Tinago Falls

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TINAGO FALLS is located in the municipality of Linamon, Lanao Del Norte near Iligan City. This waterfall is surprisingly still at its natural state. Except for that manmade staircase going down the falls, its surrounding environment is completely devoid of any sign of commercialization. There are cottages built to accommodate guest but none of those prove to threaten the pureness of this wonderful work of nature.


  1. From Cagayan De Oro – From your hotel or the city proper, ride a jeep or a cab going to Bulua Westbound Terminal. Then ride a Rural Transit or Super 5 bus going to Iligan. Fare is P145 (November 2014). Alight the bus in Iligan City Terminal. Afterwards there are 2 ways you can go to the falls or go around the city – (a) Through a motorcycle (habal-habal) – many drivers would come offering you a tour to the city for P600 which I think is overpriced but if you want your tour to be more convenient then this could be a perfect choice for you. (b) If your budget could not afford a P600 tour to various tourist attraction in Iligan and your only desire is to go to Tinago Falls then this is probably the best option for you. From Iligan Integrated Bus Terminal ride a jeep going to the city proper then alight near or at the public market. Fare is P8. Then ride another jeep with signage of Maria Christina or Purakan. Ask the driver to drop you off the crossing in Purakan where you can hire a motorcycle or habalhabal going to Tinago Falls. Fare is P11. Then hire a motorcycle going to Tinago Falls for P35/head.
  2. From ManilaTake a flight via Cebupac or Palexpress to Cagayan de Oro then follow the step#: 1.
  3. From Davao City – Ride a bus (Bachelor Express or Rural Transit) to Butuan. Fare is roughly around P300. Then from Butuan, ride another bus (Bachelor Express or Rural Transit) to Cagayan de Oro City. Fare is again roughly around P300 then follow step#: 1.

***For people coming from Ozamis, Zamboanga and other nearby provinces, you might want to check with your local tourism office or inquire through any bus or Roro ferry transport liners in your area.


  • Extra clothes
  • Foods & Drinks
  • Rubbish bag (Please don’t leave your trash to keep the place clean)


  • Entrance Fee – P50 includes floaters/lifevest
  • Fare – P108 to and from Iligan Integrated bus terminal
  • Tour Guide tip – P20 or is up to you.


  • There is no convenient stores available near the area nor any restaurants or eatery so it is important that you bring your own food and drinks
  • You can visit other nearby waterfalls such as Mimbalut Falls and Maria Christina Falls through hiring a motorcycle or habalhabal
  • The road to Tinago Falls is paved but the ride is still a bit bumpy.

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