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MEMORIALIZE is such a BIG word and we all know that BAGUIO is just 249 kilometers away from Metro Manila so most of us can always go back and forth to the city in a breeze. But for some people who lack the time, money and convenience to always visit the “City Of Pines”, making the most out of it is on top priority, the ONE that can be embedded in the soul and would be remembered FOREVER. Hence, I came up with the things to do that are unique to Baguio.

1. Have your fill of strawberry “Taho”

Things To Do in Baguio


Nobody can deny the love of Filipinos for this delectable snack. Taho or soy/beancurd pudding as many people would say as it’s unofficial English, is made of silken tofu, arnibal syrup (boiled sugarcane) and pearls. It’s everywhere in Metro Manila so as in Baguio but the difference is instead of arnibal syrup, Taho peddlers in Baguio uses strawberry syrup. Judging by the taste, I would prefer strawberry taho anytime.

2. Have a photo taken with this cool K9



Anyone who have been to Baguio must have a photo taken with this furry St. Bernard. If you haven’t then you are missing out. Just for a fee of P20.00, you can have a photo taken unlimited. Where else in the Philippines a st. bernard dog’s  always poised for the camera. That can only be in Baguio. Right?

3. Go strawberry picking


It’s easy to just purchase strawberries sold by peddlers in the many streets of Baguio and is a lot cheaper than having to pick them yourself. No sweat and you have a basket-full of strawberries ready for you to consume or take home to your family and friends. Well think about it this way, strawberries are sold everywhere outside the city of pines. They maybe a bit more expensive but they are readily available. But where else can you do strawberry picking? Where else will you see that confuse look in your face whenever you’re unsure whether the strawberry in your hand is ready for picking or not. And where else will you smell that scent only fresh picked strawberries emanates. That can only be in the farm full of strawberries. So go out there. I assure you it will be worth your while.

4. Test you Faith and Endurance by climbing your way up these houses of worship


Baguio Cathedral and Lourdes Grotto are monumental sanctuary in their own accord but there is something more that’s unique to them and this is the like that would put your strength and faith to the test because in order to get to Baguio Cathedral and the main altar of Lourdes Grotto, one must first endure climbing the stairs of 100 or more steps. Of course an easier way is available as adjacent to St. Louis University is the entrance for Baguio Cathedral which doesn’t require climbing a 100-step stairs and there is a separate lane available for motorized vehicle to get to the main altar of the Lourdes Grotto. But we can only show our appreciation and gratitude to the Creator once in a while so why not take the chance. Anyways, we got nothing to lose.

5. Have a different kind of tea


We are all aware of the goodness a cup of tea brings. And cup of tea different from the one we are used to makes it all the more great. Penagbenga Park is not as famous as the other tourists spots in Baguio so this makes it ideal for people who want a quiet place to themselves, unperturbed enough to allow them to go through several pages of their favorite novel. This is also where one of the most delicious lemongrass teas can be found. A cup of lemongrass tea, sweetened with honey and a bar of organic granola is perfect to warm you in the freezing cold of Baguio.

6. Go shopping in Baguio’s evening bazaar along Harrison Road


It’s always fun to shop especially in places you have been to for the first time. Aside from partying in Session road, visitors in Baguio can explore it’s evening market and take advantage of inexpensive buys ranging from pre-loved clothes and shoes to food and souvenir items. Your visit in Baguio is not as fulfilling as it can be if you haven’t experienced haggling for a lower price of that cute LBD in between gritted teeth because the temperature is nearing -0- degrees.

7. Test your LUCK and get fooled in Tam-Awan Village

(Of course the get fooled part is optional)


Tamawan is an artist village which intends to bring to Baguio the rich culture of the natives of Cordillera but never have we thought that we’d be toyed upon by a boy, dressed in a traditional Igorot clothing pretending he can only speak English and Ibaloi. You can only imagine how we tried to speak English the best way we can as we are in no way able to speak Ibaloi and the look of horror in our faces when the boy finally revealed he can understand Tagalog and started laughing out loud. Instead of being pissed, we laughed and started testing our luck by trying to shoot 1 and 5 peso coins in a bamboo pipe in the middle of that man-made pond, hoping our wish for the boy to fall on his feet would be granted. LOL

8. Scare yourself and see whether the urban legends are true


There was something eerie about Diplomat Hotel Ruins or maybe that was just brought to me by the woman who kept telling frightening stories about the hotel when we were exploring the place. She said sighting of a white lady with a bloody face was reported and that voices in the dark were heard when all the while the hotel is vacated. I would have loved to sneak to the hotel that night but my partner and I didn’t have much courage to do so. It would have been EPIC.

9. Go rowing boat in Burnham Park

Things to do in Baguio

If you haven’t experienced boating before, nothing can be more fun than getting to row your boat for the first time. The laughter bursting out whenever you paddle the water hard only seeing yourself stuck in the same place is incomparable. Try this and I’m pretty sure your vacation in Baguio will be one of the most memorable.

10. Dress yourself in native clothing and get a photo taken with the sweet elderly native women


I just wish we had more money to pay each elderly native woman P20 in Botanical Garden to get them to pose wacky with us. It would have been fun. Just seeing these two pose with the ever famous peace sign got me laughing so hard. These are the kind of memories I would want to relive in the future.

YOU might have other and probably better ideas to memorialize your holiday getaway in Baguio. I would love to know them so feel free to leave a comment below.


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