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When it comes to food trips, only one place immediately comes to mind to almost all food lovers in the Metro. Whether that is to satiate a long time craving or is just looking for a cozy spot to chill while served with good food, this is simply the perfect go-to place. Located in Teachers Village QC, this once lonely street has now become a bustling food district. I think by now you’ve already figured out I’m speaking highly about Maginhawa Food Park,


Maginhawa Food Park is without a doubt a trend in the scene of food discovery and adventure. It is a place with the right blend of the old and new. A perfect setting for traditional food enthusiasts and those who seek to taste something new. With its streets lined with almost a hundred restaurants with each one having something different to offer, the options are never ending. So with the overwhelming choices present in Maginhawa Food Park, where exactly should you begin?


During me and boyfie’s recent and long overdue visit to Maginhawa Food Park, we spent our first food adventure sampling some sinfully good food at The Wicked Kitchen. The supposedly second choice effortlessly exceeded our expectations and made our day seamlessly wonderful with their unconventional menu selection more than able to satisfy our palette and opened our minds to more tasteful possibilities. Just look at those mouthwatering photos below.

My Verdict

  • The Menu – The food they serve is a mix if Aussie, American and Filipino specialties. I love how they put their signature touch to every dish in the menu.
  • The Taste – Every dish we ordered were amazingly delicious that we ended up ordering 2 of their sisig bowls. Their pasta dishes were something you wouldn’t want to miss. Their desserts are to die for.
  • The Price – Ranges from P150-P250.. Although the price is kind of expensive for my taste, I think it was just about right given the quality of food they served us.
  • The Place – It was a small, cozy place enough for people looking for an intimate spot to chill and munch on some delicious food.

Why I Think The Wicked Kitchen Is A Perfect Starter For Maginhawa Street First Timers?

Maginhawa Food Park virgins can never go wrong with The Wicked Kitchen. The food is great. The price, not something you would break the bank for. The place was chill and peaceful. The Wicked Kitchen had certainly set the bars high that it made us look forward to discover other great things Maginhawa Street has to offer.

Visit them:

Location: 2F 189 Maginhawa corner Makadios Sikatuna
Village, QC
Website: wicked-kitchen.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wicked-kitchen
Mode Of Payment: Cash & Credit Cards 🙂

There you go lovelies! I hope you enjoy this article. See you some time in Maginhawa Eat Street. We will frequent that place for sure. Until next time. Ciao. 🙂

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