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Name: Pico De Loro or Mt. Palay-Palay
Location: Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-Off: DENR Ternate, Cavite
Height: 664 MASL
Difficulty Level: 3/9

Pico De Loro is one of the many beautiful mountains near Metro Manila. Located in Maragondon Cavite, Mt. Palay-Palay (it’s other name) is a favorite among climbers most of which are firsttimers. The steep climb to the summit and the treacherous assault to the monolith (a 50-feet single pilar of stone standing near the summit) are to be reckoned with. A picturesque view of the surrounding waters of Batangas and the marvelous range of mountains of the other neighboring provinces is this stunner’s priceless reward.


After registration in the DENR Campsite, my team of 7 started out at 7:30. Early on, Pico De Loro showed us that she is not the type to go easy on us. We passed by the a creek scattered with rocks, big and small both of which are slippery. I slipped and landed on my back when I mistakenly stepped on a wet rock. I was wearing my newly bought trekking shoes which I thought was the great help I needed for this climb. Guess, new shoes wasn’t entirely the solution. The rock-strewn trail continued for several meters more, making me the slowest of the bunch as I was careful not to fall again.

Rock strewn path at the onset of the climb

Not only was the first part of the trail rugged but it was also a series of continuous ascent. 10 minutes after we started, I was already running out of breath. We rested at the first chance we got to bag for some air. Just like what we were told, the new trail was cut short to 3KM (as oppose to the old one which was 6KM) of continuous ascents most of which are very steep. That was exactly what we went through barely halfway to the summit.

A much needed breather

When we all felt a bit rested, we carried on. I didn’t know if I was to be thankful about the the trail being damp (probably because of last night’s drizzle that made the soil sticky) which prevented me from slipping and falling again but made me a heck of a mess. I reckoned I should since getting messy and dirty is all part of the whole thing. Otherwise, I should be home not in the mountains.

You don’t need to keep on insisting to pass through an obstacle if it is impossible. Try going around it. But first, let me take a selfie

The ascent became more and more difficult as we pass through oversize roots protruding from the ground and uprooted trees blocking the way. We took short breathers in between and went on as the climb became even more challenging. The clock was approaching the hour of 10 and it looked as if we were not going to make it to the campsite on time. We figured the trek wasn’t suppose to be a race but given that we have to be on schedule, we then paced a bit more quickly.

The summit and the monolith at the very first glimpse

I didn’t know if Pico De Loro has designated numbers for its resting camps. If there was then I wasn’t paying much attention. One resting camp caught my attention. It was where I saw the summit and the monolith for the very first time after we started the trek earlier that morning. That view invigorated my too tired soul. For the first time that day, I finally had the glimpse of what I was there for.

At camp 2

We didn’t linger much longer. My newly restored willpower got me excited to find out what was waiting for me up there. I was faced with difficult descents through a slippery ground and a couple more challenging ascents but I didn’t let them get the best of me. Few minutes more, we were already in the mountain campsite refueling our tanks with sandwiches and soda.


We started the assault to the summit at 11AM. The trail following the campsite was rugged and slippery. It was rockstrewn and in some parts scattered with oversize roots. Passed that are difficult ascents until you reach a stable ground at the base of the summit. From there the summit is less than 100 feet away.

Time for an even more precarious climb

The trail to the summit is bare but wide enough with treacherous cliffs in both sides. There was pretty much nothing to hold on to except for small rocks occassionally protruding from the ground.

The assault however gets more and more difficult as we get closer to the top. It was hard but even harder with me trying to vie my way through the other climbers both climbing up and going down the summit. Dust and stones falling my way made it even worse. And just when I thought I’ve had it bad enough, the dark sky began to shower.

This was the traffic going to the summit

The rain got me nervous a little bit. I didn’t know if I should continue climbing my way up or stay where I was until it stops. I figured the latter wasn’t such a good idea given how the water was running down towards me. I was struggling to figure out which way to take as everyone else was hurrying past me up the summit and down. Just when I was about to lose it, one of the guides of the other group offered me a hand and in no time I was there at the top along with the other happy souls.

Looking down from where I came from halfway through the summit

I sighed as I felt so relieved. A childish grin was painted all over my face as I giddily posed for the camera. I spent the next 10-15 minutes soaked in the rain while making friends and chatting in between gritted teeth. And when I finally got the chance to be alone, I just stared contently at the beauty that was in front of me thinking, “This was all worth the trouble.”

The happiest I’ve been that day


We were decided not to pursue the monolith and call it a day after it rained. We thought it was best for us to be safe as the climb to the monolith will become even more treacherous after the drizzle. However, something made us changed our minds. Probably the thinking of not making the best out of that moment we had. So moments later after the downpour had stopped, off we went to the monolith.

Going down to the monolith

The path down to the monolith is a steep descent along a rocky cliff. I decided to sit on the rocks to go down, using my leg to reach for another spot to land on. I did it until I reached a stable ground to a path leading to the base of the monolith.

We waited at the base of the monolith for a little while until it was our turn to climb up. Looking at the path where the last group of climbers have come, I thought I never felt my heart beat so intensely before. Just like what I did earlier, I sit to cross that tiny little space going to the other side.

At the base of the monolith

The next turn of events was the only thing I hated about this climb. Not that Pico De Loro did anything to upset me but it was me who failed myself terribly. After we’ve crossed to the other side, we were faced again with another unimaginable challenge.

Ridding myself of cold feet

One of the most dangerous part of the monolith climb is pulling yourself up using a rope to the next safe spot through a narrow 90-degree cliff. One stupid mistake and you’re gone forever.


Everyone else in our group have gone up except me and my partner. It was my turn… I could feel the loud throbbing inside my chest. I tried to suppress my fear and went on to take care of the task at hand. I was able to pull myself 2 steps up but my limbs refused to move after that. I froze and stiffled hard as a rock and no matter how much I told myself I can do it, I didn’t budge a bit. It was then I realized I really couldn’t make it. And so I uttered the words I dispise more than anything else in the world, “I quit.”

Could this monolith climb get even harder

My partner was surpised to hear those words from me as he helped me land safely on the ground. He knows I’m the type who doesn’t give up that easily or doesn’t give up at all. In his disbelief, he asked me again and I told him the same thing. He then reluctantly went on his way up. I waited for them at the very spot where they left me watching other climbers passed me by. I was hoping for some courage to spring from within me but none came along. I then contented myself with that day’s turn of events thinking, “I will try again another day.”

