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I had always been stunned whenever I see photos of Nagsasa Cove. Even found myself dumbfounded on several occasions while reading notes of people who have been to this place. To me it was a mystery why several people love this place more than Anawangin. In the photos, Anawangin and Nagsasa are equally stunning. They are both crescent shaped coves with crystal clear and pristine waters but for some reason I felt more engrossed with the latter. Just like my desire to conquer Anawangin, it took me three years before I could unravel the mystery of this well hidden jewel behind the mountains of Zambales.

After staying overnight in Anawangin, I and my friends were already on our way to Nagsasa Cove by 12 noon. The sky was a bit cloudy when our boat left and there was even a chance of rain but luckily the tides were calm and I didn’t have to endure ever fearing the danger in the 1-hour ride going to our next destination. As I was saying goodbye to Anawangin, I admired the beauty of the mountains and I couldn’t help but think that there is still hope for these wonderful places. If only they would remain untouched and unspoiled, they would still be there for future generations to see.

 As we were nearing Nagsasa Cove, I had myself ready to things that might deviate to certain expectations I had in mind. As our boat turned to enter the cove, one by one I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle I was trying to solve for a very long time. Nagsasa, in every angle, was breathtaking. Engulfing the long stretch of the cove are ranges of luscious green mountains with pine-like trees called the Agoho serve as its beacon.  And the waters, it’s as pristine as it could be.

As expected, there were already other people in the cove. Also there were already cottages built and the cove was divided into territories. But unlike in Anawangin, fences and cottages are more organized. The setting reminds me of a private resort in a more subdued way if I may say. Also the bath and toilet rooms are amazingly clean. We camped in the middle part of the cove. Lucky for us, we were the only ones there so I would love to think we had the place to ourselves. Also without the fences restricting us, we were able to pitch our tents by the shore which we were unable to do so in Anawangin. The view of the evening sky with the moon shining ever so brightly among the stars was such a beauty to behold. Our group dozed of the night talking how we wanna stay in this heavenly place for days, forever even.

Nagsasa Cove: Mystery Unraveled

Nagsasa Cove: Mystery Unraveled


A local told me that there are waterfalls situated within the cove but it might take 30 to an hour walk. We would have love to try it but our guide told us that we would have to leave earlier than schedule due to uncertain weather condition. Also, there is a trail leading to a cliff overseeing the entire cove but a guide will be needed as the trail may be a bit dangerous.


For tips on how to get here, you can check my TRAVEL GUIDE: Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones post.


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