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RIGHT when I thought I’ve seen beauty enough to leave me breathless and captivated, Pagudpud surprised me and took me to places I would remember forever and the rest of my waking dreams. Travelling for hours may be boring and a bit tiresome but not when you’re entertained with a scenery too alluring, you’ll never get tired of. In this article, let me take you to other wonders Pagudpud has to offer.

Patapat Viaduct


Tourists spots in Pagudpud

This is something travelers will love to marvel on, a beautiful view of the coastlines of Ilocos Norte through a winding bridge-like road at the foot of a hill covered in lush greens. You will love to just stare at it unperturbed while listening to your favorite band, forming images in your brain on how you just love to be alive.

Agua Grande


Tourist spots in Pagudpud

If you are tired of the beach, of the salty water and of too many people flocked around you feeling they are one of the fishes and you want change but not too drastic, just slightly different, still leaving traces of that sweet ocean breeze, then this is the place you long for. Agua Grande has a pool which is filled with fresh mountain spring water surrounded by cottages and fronted by the vast blue ocean just perfect for small groups who love to have the place to themselves.

Paraiso Ni Anton


Tourists spots in Pagudpud

I couldn’t help but wonder why is this place called Paraiso Ni Anton. And who is Anton anyway? Was he the one who discovered the place? Was he a ghost or someone who has died and was somewhat buried in this paradise hence its name? Oh well no matter who Anton is, this place is undeniably a paradise, with a small grotto for the Blessed Virgin, a stream and luscious trees as the backdrop, this surely deserves a minute of your time.

Kabigan Falls


Tourist spots in Pagudpud

To get to this magnificent falls, one must at least spend 30 – 45 minutes walking off road and through the steep and unpaved trail leading to it. But nothing compares to the soothing feeling upon seeing the enchanted world in which Kabigan Falls takes center stage. The view is simply breathtaking and the water, pristine, you’ll never ever want to leave the place.

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