The braver ones


  • Pico De Loro is beautiful as she is right now but I figured she was even more breathtaking during her olden days, back when she was not yet beaten by too many climbers.
  • I do salute the people who does the maintenance job on the mountain for keeping it clean.
  • The vandals were something I didn’t appreciate. Tattoo is an art but that’s not something Pico De Loro needs. She’s a stunner as she is. If she wants something more to her, she would have forged it herself.
  • If you would ask me whether climbing Mt. Pico De Loro is difficult, I wouldn’t say it is easy but it wasn’t that hard either. The only challenging part is the steep ascent to the summit, the descent towards the monolith and the climb to the monolith itself.
Strangers in the mountains getting to know one another


  • From Metro Manila – Go to coastal mall and ride a bus going to Ternate, Cavite for P75. Get off the bus station and ride a tricycle to go to the DENR Registration site. Fare is P150 good for 3 people
  • From Alabang and Laguna Area – Go to South Station. Board a bus bound for Naic, Cavite. Get off McDonalds Naic. Ride another bus to Ternate Cavite for P25. Get off the terminal and ride a tricycle to the DENR Registration site.
This guy


  • Trail food (mixed nuts, jelly, chocolate, etc)
  • Trail water 2L or Gatorade
  • Gloves
  • Sunblock
  • Camera/Phones
  • Extra budget for extra expenses
  • Headlamp/Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Arm sleeves/Cap
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Packed Lunch
  • First aid kit including meds you are currently taking
  • Raincoat/Rainjacket

BUDGET = P500/person

  • RT Fare bus – P150
  • RT Fare Tricycle to DENR Reg site – P100
  • Environmental Fee – P30
  • Toilet & Bath – P15
  • Guide Fee (Optional) – Depends on the number of people in a group but it costs P400.


0430: Assembly at Coastal Mall Terminal
0500: Depart from Coastal To Ternate Cavite
0600: Arrive at Jetti Gas Station Ternate (Meet up place if you will be coming from different locationsb)
0700: Jump off point DENR Registration
0715: Start Trek
0900: Arrive at Camp 2
0930: Arrive at summit (take pictures) – Proceed to monolith
1000: Arrive at monolith
1100: Start Descent
1130: Arrive at camp 2 (LUNCH)
1300: Start descent
1500: Arrive at DENR site. Wash up.
1530: Arrive at Ternate Terminal
1630: Ride bus bound to Coastal Mall

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is it safe to climb for newbies? No mountains are safe. Anything can happen out there. Your safety depends on how much you have done your research and prepared yourself before climbing any mountain. It is more appropriate to say that Pico De Loro is a newbie friendly mountain as it is less difficult than the others but the struggle is still there.
  • Is it open during this date and/or holidays? I always make sure to get this post updated so if there is an announcement of Pico De Loro being closed then you’ll most definitely read it here. 👇👇👇
  • Is it really necessary to get a guide? If you have not hiked on a mountain before or any of your companions, I suggest you do although the trail is already established and there is little possibility of getting lost, there are parts of it that newbies would find really challenging and might need assistance with.
  • How much is the guide fee? P1000 for 5 people max. In excess of that is additional P500. You may want to raise this issue with the DENR official present at the time of your hike to avoid being ripped off. Their making a business out of the poor mountain and hopeful beginners is just too insane.
  • Is it okay not to get a guide and just follow other hikers? Are there many hikers that day? It’s up to you. That risk is for you to take. Remember. Sometimes you only have yourself to rely on up there. If help comes lucky you but if it doesn’t then you are on your own. . And hikers? Weekends and the holidays! Tons of them. Weekdays. Few to none at all.
  • Is it necessary to book for a tour through the agency or can we simply walk in? Do we need reservation with the DENR? Agency. Nope, I don’t recommend it. Walk in. Definitely! Reservation. Not necessary as of this moment.
  • Do you have any contacts in the DENR or any guides there? I did my best research on this.
    • DENR Officials: Reynulfo A. Juan – Regional Executive Director
      DENR-Region 4-A (CALABARZON)
      Contact No.: (049) 502-7500
    • Bayani S. Mendoza – Asst. PASu, MPPMNGPL
      PENRO Cavite
      Contact No. (046) 419-2474
    • Guide:  Christian Seracon – 0906 692 1264
  • Is the Pico De Loro falls still open? Nope. Very unfortunate, huh.
  • Is it okay to camp overnight? Negative.


  • Starting March 15,  hikers are prohibited to climb the monolith due to the loss of vegetation and massive erosion at its foot. This is being implemented for the safety of all the parties involved. For everyone strict compliance. None has been said as to how long this is going to take effect but expect for it to take a long time.
  • The monolith is still off limits but some people are simply stubborn that they couldn’t abide to a simple rule. Hence the DENR is now asking hikers to sign a waiver, that they are not going to be held liable if anything bad happens out there. But remember this people! It isn’t just your safety that’s at stake. It’s the threat of the monolith gone forever. Can’t we just give this helpless piece of rock a break to let it recuperate?
  • July 2016 – It was announced by the DENR that Mt. Palay Palay (Pico De Loro) will be permanently closed starting August 2016. Exact date of closure is yet to be announced. Rumors about the land being bought by Henry Sy immediately surfaced after the announcement but the DENR denied it all and simply cited letting the mountain heal as the reason behind the said closure. Well, if you would ask me. I’d say what took them so long? I just hope the next time Pico De Loro opens its doors again, she will still be the natural reserve that she is and not some privately owned ecopark.
  • August 2016 – No closure of Pico de Loro is ever happening. Guess they really don’t wanna give this helpless stunner a time off from beating. And I wonder how the rule breakers will dare go up the monolith this time since it’s officially closed with a touch of barbwires para intense.
  • September  2, 2016 – As announced by Pinoy Mountaineer in his facebook page: Pico De Loro will be officially closed to hiking activities starting October 1, 2016 for rehabilitation purposes.
  • October 1, 2016 – This day marks the start of the indefinite closing of Pico De Loro. Let us wish her well during her much deserved slumber and simply look forward to the day she will reopen her doors for us to once again marvel at her unrivaled beauty.

There you go. Hope you enjoy reading my narrative of our Pico De Loro climb. I will be happy to answer any of your query but should you have questions, make sure to have read the entirety of this post before dropping them on the comments box. Things like DENR/Guide Contact Number, whether the mountain is closed or whether it is safe to hike alone were covered in the above post. Just read.

Ayt. Guess that pretty much it. Until next time. Ciao! 🙂





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  1. I know that the monolith is closed. But please advise if we can still hike Mt. Palay Palay only. I just want to see Pico de Loro from a distance. I only have one week in November to see this place. Salamat from Long Beach, CA.

  2. patrick ragus Reply

    hi good day to you ask ko lang kung open na ang hike h sa pico de loro hanggang sa monolith?


