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Batangas is one of the provinces near the bustling Metro Manila. A two hour scenic drive through SLEX or the highways of Cavite will lead to this Southern jewel’s wide array of delightful surprises. Most of it’s coastal towns are endless stretch of powdery white sand beaches and some of those with pebbles and black sands are not to be ignored either. It’s waters are paradise to divers while at the far corner of the horizon lies some of its pristine islands. It’s well cultivated lands are surrounded with magnificent mountains towering several meters above sea level all of which promise an extraordinary view atop their summits. While these are already very enticing, Batangas’ most precious possession is something we can describe as a “beautiful disaster”, The Taal Lake and Volcano.

Taal Lake for the longest time has been monumental to Batangas. Their connection is almost arbitrary that one cannot define this beautiful province without mentioning it’s famous lake. It’s as if Taal Lake is the very benchmark of the province’s beauty and prestige. Hence, it doesn’t make me wonder why tons of resorts were built around Taal Lake and in places where this beaut can be viewed unobscured. One of these resorts which have utilized this famous lake as part of their unbeatable marketing strategy is La Virginia Hotel And Resort.

Located in Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, La Virginia Hotel And Resort is fun, adventure and nature enclosed within an 8-hectare capsule. Within this vast secluded land overlooking the exquisite Taal Lake are infinity and kiddie pools, uniquely designed cottages, a natural spring, 200-meter zip line, wall climbing spot and an archery field. The place is designed to accommodate visitors from all walks of life. Children can swim and frolic in the sun for as long as they want. The adrenaline junkies can amp for a thrill zipline ride or a wall climb. Those who wonder whether they got what it takes to be Katniss Everdeen can simply test their skills with a bow and arrow in the archery field. And when all else fail to please you, I’m pretty certain a relaxing moment by the pool with a bottle of beer while marvelling at the incomparable beauty of Taal Lake won’t.

“I must have already made my fondness of the resort pretty obvious but if you need me to do you more encouraging then allow me to spill some of my 5 cents worth of thoughts.”


I am more of a natural spring pools, waterfalls and the beach kind of person. I seldom spend a penny to bathe in manmade swimming pools filled with too much chlorine, a week’s worth of sweat, urine and spits made worse by unruly kids running around and drunkards boisterously arguing whose grandfather did the most nonsense better but La Virginia is different. I don’t know whether we came during the low season or that the resort just got several other swimming pools that there was never a time I felt distracted while I daydreamed afloat that 6-feet deep infinity pool. I liked that the water was cool and refreshing despite the scorching sun and the best part is, kids have quite a few other options where they can have their fun time deterring them from meddling in pools made for adults who are more for quiet moments than rowdy playtime.

They have this Marvel themed kiddie pool for boys big on The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. A castle stood beside it for those who fancy being a young Prince Charming with their Cinderella playmate. There’s the fruity kiddie pool for the giggly little girls and frog slide pool for that adventurous little tyke. There’s also a dolphin pool for the not so kiddies and teens and a 5-feet deep swirling slide pool for those looking for a more splashy soak. For the most part I think La Virginia Hotel And Resort chose to play with the young ones’ ever imaginative world. At least the kids at heart got themselves the infinity pool.


La Virginia’s picnic huts are uniquely and intricately designed and built to accommodate every type of visitors. A close circle of college girls longing for a quick weekend break will totally have fun hanging around the Mushroom Hut or the Fruity Cottages. A large family of 4 generations will certainly appreciate the Tree House’s cozy atmosphere. So it doesn’t really matter whether you are going alone or with a bunch of your friends for that much needed day tour out of the bustle, the resort will always have a place ready for you. And you know what’s more to love about their picnic huts? They are situated near or just a few walks from the swimming pools.

Check out link for more info: LA VIRGINIA PICNIC HUTS


If you still couldn’t get enough of La Virginia and the breathtaking Taal Lake, should you wish to stay a bit longer or spend the night there then there’s plenty of rooms and cottage houses in store for you to choose from. And you would love the creative mind behind them as they are not only beautiful but they were built to be filled to the brink. No space and money wasted, just great value for what you paid for.


