SUMILON ISLAND: Forget The Whalesharks, Oslob Has Great Beaches Too

Sumilon Island lies just 15-20 minutes off the coast of Oslob in Cebu Province. This island though greatly underrated boasts of white powdery white sand beaches, refreshing turquoise water and a stunning sandbar that stretches to about a hundred meters. While in the island frolicking under the sun, you will be entertained by the gorgeous view of mainland Cebu and the endless horizon of deep blue ocean waters. Sumilon Island is undeniably one exquisite beauty but is often overlooked as the town of Oslob is not usually known for its beaches but more recognized because of the adorable whalesharks.

Sumilon Island is privately owned by Bluewater Island Resort so access is restricted to the sandbar for non-guests. A day in the island with Bluewater Island Resort is priced at P1500 during weekdays and P2000 during weekends but you need not spend this much if you are only after some fun beach loving at the splendid sandbar. Allow me to tell you how.

First. Travel To Oslob

  • From Cebu City – Ride a bus bound for Oslob in South Bus Station and alight in front of Brumini Resort. Travel takes about 3 hours.
  • From Bacolod & Dumaguete – Ride a Ceres bus bound for Oslob and alight in front of Brumini Resort. Travel takes about 2 hours.
  • From Bohol – Ride a ferryboat to either Cebu or Dumaguete then ride a bus to Oslob and alight in front of Brumini Resort. Travel may take about 4 hours.

Second. Charter A Boat To Take You To Sumilon Island In Brumini Resort

  • Tip # 1: Rate is P1500/boat but the boat is not exclusive to you so you can always ask to go with other guests to save some bucks.
  • Tip # 2: Don’t be swayed by locals saying that other guests might not agree to share the boat. Ask around and wait for other guests.
  • Tip # 3: You can ride a different boat in going back to Brumini Resort from Sumilon Island. No need to wait for the other guests or to wait for the same boat which brought you there to be available.
  • Tip # 4: There is a P50 Environmental Fee that locals collect in Sumilon Island and another P30 for the use of Toilet & Bath. You can change to your beach wears in Brumini Resort instead to save the P30.
  • Tip # 5: The best time to go to Sumilon Island is during the low tide hours from 2Pm onward. There will also be less people during those hours so you can most likely have the place to yourself.
  • Tip # 6: Bring water and food to keep you full while in the island savoring its beauty. Just don’t leave your trash. Pack them and dispose them upon getting back in Brumini Resort.


So now that you know, you might probably ask  “how much will it cost me?” Here a sample budget breakdown

SUMMARY OF EXPENSES (Cebu-Oslob Route) For a group of 5Round Trip Bus Cebu-Oslob 2 P165 > P330
Boat to Sumilon Island @ P1500 > P300
Entrance Fee > P50
Food > P150
Expenses to Side trip > P650
-Whaleshark watching P500
-Tumalog Falls P150

TOTAL <<>> P1480
CONTACT NUMBERSBrumini Resort - (032) 514 6623
Bluewater Island Resort - (032) 481 0801

Other places to visit after/before exploring Sumilon Island

  • Go see the whalesharks (although I’m not much of a fan)
  • Visit Oslob’s Heritage Park
  • Visit Tumalog Falls
  • Go chasing waterfalls in Samboan

Fun Under The Sun

There you have it folks. I just kept this post short and sweet for all you my straightforward readers. For questions, feel free to buzz the comments box or my inbox.

If you have your own Sumilon Island story to share, drop them on the comments below and we’ll talk about it.

Our visit in Sumilon Island was part of our South Cebu Madness in July this year.

Until next time lovelies. Don’t forget to share. Ciao! πŸ™‚



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