    • Hi Chiara the closure will take effect on Oct 1 until an indefinite time. So the next time it will be possible to hike again is when it reopens. 🙂

  4. Jhelay Dabuyan Reply

    Hi there! We are planning to traverse from Pico De Loro to Nasugbu. Is it still possible? And if you can share to us the damage break down if it is traverse. It will be very helpful. Thanks. Keep safe on your next adventures. 🙂

    • Hi Jhelay, last time I heard traverse is already discouraged but don’t know if it’s totally prohibited. As for the cost, I think you will have to add up a little to the guide fee and another cost for your transpo back to the DENR jumpoff in Ternate but if it’s no longer necessary for you to go back then additional cost will only cover the guide fee and your ride to wherever your next destination is after the hike. 😊

  5. benjamin garcines Reply

    Hi po, ask ko lang kung open sya ng weekdays this september at first timer po kaming aakyat. Ok lang po na di na kailangan ng guide para sa pag akyat?

    • Hi Benjamine. It’s open on weekdays. And since you are first timers, just secure yourselves a guide. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little and not put your safety at risk.

  6. Is the place still open? ive read it here that its still open just this august but im just really making sure because some hiker friends said that it “might” be closed already. me and my friends are planning to go there this weekend for a project THANK YOU!

  7. kamusta po yung weather jan ngayon? plan po kc nmin umakyat bukas.. thanks po

    • Hi Michelle. Im not really sure with Cavite but here in Biñan Laguna, there are soft dirzzle all morning. 😊 Check with the contact info on the blog, you might get your answers with them. Good Luck. 😊

    • Wat if from batangas city kami..wats the easiest way going to pico de loro..thank u

      • Hi Jazz, Pico de Loro is a long way to go from Batangas City. Try to check if from Lipa there are vans plying Naic, Trece Martires or Dasma. The best would be Naic since Pico De Loro is only a bus and a tricycle away or Dasma/Trece one jeepney, a bus and a tricycle. There’s another route in Lemery but I am not too familiar with it. Good Luck. Hope you find the best way possible. 🙂

  8. Hi mam, Ask lang po if nakapunta kau sa falls? The last time po kasi nagpunta ko dun is 2011 pa. Thanks & God bless 🙂

    • Hi Cas. Unfortunately hinde na po. Kasama kasi sa pagclose ng old trail yung pagclose ng falls. Private property na po kasi kaya bawal na. 😢

  9. Celso villanueva Reply

    Good day po, plan po nmin umakyat tommorow, may responsed n po b sa inyo ang DENR, kung open p umakyat sa pico..? Thanks po

    • Hi Celso. Sorry for the super late response. Did u go? I hope you did as Pico de Loro is stil open. Only the monolith is closed. 🙂

  10. Hi Keza,

    Would you know if Mt. Pico de Loro is still open this weekend? My friends and I are planning to hike on Sunday (July 31) but read your post about DENR closing it permanently. We’re worried coz we might go there only to find out that it’s already closed 🙁

    Thank you!

    • Hi Patty. Based on what I heard, Pico de Loro will be officially closed starting July 29. You may wanna verify the info from the DENR numbers I’ ve indicated above.

      • Hi Ms. Keza, we’re planning to go on 3rd week of August but sad to hear about the news that Pico de Loro will be closed for a while? Is this already confirmed? Your column is very informative, so nice! Thanks

        • Hi Danny. I have already sent an email to DENR Ternate to confirm. I have yet to receive a response. I will.let you know as soon as I get one. 😆

  11. ANNE GALVE Reply

    Hi i want to ask for help if you can give us a contact to DENR . Where planning to go this coming sunday in pico de loro..june 26 2016 !

    • Hi Anne. I’ve done my research thoroughly. Got these landline numbers.

      Reynulfo A. Juan – Regional Executive Director
      DENR-Region 4-A (CALABARZON)
      Contact No.: (049) 502-7500

      Bayani S. Mendoza – Asst. PASu, MPPMNGPL
      PENRO Cavite
      Contact No. (046) 419-2474

      -Wasn’t lucky to stumble on a single mobile number

    • Hi Toomas. Thanks for sharing your story. Will drop by your page when I get a free time.. The issue with monolith has not been lifted yet by DENR but some unaccredited guides are allowing hikers to still climb it despite the forewarnings given by the aurhorities.. The guide tariff set by Denr for accredited guides is P1500. Some locals who wish to earn a living offer a lower rate of P1000 which I think is still a rip off. If you were charged more than that for guideship, I hope it was someone from the DENR otherwise you did really get the foreigner treatment which can be really unfair in our side of the bush.. Do check other note worthy hiking spots in Ph. There sure are plenty. 🐱:)

    • Hi Jek. This is the only contact no. I managed to squeeze from friends and research. Christian Seracon 0906 692 1264. Hope it helps.. Kindly give me a feedback then. 😆

  12. Hello me and my Friend s have a plan to Hike in Mt. Pico De Loro. is it okay to hike this comming June 5 or this week?. And if pede ano po ang mga dapat gawin para makapaghike kami. Thanks! Godbless! 🙂

    • Hi Daniel. Pwde po di nman po close ang Mt. Pico De Loro. Just bring the essentials and prep for a challenging hike. Also make sure you are aware of what you are getting yourselves into.. When you got thse covered, just travel to the Denr reg site and start your adventure from there..

  13. Hi madaam, its me again… plano po namin umakyat this week khit po umuulan. Tanong ko lng kung pwede prin po ang pmunta at maligo sa falls.
    Dhil mtagal na nga din nung huli kong akyat at nung mga araw pa na iyon ay pwede pa ang overnight at akyatin ang monolith. :'(

    • Hi Crank.. Di na po accessible ang falls. Privatized na yung property na nakakasakop sa falls e.. Sayang. 🙁

      • Aw sad 🙁 . Salamat po ms.keza. kawawang pico nabugbog na. Sana sinarado nlng nila 4-5yrs. Pra nman maka recover. Tama po ba? change plan nlng po kami. Ty po ulit.

        • Yes. that’s right. I hope the DENR in the area will come to think about letting it rest for now. Kaya as much as I want to go back there to finish my business with the monolith, di na muna.. Ayoko dumagdag sa mga yapak na bubugbog sa trail ni Pico. 🙁

      • Ms.keza we change our plan. Kahit papano mabawasan ang aakyat ng pico. Any suggestion aside po sa batulao. Ung sakto po sa budget around 500-700. No guide and pwede overnight.

  14. Hi po pwede ko po makuha number nyo send nyo na lng po sa gmail ko. Pupunta po sana kami dun ngayong september and gusto po namen malaman kung ano ano ang mga gagawin bago pumunta dun. thank you po. invisiblearrow007@gmail.com

    • Hi Marvin.. Just read your comment. I was out the entire day.. I’ll get in touch with you thru email shortly.. 😊

  15. Rosthon Gardoce Reply

    Hello po! Ask ko lang kung pwede sya for solo hikers? And Im planning it on June 15, weekday po sya. Ok lng po ba?

