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PACSAFE Flagship store launch

We Filipinos are very well accustomed to the evils of the roads since The Philippines’ major cities especially those in Metro Manila are arguably the most notorious places for thieves, bag slashers and pick pockets in the world. Theft is rampant that in some cases it even happens in broad daylight. Through time, Filipinos have looked for ways to ward off these notorious thieves but every effort was proven to be futile as these evils seem to be always one step ahead of the game. It’s as if they are unstoppable that the outdoors will never be safe so long as they still exist. Gladly for us though, Pacsafe, the award winning brand of anti-theft travel gears has launched its flagship store on July 20, 2016 at the Glorietta 5 Ayala Malls Makati City, Philippines, making its top of the line products readily and conveniently available for every Juan.


PACSAFE Flagship store launch
Magnus McGlashan, Sharing the History of Pacsafe, the leader on Smart Anti-theft Travel Gears.

Pacsafe is the pioneer and the only brand that focuses mainly in travel security. For many years, the company has continually worked on innovative ideas to keep travelers one step ahead of the game by keeping them and the things they hold dear safe even when they are in roads less traveled. Established in 1998 through the aspiration of its Australian founders Rob Schlipper (CEO) and Magnus McGlashan (President, Sales & Marketing), Pacsafe has built a solid reputation and rose to be the world’s most trusted anti-theft travel gear brand.

I have been a fan of Pacsafe for a very long time and I’m so impressed with how they’ve continued to deliver their brand promise of smart and safe travel without fail. Their wide array of top of the line travel gears are of great quality and sophisticated style. As an avid fan of the brand, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invite I got from Nuffnang to attend the launch and witness Pacsafe’s unraveling with my own eyes. I couldn’t be any happier to write them a post either.

So what’s with Pacsafe gears that makes me so excited it is now accessible in one convenient location?

  • Anti-theft features – Pacsafe’s never ending commitment to their brand promise led them to develop several award winning anti-theft technology that are truly the best of their kind. Their anti-theft trademark innovation such as the eXomesh® became a nightmare for thieves, bag slashers and pick pockets all over the world.
  • Tested Quality – Pacsafe products are made with the finest and the most durable materials to ensure quality that will equally match its award winning anti-theft features.
  • Simple yet sophisticated products – Pacsafe gears come in plain earth colors and rarely on prints. The designs are simple yet they aren’t at all boring. They are like the very definition of “there is sophistication in simplicity.”
  • Priced reasonably – Some may find Pacsafe gears too pricey but I beg to differ on that. I’d rather say every Pacsafe product is certainly a value for money.
  • Wide array of travel gear products – Pacsafe is your one stop travel gear store. Their product line include  adventure backpacks, urban and leisure bags, women’s bags, photography bags, luggage and travel accessories such as straps, cables and locks. The best thing about them is that they are all specifically designed to ward off pickpockets and bag slashers.


PACSAFE Flagship store launch
Awarding of Kick-off fund by Pacsafe’s Co-Founder Magnus McGlashan to BPTCFI Chairperson, Vicky Garcia

Pacsafe has committed to give back to where the inspiration of the brand had started, the sea turtle which symbolizes the intrepid, global traveler. The company is all for  a world with healthy oceans and coastlines where all marine turtles, can travel and flourish in a safe environment. Hence the Pacsafe Turtle Fund which was launched in 2014 with the aim of supporting the conservation efforts of endangered sea turtles globally by providing annual grants to sea turtle conservation projects.

This year, Pacsafe has granted a substantial amount to the Bataan Peninsula Tourism Council Foundation to aid in their conservation efforts of the sea turtles and other marine species in the Philippine waters. Not only that, Pacsafe is also exploring various platforms and is looking to partner with several more organizations to sustain the campaign in the country. Well, Pacsafe products may be a hard case to crack for evil thieves but the brand surely has a soft spot for the adorable sea turtles.

So whether or not you are a seasoned traveler, a rookie adventurer or an ordinary Filipino who wish for a worry-free experience in the urbanized streets of the metro or anywhere in the outdoors, Pacsafe is the brand for you. Head to their store and discover the goodness that awaits you on your visit.

Check them out in G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Malls, Makati. You may also do some reading to know more about the brand by visiting www.pacsafe.com. Keep yourselves updated with the happening at Pacsafe by liking their page on Facebook PacsafePH or by following them on Instagram #GoFearless.


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