SPELL us dumbfounded as words refused to escape our lips to utter a single thing when a beguiling goddess so beautiful revealed herself and her inexplicable mystic to us. All we could do was stare in amazement as we felt helpless trapped in her allure. Who would think that what was hidden beneath the sea of luscious trees and flowers is a deity ever so worthy of admiration and worship. Concealed away from the malice of the world, her innocence is pure and with her is a wondrous surprise only she could unveil, hence she was Tinago Falls.

Tinago Falls Travel Guide
The stairway going down to the waterfall

It was early morning Wednesday since we were not allowed entrance to Maria Christina Falls, we decided to see Tinago Falls instead. Never have we imagined that what we thought as an alternative should have been the first choice instead. Tinago falls is a million times more beautiful than the other waterfalls we’ve seen in the past. She is definitely a beauty like no other and the kind that deserves a bit of sacrifice.

I was growing a little impatient while going down the stairs that led to Tinago Falls. I could hear her singing from afar. Her waters were calling my name and I could not resist her spell inviting me to run over her side. Her playful voice was making my skin tingle. Everything seemed to sing with her. The birds. The flowers. The trees. They were all her allies. And when she finally unveiled herself to us, she seemed merrily dancing with the lone prick of light lucky enough to pierce through the canopy of trees that was her fortress.

Tinago Falls

Her waters were deep blue and cold as the heart of a murderer but she didn’t make me feel unsafe as I let her slowly take me in. She has the most gentle of touch, like a motherly care. I could not fathom her depth but from the way it seemed, she is immeasurable as her time encompasses that of mine and perhaps all of mankind.

She was vulnerable but she didn’t let a bit of that show as she most willingly open wide her arms to catch me while I fall from a cliff. She was quick to bring me to safety and was patient enough to understand that sometimes the young ones could be daredevils and lack the mind to judge better. That we could be stupid but fun. That we could sometimes abuse our freedom but at the end still longs for that refuge that was home. And she was home.

Still smiling with joy in my heart as I gazed at the loveliness that was her, I thought a day with her could become forever.

Tinago Falls Travel Guide

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