    • Hi. Yeah okay nman po. establish naman po ang trail at walang ligaw. Just be careful and try to arm yourself with things you will be needing in cases of emergency. Better na rin to secure a number from the auth person in DENR before starting your hike.:)

    • Hi Ana. Yes. It’s when Pico is usually flooded with hikers so it’s best for you to avoid it. Weekend na lang para wala. Masyado tao.

  16. Mam keza, good evening po ulit. Hingi lang po ako ng suggestion, mas maganda po ba mag-over night kami sa beach tapos akyat kami ng bundok kasi po plan po talaga namin na over night sa pico kaso di naman po pwede… Suggestion lang po. Salamat…

    • Hi.. Para saken mas prefer ko umakyat muna then saka na magrelax at magovernight sa beach… Kasi pag inuna yung overnight sa beach chances are nakainom na or wala na condition yung katawan para umakyat which is risky. Tatamarin ka na rin umakyat pagkaganun e. At least yun ang prefer ko. 🙂

  17. thanks for the info. It’s really a great help! My squad are planning to hike at Pico de loro 🙂

  18. Mam keza, good evening po.ask ko lang kung pwede ang over night sa pico deloro and need po ba ng guide ngayon pagpupunta dun?

  19. hi ask ko lang if until now closed parin yung monolith for hikers? thanks.

  20. Hi goodevening! I just want to ask if pico de loro is open this coming may1 labor day cause me together with my friends are planning to trek dis coming weekend.. thank you in advance..

  21. Hi Ms Keza. Nagpaplan kami maghike sa May 1 ng mga friends ko sa Mt. Pico de Loro. Ask ko lang po kung may byahe po ba papunta dun?

    • Pakitulong naman po how to get there. Kahit simula trece po. 🙂

      • From trece may mga jeep na bound for naic. Mga few lakad away from palengke. Lampas sa chowking. Sakay ka dun then baba ka sa jollibee naic. From there skay ka ng bus going to ternate then get off sa terminal. From terminal sakay ka trike to denr site. 🙂

        • ms. keza, ask ko lng po. kung mismo po sa babaan ng naic. kami baba., then start to walk a few away from palengke..

          thank po.

          • Hi Jeremy. If you are going to Pico from Naic, in front of McDonald’s may dumadaan na na bus papunta Ternate. No need to walk sa Palengke. Baba na lang kayi sa Jollibee Naic then katabi lang nun ang Mcdo. 😊

    • Hi Haidee. Yes meron po. And re: sa trek shoes. Di nman po kelangan pero mas ideal kasi trek shoes are designed for rugged terrains and other factors in hiking. Okay nman ang rubber shoes e. Ako nga mas prefer ko yung nike sneakers ko pag nagtitrek. Don’t go on investing in trek shoes just yet if u are only starting with this sport pero kung mahal mo na then that’s when you get urself a good pair of trek shoes like salomon or colombia. 🙂

      • Thank you! sa DENR site po ang start ng hike? Kung may sasakyan po kami, mahirap po ba ang daan papunta hanggang denr site? 🙂

        • Yes. Sa denr yung start. If may sasakyan kayo mas ok. Established yung road at concrete na. di mahirap. diretso lang at along the hwy nman denr site

  22. santy laurence Reply

    Hi ms. Keza balak po kasi namin this coming May 15 mag hike w/ my 14 friends to pico, wala po b mga req, may need pba contactkin from brgay? Thanks po

  23. Paolo Angelo Gutierrez Reply

    Hi can i ask if we the mountain is open on weekdays? we plan to hike on the 2nd of may which is a monday. and how much does a guide cost? dalawa lang kami aakyat ng loved one ko so sana pwede sya akyatin kahit weekday kasi weekdays lang yung nakuha namin reservations sa isang malapit na resort sa mt.pico de loro. thank you!

    • Paolo Angelo Gutierrez Reply

      ms. Keza sana po masagot nyo yung question ko thank you po.

      • Hi Paolo. Im sorry for not responding. I did it intentionally cause clearly you haven’t read the entirety of my post. The answers to your questions are all indicated above. I really hope you wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  24. Another question po!! Pwde bang magovernyte doon sa pico de loro??

    • Nope. Off limits ang campsite for overnight stay. Strictly dayhike lang ang pwede.

      • Ay ganun po b? Sayang nmn!! Pro meron ba place doon where we can stay for a night?

        • Try going to boracay de cavite. It’s near and reachable via trike from pico de loro

  25. Hi po!! Plano po sana nmin alyatin ang pico de loro, pro plano po nmin magcommute lng from santa rosa laguna for more adventures,… alam nyu po ba pano magcommute from here in santa rosa laguna to pico de loro? We’re gathering informations and your blog is trully a big help!! Thanks!! 👊

    • Hi Jon. Try going to Balibago then ride a jeep going to Pala-Pala. From there ride another jeep going to Trece then another jeep to Naic. Get off Jabee Naic then ride a bus going to Ternate. Get off at the terminal then from there ride another trike going to DENR registration point. Start kayo around 4a para mabilis kau makarating. 🙂

      • Thank you!! Thank you!! You’re trully a big help!! Goodluck and more power to you and your adventures!! :)😄

  26. Hi ask lang po. Kung pwede po ba umakyat ng pico ng wala po guide.:) this is my 4th hike…:) tska po kung pwede p din po b akyatin ung monolith. Thanks po..:)

    • Hi Julie. Yeah you may opt not to get a guide. Just try to keep pace with the other hikers para di ka naman nagiisa sa pag ahon. Yung monolith pagpahingahin na muna naten. Sumunod na muna tayo sa recent order na wag muna akyatin. Stay safe. 🙂

      • Ah ganon po b. Sayang.:( hheheh okay po salamat…. This coming may akyat po ako. Thanks po ulit…:)

  27. Which one is more difficult in your opinion and experience, Batulao or Pico?

    • Hi Carmela. Hmmm. This one is tricky but With the exception of the monolith, for me it’s Mt. Batulao.

  28. very nice post po. I want to got here and I want to reach the top of monolith. I hope I can experience that. I was researching about Pico de Loro and it lead me to your blog. Great!

    • Hi. Thanks. Yes you can definitely reach the top of the monolith. If you really want to then nothing should stop you from doing it. Don’t get chicken like me! 😂

      • Nah! I really hope so. It look scary but It’s really interesting. Followed your blog. Hope you can check mine too! anyway thanks for your reply 🙂

  29. Ask ko lang po . Kaya po ba ito ng isang 13 years old ? Thanks

    • Hi Ea. Kids are normally more energetic than us adults but when it comes to hiking, they certainly need training and ample preparation. Marami na rin namang mga bata ngayon na umaakyat ng bundok together with their parents some are way too young like 2 or 5 but they seem to do okay. Only you can tell whether your 13 yr old can survive the challenge of this mountain. Alalayan mo lang. You can always give it another try naman if in case di kinaya sa una but I reckon he’ll try to overcome him/herself out there. 🙂

  30. Angela may sustal Reply

    Good eve po. Can i ask po if do u have contact numbers in pico de loro ? I would like to ask po kse if true po na close for hiking sa april 9 un pico. Thank u so much for ur kind response

  31. hi Ms. Keza ask ko lang po kung open po ba ang PICO on april 24 po? we plan po kasi for day hike? thanks.