Check out link for more info: LA VIRGINIA ROOMS AND HOUSES


What can I say? The place was built to feed the eyes. A stroll within this 8-hectare La Virginia Resort is a time not wasted cause something interesting is in store whichever direction your eyes turn to.

Check out link for more info: LA VIRGINIA ATTRACTIONS


Plenty of shower and toilet rooms. Men’s T&B rooms are separated from women’s. They just need to do some maintenance jobs though. Some toilet rooms have no lights and the toilets’ flush aren’t working. Some showers are broken. Girls’ shower room situated at the back of Golden Coconut area has no lights. Worst! They really have to work on keeping it clean and polished. Like Hey! That P320 we paid for isn’t supposed to be just for the pools, right? We also need that awesome within-the-4-cornered-wall-private moment! Like it’s kind of IMPORTANT.


  • Grill – There are designated grilling stations for each picnic huts.
  • Washing station – Each area has it’s own lavatory where visitors can clean their used plates and utensils or wash/prepare their food.
  • Parking Space – There are parking areas in and out of the resort.
  • Karaoke/Videoke – It has to be rented for P1000. No coin/token based unit available.


Never had any bad experience. Friendly. Approachable.


Looks pretty dope. Haven’t tried any one of these though. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FUN ACTIVITIES



I don’t normally spend more than a thousand in a day unless I’m off somewhere in Cebu or Palawan or hiking anywhere in Benguet. Guess, La Virginia can be one of the exceptions.

  • Entrance Fee – I must say that P300 is kind of expensive for my taste but I’ll let it pass since I did have a blast on that one heck of a day spent with my mom.
  • Picnic Huts – P1500 for a poolside open cottage, not bad. Seems reasonable if shared by 10 people.
  • Environmental Fee – P20. Not going to complain.
  • Rooms and Houses –  I was taken aback to see the prices. Kind of made me second guessing. I’d rather save giving a remark for later when I get to experience what their pricy rooms have to offer.


“Oh well. Now that I’ve given you a piece of my mind about La Virginia Hotel and Resort, I am more than happy to oblige writing you a detailed budget travel guide.”


  • Commute – From Cubao/Buendia, ride a bus going to Batangas and alight in Tambo Exit (P160). From the drop off, cross to the road. Ride a jeep going to Mataasnakahoy and alight in front of 7/11 (P15). Ride another jeep bound for Nangkaan and alight in La Virginia Resort (P10). Alternatively from 7/11, you can hire a trike to take you to the resort (P100)..
  • Private Car – Drive to SLEX then to STAR Tollway and take Lipa Tambo Exit. Turn left from the toll gate and continue driving until the end of the block and take the first right. Drive straight to Mataasnakahoy and turn left at the block (A. Mandigma Street) before reaching the T-junction in front of the Municipal Hall. Turn right in Rizal Street and continue driving until you reach the left turn to the street leading to La Virginia Hotel and Resort.

“Now that you know how to get to the resort, ask your friends to come along. If you are in a group of 5 you pretty much will enjoy your time and definitely get the best value for what you paid for. Here is a sample budget breakdown.”

RT Fare Bus Manila-Batangas
RT Fare Jeep Tambo Ext-Mataasnakahoy
RT Fare Jeep Mataasnakahoy-La Virginia
Entrance Fee + Environmental Fee
Cottage P1500/5
Food Contribution




Sorry for the last set of photos. I just felt posting some of my playful selfies while at the resort. I made this review as honest as it can be. No. I was not paid to bother writing this review. I wish I was. Consider this as one of the free resources you would normally read in my website. Plus I just thought you guys would love to try something new. For more info about the resort check their website at http://www.lavirginiaresort.com/

Until next time folks. Ciao. 🙂


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      • Hello Ms. Keza,

        I cannot reach La Virginia thru their website due to Bandwidth Error..
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        I saw on other blogs that their cabana hut is around 2.5K/night.. I hope this price is still available.
        Also.. can be bring food inside?


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          Can’t access the website as well. Too bad. I’ll update the prices once I do for future reference.

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