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Taraw Cliff El Nido PalawanTaraw Cliff is that giant limestone karst overlooking the beautiful town of El Nido in Palawan. It is the highest peak in town and the most prominent figure resembling a fortress when seen from the waters approaching El Nido. It is both forbidding and magnificent especially the protective manner of how it seems to engulf the entire town within its expanse. To some this is just another scenery to admire but to the more adventurous of spirits, this is another opportunity for a thrilling, totally nerve-wracking experience. After all what awaits atop the cliff is absolutely rewarding which makes it totally worth all the pain.
I’ve always wanted to climb Taraw Cliff. The stunning bird’s eye view of the rest of El Nido I’ve seen in the photos on some of the travelers I am following on Instagram made me unable to resist the itch of taking too its arduous challenge. I regret missing the chance to climb it the first time I flew to Palawan in May but finally, after totally discarding my itinerary having fallen madly in love with Coron lingering there way too long during my visit last November, I had come to finish my business with this marvelous piece of rock
We started the trek late at 7AM. Mind you! If you want to enjoy taking in the picturesque view atop Taraw cliff, you will have to start trekking as early as 5AM so in time the sun rises up and the heat becomes unbearable, you’re just about done taking in the scenery. Not that the view is easy to get enough of. This may be the shortest hike I’ve been to, just standing at 300 MASL or so, but probably one of the toughest. The trek kicked off with us (myself and the guide) walking along local houses. After taking several turns to the right and left, we finally reached the start point of the entire ordeal.
Taraw cliff is no joke. Unlike other mountains where you will start trekking along grasslands or woodlands, this however will welcome you with relentless bouldering. The entrance to the trail reminds me of that hidden passage I used to sneak into to get to our favorite place back when I was younger. It has a cavelike entrance situated above boulders which we had to overcome as the first obstacle. I had to be very careful with my steps as missing will pretty much cost me my life or a limb, no make it two. After finally making it past the entrance, we continued walking along rockstrewn terrain. We even passed by a small lake. The scene I’ve come to witness took me to some otherly world. It’s like somewhere pirates would go burying their treasures. It felt kinda eerie but all the more it got me excited.
I was relieved when my foot stumbled on a flat, soft surface. Oh earth. Dirty, muddy earth. I had smiles all over my face until the rocky terrain resumed. This time there was no telling when will it end. We continued walking with me leading the way until we were faced with the first 90 degree of pure rock climbing along limestone rock. The sharp edges of the rocks made the climb extra challenging given how stupid I was to forget my gloves. I went to climb first with my guide standing by down below giving me directions which I was truly appreciative given how I lack the better of judgement when it comes to bouldering.
Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan
I got passed the first trial but was not at all relieved when I was told there are 2 more of those coming that were 3 times more difficult than the one I’ve just finished. We continued walking along rocks, bumped into some other tourists who seemed very fulfilled with what they’ve accomplished that day, tried to avoid falling off while walking at the edge of the cliff to reach the other side and pretty much did all the unthinkable just to get through the day unscathed. I had survived the two 90 degree rock climbing but my hands were already sore. We went on a steep descent, the first for that day then quickly ascended going to the other side. Oh! A lot of things happened that I forgot to mention how exquisite was the view of the town halfway to the top. I’ve walked over pointed rocks trying real hard not to go off balance. After which I was like Spiderman literally glued crawling west on a stone wall to cross the other end of the trail. Everything seemed to happen in a blur that I lost track of the other details. What I just can attest is that I went through a hell of a something before I found myself grinning like a child at the magnificence of what my eyes were seeing that day standing on the highest point of El Nido.
Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan
Words are unable to describe the beauty of El Nido as seen atop Taraw Cliff. Even brutal with the photos unable to give it justice. The fortresses of limestone engulfing the town, the houses and buildings lined along the shoreline, the deep blue waters and several islands dotting Bacuit Bay. All of them seemed to have been carefully placed where they were to form something that is beyond perfect. The scene was so surreal that it melted my heart with so much gratitude. It was all I need to rid me of too much exhaustion. In my reverie, I was tempted to think as if I’m in a different place other than my motherland but doing so is betraying the truth that the Philippines is indeed beautiful more that what I, most its people and the world give it credit for. Oh dear. I am blown away how my every time this land of ours never cease to amaze me. It’s richness. It’s beauty. It can never be somewhere else but here. You’ll know it right away.
 Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan

It was with a heavy heart that I had to bid that heavenly view adieu. I wished I could stay longer despite the scorching heat of the sun. However, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who’s got the same intention as several minutes after reaching the summit of Taraw cliff came other tourists. I forced myself down the cliff tracing the the path from where we came. Going down was a lot easier but running out of water was a torture. I had no choice but to endure the thirst which made me feel strangled in chains by the neck. Taraw cliff may have not been too kind that day, nevertheless I got no regrets and I would absolutely be up to its challenge again. Someday.

Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan

  • Bring lots of water. I promise you’ll need at least a liter of it.
  • Wear gloves
  • Don’t dare wear slippers or just trekking sandals. It’s gonna be shoes all the way
  • Wear long sleeves or arm sleeves. You’ll thank me for it. I swear
  • Apply sunblock. Black is beautiful but UV Lights can kill you with skin cancer.
  • Be careful. Don’t rush. You’ll eventually get there.


Tour agencies in El Nido offer the climb to Mt. Taraw at P500 which can be shared by 3 people but there are those who offer it at P300. It’s up to you. You can still haggle if you think the price isn’t fair yet.

There you go. You’ve just seen the other side of El Nido. Now you know that it isn’t at all just seas and sands. It can be home to adventures none of us have known yet so don’t be scared to explore and discover something new. If you have other ideas which would make a visit to Palawan more exciting, please shoot them on the comments box below. I would really love to read them.

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Due to the very unfortunate incident which injured 2 foreign tourists and almost cost the life of a local guide who climbed Taraw Cliff earlier this year, the officials of El Nido have permanently suspended hiking activities to the cliff. Please make further verification on this matter if you plan to include this adrenaline infused activity on your itinerary.

Ayt folks. Until next time. See yah 😉


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  1. Meera Pruneau Reply

    Hi! Would you know of any contacts to do trekking through the forest from El Nido town to Nagkalit-kalit falls?

    • Hi Meera. Sorry but I don’t have any contacts. You can always arrange such tour once you get there though. 😊

  2. Chris Cookson Reply

    cheers mate ill be climbing taraw early may 2017 cant wait as I was here in December 2016 but it was closed.

    • It’s within the town proper and near serena street so no need to travel far.

  3. hi there
    i will be at el nido next week for a day (29th september) and planned to climb the taraw hill and snorkeling. is it true that hiking at taraw has been suspended? until when? and do u have any guide’s contact since we not book anything yet. thanks

    • Hi Izan. Taraw is still open but the usual trail is already closed. There’s another trail used to hike to the top. I’m sorry I don’t have a number of the guide.

  4. I just climbed Taraw Cliff the other day…the usual back breaking trail is still closed and but they have built an alternative route to reached the top. They built the canopy walk and they opened last October 19,2015. My guide Julius told me they have been using this trail called the “Ferrata” for almost a year now and it’s the safest way to get to the deck that offers such an amazing view of El Nido. It cost 400php…a guide,helmet and harness is provided. One can reach the top in 15 mins if youre in top shape.Of course it’s not as thrilling and exhilarating experience as climbing it with sheer gut and strength but for those who wants to see the amazing view up there, this is really a very good option.
    I was told that the guide that fell that day is already paralyzed from the waist down. Sad really because he is still in the prime of his life.But he was intoxicated when he went up there with his tour group😟

    • Hi Lot. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Great help for those who are planning to climb up the top of Taraw Cliff. Cheers to More travels. 🙂

    • hi Keza 😊. I’m planning to go to palawan next month. i just want to know if i can squeeze one island tour and taraw cliff hike in one day? i have a very tight schedule of 3D3N which also includes puerto prinsesa. will wait for your reply, thank you!

      • Hi Lot. Yeah you can. You can either wake up early in the morning to hike Taraw then go down before 8am to join in the tour or go on tour first then hike Taraw before sunset.

  5. Ladie Marrice Nueda Reply

    too bad, i think the cliff’s closed for good. 🙁 I have read other blogs too.

    • Yeah. Sad. It was probably due to the recent falling incident. 🙂 I hope someday they will consider building a staircase up the cliff so visitors can simply climb up the stairs instead of trekking. Not much of fun and adventure but still worth it cause of the view on top. 🙂

    • Aw sad. Could have been awesome if you were able to hike up Taraw cliff. Must have been raining the past couple of days. Or prolly they closed it after the falling incident several months ago.. 😢

  6. Rae Angela Garcia Reply

    Hi, May I ask the contact details of your tour guide or the company/agency that offers the climb?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Rea. I wasnt able. To get the name and number of my tour guide but I got the tour from El Nido Sands Inn where I stayed during my visit in El Nido. I got it for P300 cause I had no one to share the fee with. There are lots of agencies in El Nido which offers a trek to Taraw Cliff. They offer it for P500/guide for 3 pax. 🙂

    • Hi Faye. Depende po sa pacing nio. Pag mabilis it should only take you 2 hours pero if mabagal it can eat up to 4 hours 🙂

  7. Hi! your story is very interesting and it inspire me to climb the Taraw Cliff also. Do you have any contact number of the guide I can early arrange before I arrived in Palawan? I prefer po kasi to arrange everything as early as possible so I can arrange cost and itinerary in all on my palawan tour.

    Thank you and more travel to come ^_^

    • Hi. Unfortunately wala po ako contact info ng guide. Pero if u need to finalize the cost at magisa ka lang, safe budget is P500. Normally pantatluhan yan so kung magisa ka lang sa haggle to lower it down a bit. You be careful sa pagakyat. Have fun 🙂

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