  32. Hello, me and my friends are planning to go on hike, This will be our first time. We’re group of 3-4. Concern lang ako about doon sa guide? How much if apat lang kami? is it necessary? Read your article and helped me planning i some ways.

  33. Hi.. Im planning to climb this Saturday April 2 and I would just like to ask if its safe. Im planning to climb it alone or maybe with a help of a guide. But since im a girl, would it be safe? Coz last 2014 i climbed Mt. Batulao on my own but other guides were telling stories about Mt. Maculot to be very dangerous already since there are holdapers in the mountain. Now im paranoid. Haha! Any suggestions? Thank you! By the way, your story’s great! Got excited just reading it. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kat. It’s okay nman. Sa dami ng tao na umaakyat sa Pico wala na mangangahas na mangholdap o gumawa ng masama. Just be careful pa rin though and try to keep pace with the other hikers. That way meron ka pa rin kasama sa trail who can help you out any time. You go have fun

  34. Hi my plan po kami umakyat sa friday April 1, 4 lang po kasi kami pwede ba kami umakyat kahit wala kaming tour guide?

  35. Hi keza, open po ba pico this comming 28? Plano kasi naming couples pumunta dun e. Marami din po bang hikers that day if ever? Maraming salamat! 🙂

  36. Plano po naming umakyat sa Pico this April, mahirap po ba umakyat sa monolith? Considering na chubby ako

    • Hi Nadyn. Depende yun e. Ako chubby ako at di ko kaya weight ko so since merong tali wherein you will have to pull yourself up, di ko kinaya plus the nerves so di ko na pinilit. Kung kaya mo nman bigat mo then walang problema. Try doing pull ups for preparation. And now off limits ang monolith. DENR will let you sign a waiver pag gusto nyo pa rin umakyat. Climb at your own risk. As they Say. 🙂

  37. Hello ask ko lang po how much ang tour guide for 5-6 person? Need po ba talaga ng tour guide? Hope you reply. Planning to hike on monday. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jay. Someone who was just in Pico weeks ago said that guide fee is P1000 max 10 people. If you have hiking experience or one in your group has, then no need to get a guide. Just be very careful. You can follow other hikers on your way up para di magkaligawan.

      • Thanks for the reply. So its not required to hire a tour guide? Mga 5 person lang kami maghike eh. Thanks again. Its a big help! 🙂

  38. Hello Ms. Keza, my friends and I are planning to hike tomorrow, March 25. Open kaya sila, the DENR and such? Thank you for this informative blog. ❤

    • No worries. And Ker, I hope you don’t mind but please adhere to the Leave NO Trace Policy. Take care of your garbage. Dispose them properly. Dont leave them anywhere in the mountain. Don’t vandalize and do your best to minimize your impact to the precious Pico De Loro. Ayt. Have fun

  39. Thank you Keza M! I felt more excited to go there.. my colleagues and I are planning to go on a hike this coming first week of April..seems like i had a great preview of the place..thanks for the info’s..looking forward to check out your other blogs about your travels..;)👍

  40. Hi Keza, Ask ko lang po if may malapit na beach resort near mt. pico de loro? Plano po kasi namin after hike, diretso sa beach then we’re gonna stay there for 1 night. Thank you and Regards 🙂

      • Thank you so much Keza! Done googling. Ano po kaya pwede sakyan from Mt. Pico De Loro to Boracay De Cavite? 🙂

        • Hmmm… There are no public transpo going there so from Pico de Loro, hire a tricycle to take you there. It can be a bit pricey but just try to haggle. Just tell the driver you are going to the beach within Marine Base.

  41. Hi I’m planning po this coming Friday. Pwede po ba magtanong commute lang po ako pano po ba pumunta sa Pico from Dasmarinas? Thank you po in advance 🙂

    • Hi Julie. Ride a jeep from Dasma to Trece then to Naic or just the jeep to Naic if there is one available and get off at Jollibee Naic. Then ride bus to Ternate get off at the Terminal then trike to DENR reg site.

    • Bukas po ba ang Pico sa Monday March 28? We’re 15 in our group. At dalawa po samin nakaakyat na sa pico pero once lang. Advisable pa rin po ba na kumuha kami ng guide?

    • Hi Jay. It’s to let it recuperate also for safety reasons. Kalbo na kasi ang baba at eroded na masyado ang trail. Nakakalungkot man pero sana sumunod na lang po tayo na wag muna akyatin ang monolith.

  42. Hello po anytime po ba pwedeng mag hike sa pico de loro at may regestration po ba thanks so much for the answer 😊

    • Hi Shery. Hindi naman po pero bawal na po akyatin ang monolith from now on until further notice. Since holiday, if you will pursue Pico de Loro expect to bump into a crowd. You guys be careful. Have fun still 🙂

  43. John Cortez Reply

    I heard from a friend that the mountain is closed this April. Is it true?

    • Hi Harvey. I checked with my friends. Unfortunately since sarado na ang old trail at privatized na ang teritory where the falls is located, di na rin pwede pumunta dun. Sayang.

  44. hi keza,
    my friends and i are planning to go to pico de Loro on sunday, ask lang po if required mag hire ng tour guide? or keri ng maki sabay sa ibang hikers? 🙂

  45. edward_moeada@yahoo.com Reply

    Kindly correct n lng,napupunta sa iba ang credit.tnx

    • Hi Rosheena. You can ride a tricycle back to the bus station. There’s plenty of them parked outside the DENR site. Then ride a bus going back to Naic then another bus bound for Manila if you happen to finish the hike late but if you are early, you can still catch a bus bound for Manila from Ternate around 6pm. 😊

  46. edward_moeada@yahoo.com Reply

    Mt pico de loro,located in Maragondon
    Cavite,not in Ternate Cavite.

  47. Hi pwede ba maki join sa ibang hikers? Mag isa lang kc ako so medyo di ko lam

  48. my friends and I experienced mountaineering on different locations. It will be our first time to try pico de loro on thursday. any tips for us to be fast-paced during the hike?

    • Hi. I don’t think i can help you with that since I am normally a slowpoke. Haha. But just prep for countless assaults and keep yourselves well hydrated. Have fun 🙂

  49. Hi maam, ask ko lang po if kami kami lang makakaakyat parin ba kami? kahit walang guide? kasi di na pasok sa budget namin ang guide eh haha thanks!

