chilling breeze is like a lifetime worth of spiritual therapy, an opportunity to look at ones self and contemplate about certain things in life. This is the reason why before my years in this world exceeds the days of a calendar month, I want to sink my feet in these heavenly places within our motherland.

1. Burot Beach 

DSC03481This unspoiled beach in Calatagan, Batangas has been said to have the most wonderful sunset. I couldn’t help but imagine myself raveling the possibilities of life while staring at the harmonious blending of hues, enjoying the chilly afternoon breeze while sipping my cup of coffee or tea by the shore. This is also said to be situated where electricity is scarce or completely unavailable giving me the best chance to relax without the comfort of modern life. Sources also say that privatization is on its way as SM Corporation has already acquired the property, so a promise to myself has been made and this is not about to be broken that before the end of 2013, I will have myself enjoying the pleasures of Burot Beach.

2. Puntod Island

puntodThis virgin island in Bohol is famous for its sandbar of powdery white sand that stretches to a semi circle or crescent moon shape and that is filled with thriving vegetation on one end which is best seen during high tides as it gives you the evidence of how pristine the waters are. Also, I find it fascinating that people in the area offer fresh sea urchins. I know nothing about sea urchins being edible except that they are creatures which is best to be avoided if you don’t wanna end up spoiling your beach vacation. Am I so naive or what? Anyways, I might as well be packing my things to find it out myself. Who knows. I might even bring a new dish with sea urchins as main ingredients on my way back.
calaguasRumors has it that this island boasts of powdery white sands and turquoise sea waters that can rival those of Boracay. Located in the Bicol region, this one amazing destination is another reason why the province has become one of our country’s tourists magnets, local and international alike. Unlike the bustly shores of Boracay, this place offers unperturbed solitude which is perfect for those who want to get away from the busy urban life.

4. Malcapuya Island (Coron, Palawan)

malcapuyaIf I’m to choose my ultimate getaway destination, I will never go wrong with Palawan. May it be anywhere in Puerto Princesa, El Nido or Coron, I know I will be making the perfect choice. Malcapuya Island is definitely quintessential among my list. An hour and a half boat ride from Coron, sources say that it is home to most exotic of marine species. Having said that, this gives me all the more reason to motivate myself in learning how to swim. I have to seem like the mermaid princess and fishes of various colors, shapes and sizes are my minions when I go swimming in its enchanted waters.

5.Entalula Island (El Nido, Palawan)

entatulaNeedless to say why this island is on my list. Like other islands in Palawan, Entatula is a must see place. It boasts not only of white powdery sands and azure waters, but also of rich marine sanctuary. First time snorkeler such as myself would love to explore under its waters. Also, some say this is also a good diving spot. Visiting this island would probably let me keep memories I would love to cherish until my dying days.

6. Caramoan Islands

caramoanCaramoan islands have always been on top of my list. This is a secluded paradise with one of the most diverse marine life. I am hoping that when I get to set foot into this heavenly place, this is still unexploited by commercial tourism. This is like the epitome of nature’s beauty, something I would love to behold in every waking hours of my days and even in my dreams.

7. Malamawi Island (Basilan)

malamawiFor some people, Basilan is a very unlikely destination. Never has it made headlines as a picturesque place with wonderful and astounding beaches. Instead, Basilan has always been linked to the ever infamous terrorist group, the “Abu Sayaff”, the very reason why our country was included in the list of the most dangerous countries for tourists in the world. However, no matter how we put it, these unexplored regions in Mindanao bear with them a promise that will never cease to amaze. There is a lot to see and the culture is very diverse allowing more significant insights about the people and the community. Among others, Malamawi Island is surely a reason why I should be bolder in venturing into the unknown.

8. Malapascua Island

malapascuaI know nothing about Malapascua Island until I came across it while browsing through one of my favorite blogger’s website. At that time I already have those places I wanna research about listed in my mind and it so happens Malapascua was not one of them. I immediately scolded myself for my ignorance. How could I not know of this place? The postcard perfect photos of the island are hard to ignore. Without hesitation, I quickly went through my list and made some major revisions just to make room for this very dazzling place I felt so enthralled about and I think I won’t ever regret it.

9. Siquijor

siquijorBack when I was in 3rd grade I had a friend who has flooded my mind of how wonderful her summer vacation was and since then I haven’t forgotten about Siquijor. I had dreamed of this place a few nights in my sleep as I was growing up. Several times I found myself daydreaming of how delightful it might be to journey along this bewitching paradise. Many of the people I had talked to about Siquijor warned me ever  so persuasively not to set foot in the island as people here practice witchcraft and black magic. Also, here thrive creatures we never know exist. But instead of swaying my way far from this place, it made me all the more interested to know what secrets are buried within this mystical island.

10. Calayan Island

photo by pinoydaysleeper.comOf course in my quest to find the ultimate beach paradise, I wouldn’t wanna keep on heading south. This is why I came across Calayan Island, one of the many islands of Babuyan. Although the region where the island is located is known for unfriendly weather, I don’t see it as a reason enough to hinder myself from satisfying my lust of journeying the expanse of this awe-inspiring place. I am guessing from the way it seems in the photos that glory is to be mine the moment I set my foot into its mystique world.

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