    • Hi Fj. Yes nman. Just follow other hikers di na kayo maliligaw. Just be extra careful lang

  50. ivette belen - dabu Reply

    Hi! Ask ko lng po, pwede bang dretso nlang kmi dun tas dun na mag ask ng assistance ng guide? Cguro mga 7-10 persons lng kmi.. Pwede bng on the spot nlng walk in or need tlg magbook ksma ng ibng legit na hikers? Thanks!

    • Hi keizie. Yup. I recommend u get a guide for safety purposes. I just have to warn you that it is kind of pricey.

      • Open kaya sya ng March 5, 2016 ? kasi I heard na may trail run daw sa march 6 eh, ang concern ko baka kasi iready or set-up sya by march 5. Thank you so much

        • Hi. Sorry but really dont have any idea. Havent heard about it being discussed in any groups. You can opt to resched just to make sure.

    • Can I invite? Is this a blog? Thanks!
      Anyone interested to climb Pico de loro on March 5 (Saturday). 500 all in (meals not included) PM me on FB
      5 slots left

  51. Hi, I was wondering if we could just be like walk-in hikers there. As in, without availing a tour package from any third party entity. My fiancé and I plan to go there in June. We’ll be staying at Hamilo Coast that time.

    • You pertaining to the mountain or the resort? If the former, u can just walk in. If the resort, i think you’ll have to contact someone who owns a unit there and reserve. 🙂

  52. Pat Franco Reply

    Hii! Open kaya siya pag holiday? Like we plan on going this Thursday, Feb 27. Thanks! Great blog btw

    • Hi Pat. Yes it’s open. But I hope DENR managing Pico de Loro would close it temporarily to allow it to recuperate. Anyhow. You guys have fun. 🙂

  53. But in case you did not hear news about the private property issue, did you take the same route in the descent as a matter of choice? For convenience, or any other reason(s)? I am planning to go there on Feb 25 and would appreciate knowing soon 🙂

    Thanks again!,

  54. Hi Keza! You write well! You mentioned in the title “Traverse” but you went down the same route. Is traverse allowed? I heard the trail on the other side is no longer used because it is private property. Is that so?


  55. Hi Ms. Keza, thank you for the info, san po bababa sa maragondon cavite? Would you suggest if ano signboard name ng sasakyan namen sa coastal station? Ano po specific landmark pagbaba ng bus? Thank you for you soonest response

    • Hi Ana. Just take any bus in coastal mall to Ternate Cavite then alight at the bus terminal in Ternate. There will be trikes available there at the terminal. Ride one to the Denr reg site. Ayt. Have fun

      • Thanks for the info so last stop would be Ternate bus terminal itself right? Hmm other than that everything is clear. Thank you so much I love your blog. Anyway When you start creating your own blog?

        i love to travel also adventure must preferred.

        • Yup u got it..
          I started blogging since 2011 but my travel blogging didnt start until October 2013 after our Anawangin escapade. I’ve been travelling na before but I noticed wala ako na keep na memories or souvenirs ng mga travels ko so I decided to create a blog to help me whenever I feel like reminscing over my past adventures. You should consider creating a blog too. 🙂

          • So very interesting. Travel when we were young. I don’t know how to create a blog i mean site, my friend (IT) can’t help due to very busy schedule. Do you know how to make or any guide when to start? For starter please. hehe.

            • You dont really need to have IT skills to get started with your blog. There’s the free site platforms like wordpress, wix and blogger that you can utilize. Kung personal blog, you dont need a selfhosted site. Freehosted ka na muna then if ever you decide to expand, ska ka na magselfhost or webhost. Sign up with one of the platforms Ive mentioned. Madali lang sila gamitin. Good luck

  56. Hello! Thank you so much for this great blog! Btw, we’re going this coming Sunday, may I ask if it is really appropriate to wear a pair of trekking shoes? Is it okay if one wears rubber shoes?

    • It’s fine not to wear trekking shoes. Just make sure the shoes you would be wearing would be able to manage the slippery and ragged terrain. Have fun 🙂

  57. Hi, Keza M! Thanks for this helpful itinerary. Im a planning to take my gf there this weekend. I am coming here from Manila. Just in case, would you know if the bus going to Ternate will pass by Dasmarinas? Also, you mentioned that the traill is already established. Is it okay not to avail a tour guide? Is it required by DENR office? Thank you very much!

    • Hi James. I dont think the buses going to Ternate would pass by Dasma
      If u want you can meet her in Naic which a jeepney away from Dasma then from there ride another bus going to Ternate. And no need to get a guide. It is not mandatory. You guys have fun 🙂


    • Hi Rubina. It really depends on you. Kung kaya mo sia iconquer then u cN definitely do it. 5-10 minutes yung pagakyat sa mismong monolith..

  59. Hi Ma’am. Hindi po ba close ang PICO sa FEB 25? nagpaplano po kaming pumta e. Thank you.

  60. We’re planning to climb this Feb 25… ok lang naman di mag guide no? new trail nalng kami dadaan…

    • Hi Jhim yeah its ok na wag na kumuha as long as you can manage without securing one. Yes sa new trail na, close na rin ying old trail di na kayo makakadaan.. Have fun

  61. hi ms keza, pwede po ba mag overnight? plan po kasi namin umakyat this weekend. thank you 🙂

      • thank you, plan po kasi namin umakyat sa sunday kaso madami po atang tao dun ng feb 14, saan po kaya magandang umakyat ng wala masyadong tao and kasi ganda ng pico de loro? and pwede mag overnight? thank you again ms. keza

        • Try Mt. Marami in Maragondon if nasa Cavite area lang kayo. or Mt. Manabu in Batangas.

  62. Hi..this is ann.. thanks for this.. A big help for someone like us na planning to go there this weekends. Please help, di pa po pag Dasma ay bus lang na goingbto Trece ang meron then jeep na to Naic? Please guide po.. thanks

    • Hi Ann! I’m really sorry but im not really sure about transpo from Dasma to Pico. Basta go to Naic then Ternate would just be one ride away.. 😄

      • Hi.. been there yesterday and it was an amazing experience. . Truly beautiful scenes.. This blog helps a lot.. and the rate of tour guide really increase from 400 to 1000 for group of people.. hahaha.. we didn’t take a guide we just follow the trails and a lot of hikers too kaya di ka talaga maliligaw. . And also mababait ang ibang tour guide there kahit di ka kasama sa grupong tino tour nila… 🙂

        • Hi Angelie. Thanks for sharing. Grabe! Nalula ako sa from 400-1000! Haha. Monkey business na ang Pico de Loro. Tsk tsk. But im glad to know that you enjoyed it! Keep it up. You can check some of my events if interested ka! Walang monkey business. Pramis! Haha

          • Sure… we’re planning to find other mountains too na pwede puntahan.. we’re beginners and my friends love it in Pico. Hehehe.. Yeah. . Anlaki ng tinaas ng tour guide nila..hahaha.. but looking forward for next adventure. . Do you have any suggestions or post like this helpful blog? Thanks on advance.. God bless..

            • You can browse thru my other posts. I only have 6 mountains to my name so far and like you Im just starting to love this sport or rediscover it. 🙂 you might wanna also check some mountains in Rizal and Batangas area

  63. Leslie Camille Reply

    We’re planning po kase na umakyat this coming feb.14, open po kaya yun? thanks po ulit.

    • Yup and I gotta warn you malamang marami aakyat nun at huhugoat sa bundok so if you wanna avoid the crowd dahil malamang nian mas siksikan pa. Kaysa 70% sale ng SM ang Pico De Loro nun e try mo. Muna other mountains. Pero if okay lang nman sayo then Push. Enjoy your climb! Happy trails 😊

  64. Leslie Camille Reply

    Hello Ms. Keza, may I ask po if you know kung paano yung byahe kpag galing ng Dasma. Cavite. and yung regarding sa tour guide po, paano po mag hire. thank you po.

    • Hi Leslie, if you are from Dasma, ride a bus or a van if there is any to Ternate Cavite or if none Naic first then Ternate. The guides are available at the reg. You can ask the locals that you would want to hire a guide. Ayt. Have fun!

    • Hi Dhanes. Yeah if you think you’re child has it then bring him along to hike Pico De Loro. But you have to be more careful and watchful with your child.. I can’t provide you any more tips as I haven’t tried bringing kids along though I hAve a friend who brought her 6 month old girl to summit Pico using a baby carrier. Do more research before getting into a hiking adventure with your kid. The mountains are not to be underestimated. Your safety and your child’s is always the priority…

  65. hey..
    its me again..
    sa mga magpupunta sa pico hindi xa biro im been to other mountains pero hindi na biro if you want to go the summit..
    tapos yung part pag akyat sa monolith nakaka “takot” especially dun rope lng ang tanging way pra mka punta sa taas…
    may nakasabay nga ko pa descend galing sa summit na stuck na kasi nakaka takot yung angle ng terrain tapos yung ground madulas tapos wlng rope na makakapitan…
    to think na “experienced” na yung 2 girls na yun..
    inalalayan p nmin pbaba..
    pico is no joke and i call it the selfie mountain..
    nkaka challenge yung terrain.
    keep safe.
    happy lang!

    • Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is something other hikers who would dare to hike Pico can think about. Happy climbs

  66. Hi mam newbie lang din po gsto kc nmin ng friend q na mag punta jan sa pico. ask q lang po kung may direct na msasakyan po vah papunta jan galing d2 sa manila. at kung meron po saan? thank you

  67. Hi Mam I’m going there alone this February 8. This is my first time to hike. Any advice for a newbie like me? Any one out there who want to came along? Salamat

    • Hi Ludwyg. You be careful. You dont need to get a guide but just make sure to keep pace with the other group para di ka maligaw. Bring lotz of water and trail food. Have fun..

      • Yes Myr tuloy ako ng Feb 8, can i just have your number so that we can plan everything. But like what I said newbie plang ako so what we can do is to help each other and enjoy the experience. Thanx

      • By the way Myr, I am coming alone that is why I’m looking for company. Let me know if you’re coming as soon as possible.Thanx

  68. Hi! Thanks so much for your blog. We’re just planning to get to the Pico’s falls because we have 1yr old with us, may suggestions ka po ba. And also bukod sa environmental fee of 30php recuired ba yung guide i mean wala bang directions nalang.. Annnd may extra fee po ba sa falls? Thank you thank you! We’ll be there tomorrow, last minute planning hehe.

    • Hi. Good luck for tomorrow. Not sure about the falls though. Havent tried going there. If one of you knows where exactly it is located then no need to get a guide pero kung di naman secure one para avoid maligaw. Do you have something to carry your 1 year old with you? Baka mahirapan kayo magtrek if you have to carry your child in your arms.. I have a friend who summited Pico with her 6 mo old girl. Mukhang okay naman. Just make sure your child has everything she needs before the trek. You guys be careful. Have fun

      • Hi to all just want to share my first hiking experience. It has been a wonderful experience for me –way beyond my expectation. The location, trails, climbing and the people were all awesome – definitely got more than I expected. Sa mga nakilala ko along the way, thank you so much. Thank you for making my first climb a success and a memorable one.
        I’m looking forward to taking my next adventure this coming days. just in any way i can help other newbies like me here is my number 09062344645.

        Thanx Keza your blog serve as my introduction for this adventure, to Myr who is so patience and dedicated, Jason the talented tour guide and the famous hiker dahil “naligaw” daw sila dun before and his team of friendly hikers. See you guys around.


        • Hi Ludwyg! Would you be interested to take your adventure to the next level? We have Mt. Ugo climb this March 5-6 you might wanna join. PM me on facebook for more details

  69. midouban12 Reply

    ibig ko pong sabhen e 400 yong babayaran namen bawat isa or isang guide 400,thanks again

  70. midouban12 Reply

    hi po ask lang po kung yong 400 pay for tour guide is pang ilan tao na po kaya niya handle? or per person 400?,,thanks

  71. Hi to Ms. Blogger, we are planning to do our first hiking here at Mt. Palay-Palay. I’m browsing and visiting a lot of websites and blogs, but yours really fit on what I’m looking for. We’re just beginners, we don’t have any idea how to go there just by ourselves without renting or booking to any tour agency *that’s really expensive. But I just want to know if you think we can just drop by there, should we book to the DENR office, are there always available tour guides, do they have specific dates that we can hike? I hope you can help me on this. Thank you so much !

    • Hi steff. I highly discouraged you booking to any tour agencies. For safety reasons. Minsan kasi marami sila magdala ng hikers sa bundok with not enough guides to accommodate the number of guest. If I were you, just follow my itinerary and head to registration point. You should get there early so you can still get yourselves a guide since a lot of people are hiking Pico de Loro these days. Try hiking there on weekdays so you can avoid the crowd. Be safe and have fun on your first hike.

  72. hello po ate kezza! ang galing po ng blog niyo. nainspire ako. parang gusto ko din icareer ang pag hiking. ask ko lang po. if pagdating po ba naming dun sa area, dun na din po ba kame kukuha ng tour guide or should we tell them earlier?

    • Hi Dyn. Nice to know I did inspire you. Dun na kayo sa registration point kumuha ng guide. I have to warn you though. Masyadong marami umaakyat ng Pico de Loro these days. You be careful and be responsible towards nature. If this is really what you wanna do then you should do it. Have fun!

    • Hahaha. I miss you too bigtime. Im sure it’s gonna be a breeze for you to climb Pico kac you survived na Mt. MACULOT although i would say mas mahirap ang monolith kaysa rockies but the trail, mas straightforward ang Maculot. 🙂 Sana I can join u. Wanna survive the monolith din e.. hopefully

      • Haayy naku, gusto na kita makasama umakyat anu ka ber.. really want to climb pico na, kaso we want to try it during weekdays, para hindi masyado matao.

        • Kelan ka kasi pwede? Yeah you should choose to climb on weekdays. Di mo maaappreciate yung bundok pag madami tao… I am to join another climb feb 20 21 sa mt. Marami. Overnight. Join us kung pwede ka. 🙂

  73. Hi po ate Keza ask ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ba talaga ng guide? newbies po kasi kaim ng mga friends ko 🙂 salamat :*

    • Hi Rica. Since this is your first mountain and all of you are newbies, I would highly suggest that you get a guide. Although marami willing tumulong na ibang hikers dun in case anything happens, mas maigi pa rin na meron isang tao who will look after you. This will also be a good opportunity for you to ask the guide some tips since mas kabisado nila ang bundok. Extra ingat na lang din since there are parts of Pico de.Loro na mahirap even for experienced hikers. Hope this helps. Have fun.

  74. Read your blog and sundin namin sample itinerary mo i wish it’ll be good we’ll go tomorrow yay so excited…um open ba lagi denr station?? Any tips on traveling by ourselves instead availing pricey packages im worried baka hindi open, ako kasi nagyaya 🙁

    • Hi Sheena. Yup lage nman cause probably inanticipate nila walk in climbers. When it comes to traveling on your own, masaya siya. Just be extra cautious pero wag masyado paranoid. Basta enjoy lang and if there are any signs of danger, flee agad. You guys enjoy Pico De Loro

  75. hi i would just ask kung sa tingin nyo lang po na aabutin ba na ng gabi sa bundok pag halimbawa yung time ng registration is 11am or 12? tsaka mas best po ba na may guide pag lahat ay newbies at all-girls? hehe thanks po! will wait for your reply 🙂

    • Hi Lenecar. Yes it’s a possibility. Trekking may take 2-3 hour to summit and another 2-3 pababa so depending sa pace it might take longer. Better for you to start early in the day so maaga din kayo matapos. It’s kinda dangerous especially all you guys are girls and newbies so extra ingat na lang din. 🙂

    • Pico de Loro is open Mondays to Sundays unless there’s update na close siya for a specific reason but so far wala naman so any dates will do. 🙂

    • Hi Hya. I’m.sorry but I don’t know any guide in Pico De Loro. I discourage favoring guides cause I wanna give all of them equal chance. Guides are available dun sa registration site so better kung dun na lng niyo kukunin guides niyo that way auth people would know who you’re with. 🙂

  76. Hi. Just want to ask if pico de loro is open on holidays? We are planning to climb this january 1. Thank you for your answer 🙂

    • Hi Darilyn. Yup open. Some hikers nga spend their holidays in the mountains kaya okay lang if balak niyo dayuhin ang Pico this January. You take care and enjoy. 🙂

  77. Thank you po dito. Pupunta kami sa dec 21sa pico, okay lng naman po kaya khit maulan this past few days? . dalawa lng po kami at first time magcclimb. 🙂 malaking tulong po tlga ito 🙂

    • Hi KD7, it’s okay as long as on the day of hike hinde maulan. Pico de Loro isn’t the type to be underestimated lalo na newbies kayo. The trail would be muddy and too slippery. Dobleng ingat lang. Madulas din akyatin ang monolith pag umuulan. Good luck sa inyo. Enjoy the trek. 🙂

  78. Jeiza Macaraeg Reply

    Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. I’ll try my luck here on December 21. Goin’ solo ^_^ Thank you for the tips and useful information.

    • Hi Jeiza thank you for the kind and positive feedback. It warmed my heart bigtime. You go enjoy Pico. She is such a stunner

  79. Hi, I just read your blog and it’s a big help! 🙂 Ask ko lang kung ok lng ba na pumunta dun sa Dec. 19? open ba palagi sa registration site? Last question din, ok lng pumunta kahit dalawang tao lang? Thanks.

    • Hi Joy. Yeah ok lang any date unless merong recent announcment na close muna ang bundok but so far nman wala. Ok lang din kung dalawa lang kayo. Establish nman yung trail. Enjoy kayo

  80. Hi maam! Ask ko lang kung okay lang ba pumunta lang kami dun Without acquiring yung packages online? Mas makaka tipid po ba? May tour guide ba na makukuha available dun? Group of 8 kami. Salamat maam!

    • Hi Emman. Yes. It’s definitely OK na wag kumuha ng packages online. It’s cheaper and more fun. Yung mga guides available upon registration. P400 the last time I was there. Just try to haggle fairly for the price. 🙂

        • Whichever nman is ok pero if may car ka mas ok in case gabihin kayo sa pagbaba hinde kayo mahihirapan umuwi 🙂

          • Maam ask lang ulit. Ano po kinain niyo nun for lunch?? Nakita ko kasi sa itinerary niyo ang tagal din ng Lunch break e. Salamat ulit!!

            • Each of us brought packed lunch. Para mas convenient, bring something na di masabaw like rice and fried goodies (chicken, pork, hotdogs etc). Pwede din sandwich or canned goods like tuna, sardines or pork and beans. Another option is cup noodles. Regarding our Lunch, matakaw tlga kmi sa pahinga. Haha. Siempre di nman dapat minamadali ang pag akyat. Mas masarap pa rin ienjoy every moment lalo na yung kainan. 🙂

  81. we’re planning to go on Dec 13 🙂 this help a lot. I’ve got a better view of pico de loro 🙂

    • Hi Grace. I’m happy to know you find my Pico De Loro post helpful. You be careful out there. Have Fun! 🙂

  82. Shey Vergara Reply

    Thanks for your blog, it’s a big help! We’ll definitely go there before the year ends. Sakto beginner lang din kami sa hike. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Shey. Thanks. I’m sure you’ll love Pico and she’ll be the reason you would want to hike even more. Enjoy 🙂

  83. hi. i just read your blog and it’s a big help. we’re all beginners yet you made it simple by your words. And the pictures is also a big help for us (thinking that I also want to take a photo there).
    We’re planning to go there on December 20.

    • Hi Nollian. I’m just glad to know you find my post helpful. I’m no expert in mountaineering terms so I always make sure to write simply but in a way that will effectively convey my experience to my target readers without putting away the important details.. Good luck with your climb. Feel free to give me a shout after. 🙂

    • hey. I just drop by the link. Awesome website there. Will definitely recommend. 🙂

  84. jobel pearl tampus Reply

    kahet beginner ba eh pwede na agad sundin yung sample itinerary na ginawa mo?

    • Hi jobel. yeah. pwedeng pwede. Pico nman is one of the few mountains that’s newbie-friendly.

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